Which Adopt Me Pet Are You? – Roblox Personality Test (Roblox Quiz)

Do you like playing the Adopt Me game in Roblox? If you like playing this game, you may wonder which Adopt Me pet you are. To test it, there are quizzes to check what Adopt Me pet you are. The quizzes are available on some websites and here are some of them.

Adopt Me Quiz on Beano Site

One of the websites that you are able to access to take a quiz about which Adopt Me pet you are is on Beano website. On this website, there are 10 questions and you have to choose the answers from the options. Here are 5 of the quiz questions.

    • How would your friends describe you?

a. talkative
b. very laid back
c. loves swimming
d. always up for a game

    • What video game do you play the most?

a. Fortnite
c. Aquapark.io
d. Minecraft

    • What do you like to do on weekends?

a. Hang out with my friends
b. Stay in bed
c. Go to the swimming pool
d. Run around the park for hours

    • What sort of films do you like the most?

a. Animation
b. Comedies
c. The film Abominable
d. Science fiction

    • What’s the best ice cream flavour?

a. Chocolate
b. Strawberry
c. Vanilla
d. Literally any flavour

If you have answered all of the questions, then the result will appear under the last question of the quiz. In the result, you will be informed what Adopt Me pet you are and also the character of it. If you want to take the quiz again, just hit the Re-take The Quiz button.

Which Adopt Me Pet Are You - Roblox Personality Test (Roblox Quiz)

Adopt Me Quiz on All The Tests Site

Another website which provides you with an Adopt Me quiz to know what Adopt Me pet you are is in All The Tests website. On this website, there are also 10 questions and here are some of them.

    • Out of these Adopt Me pets, which is your favorite?

a. Frog
b. Unicorn
c. Silly duck
d. Panda
e. Dragon

    • Which food do you like best?

a. Jelly
b. Panda cookies
c. Frog sour sweets
d. Rainbow/ unicorn cake
e. Chocolate

    • Your favorite colour out of these?

a. Pastel rainbow
b. Black and red
c. Any shades of green
d. Anything bright and silly
e. Lime Green (like bamboo)

    • Your favorite pet accessories?

a. The Kitty pink headphones
b. Chef hat, moustache, black and white tophat
c. Hmm the red and black ones..
d. Crown, bow tie, froggy hat
e. Nothing, my pets are beautiful plain and neon

    • Favourite Roblox Youtube channel?

a. It’s SugarCoffee
b. DaPandaGirl
c. Moody
d. Iamsanna
e. Anix!

After you answer all of the questions, then you will get the result.

Adopt Me Quiz on GoToQuiz Site

You are also able to take a quiz to find which Adopt Me pet you are on GoToQuiz website. Same as on the other websites, here, there are also 10 quiz questions and here are some of them.

    • What is your favorite sets?

a. Commons Uncommons Rares
b. Ultra-rares legendarys
c. I don’t have Roblox.

    • What is your style?

a. Black gray and white
b. White teal
c. Peach and white light brown
d. I love all the colors in the world

    • What is your favorite song?

a. Black swans/ BTS
b. Kill this love/ Blackpink
c. Yummy/ Justin Bieber
d. Bad guy/ Billie Ellish
e. Thank you next/ Ariana Grande
f. Savage love/ Jason Darulo

    • What is your favorite snack?

a. Chips
b. Snickers
c. Twiszlers
d. Vegetables
e. Fruits
f. Sour patches
g. Popcorn
h. Sour gummy worms

    • What would you rather eat?

a. Cucumbers
b. Tomatoes
c. Sweet Potato
d. Pepper

If you have answered all of the questions, then you have to hit the Submit Answers button.

Adopt Me Quiz on Quotev Site

On Quotev website, you are also able to take a quiz about which Adopt Me pet you are. Here are some of the questions of this quiz.

    • Favorite Colour?

a. Blue
b. Green
c. Golden
d. Black
e. Red
f. Pink

    • Which pet do you want more?

a. Something that can fly
b. Dragon
c. Golden pet (g Griffin, g unicorn, g dragon)
d. Neon pet
e. Cow
f. Golden rat

    • Do you like the image? (you will be shown a pink rose picture)

a. Yes
b. Now
c. Ew no

    • Ride, neon, fly, mega or legendary?

a. Fly
b. Mega neon
c. Legendary
d. Legendary as long as it’s a cute one. If not mega neon.
e. Ride
f. Neon

    • Have you ever watched or read something fearsome?

a. Yes, I do it all the time
b. Yeah and I regret it
c. No
d. Too lazy
e. Nah, I prefer action
f. Maybe. Why do you care?

About Adopt Me

Adopt Me is one of the RPG games on Roblox. This game was created by DreamCraft on July 14th, 2017. Until now, this game has been visited more than 24 billion times and has been favorited more than 21 million times. The size of the server is 48.

In this game, you have to raise and dress cute pets, play with friends in the magical world of Adopt Me and decorate your house. In this game, there are a lot of game passes that you can buy and here are some of them.

    • VIP

VIP can be bought for 499 Robux. With it, you can get VIP room access, Exclusive Limo, VIP chat tag, 100 Bucks.

    • Glider

Glider can be bought for 399 Robux. With it, you can fly into the skies with your very own Glider.

    • Starter Pack

Starter Pack can be bought for 99 Robux. The starter pack rewards are a family home, 200 bucks and multi bike.

    • DJ

DJ can be bought for 350 Robux. With it, you are able to play custom music at home using a radio. With it, you can also search for your favorite songs in the Roblox catalog.

    • Premium Plots

Premium Plots can be bought for 449 Robux. If you buy this game pass, you can move your home to any glowing space near the Nursery.

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