Where is the Sunflower in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Roblox Wacky Wizards allows you to create potions by combining a number of ingredients in a wizard pot to brew different potions. In the case of creating potions, you have to look for the ingredients first that you will need to create a certain potion.

One of the ingredients you will need to create potions in Wacky Wizards is Honey. Getting Honey ingredients will be complicated for you, as you should look for five different flowers and then bring them to the Queen Bee. In other words, this is such a Queen Bee quest. One of the flowers you should find is Sunflower.

create potions in Wacky Wizards is Honey

If you get a bit hard in finding the Sunflower, no worries, this post will give you an easy guide of where to find the sunflowers. So, let’s find out the guide from our post below!

Getting Sunflower for Honey Ingredients, Here’s the Guide!

To complete a Queen Bee’s quest of collecting five different flowers, you definitely have to find the Sunflower scattered all over the map. Need to know that the sunflower is the hardest flower to find among other flowers, as it’s hidden away in an area you may not have expected before.

You can find the Sunflower by heading towards the large tree that’s home to Queen Bee and bird ingredients. Behind the tree, you will find the OZ, the Wizard’s cave area. This secret cave is located on the right side of the large tree.

Getting Sunflower for Honey Ingredients

To find the sunflowers, you need to fly inside the cave through the entrance hidden by bushes. You just head right through the cave entrance and pass the bushes. Then, you will find the big yellow Sunflower on the top of the house. After finding the Sunflower, you need to return back to the Queen Bee to confirm that you have found the Sunflower.

Where is the Sunflower in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Keep in mind, you can only find the Sunflower by transforming into a bee. You have to create the Bee disguise potion to transform into a bee. You can create the Bee potion by using the Sleepy Bee ingredient, that can be found in the beehive which is in the small tree beside the huge obby tree. After you have the bee, just go back to your cauldron, then throw it in and it will automatically result in the Bee potion.

Then, to be a bee, you just need to drink it. If you’re confused where the Oz Wizard’s cave is located, that can be found right near the big obby tree. So, you must be close to it when you have talked to the Queen Bee who is inside the tree.

The point is, looking for all five of the flowers is the final step which is required toward getting the Honey ingredient. Moreover, the Honey ingredient is a free ingredient where you are able to create lots of potions such as Honeymelt potion and the Rainbow-body.

Where to Find Other Flowers to Get Honey?

Aside from the Sunflower, you should locate other flowers in order to get Honey Ingredient. The other flowers you need to find, apart from the Sunflower include:

    • Field Daisy
    • Cactus Flower
    • Water Lily
    • Lava Flower

However, the way to find the other flowers is just like looking for the Sunflower where you need to transform first into a bee. You need to gather a Sleepy Bee that you can find from one of the smaller trees. After that, you can use it as one of ingredients to create Bee potion. Then, drink the potion to transform yourself into a Bee.

After drinking the Bee disguise potion, you can now head over to the largest tree beside the one you obtained the Sleepy Bee from. Here, you will find a hole near the top oozing with a  sign that says ‘Bees Only’. Well, you can use a hole to enter into the tree to interact with Queen Bee.

Then, speak to the Queen Bee and ask her how you can create Honey. After that, she will require you to find five different flowers, as we have listed above. So, here’s each place where you can find each flower:

    • Field Daisy: You can find the Field Daisy around the cauldrons and trees in the giant grassy tree.

Field Daisy

    • Cactus Flower: You can find the Cactus Flower over the desert area, on the train track where you picked up the Dynamite material.

Cactus Flower

    • Water Lily: You can find Water Lily over by the lake and an area with pink color. If you successfully find the area, finding the Water Lily shouldn’t be hard at all.

Water Lily

    • Lava Flower: You can find the Lava Flower in the crater at the top of the volcano in which the black smoke is billowing out of.

Lava Flower

After you have found a flower, you need to return to the honeycombs and pollinate each hole opposite to the Queen Bee. With all the flowers collected, the Honey will automatically appear beneath the hole. Of course, that looks like Honeycomb, but it is called Honey. After that, you can only pick up the Honey ingredient and use it for brewing potions.

What Is Honey Ingredient Used For?

You already know that the Honey ingredient can be used to create any potions. Certainly, there are a number of potions that you can create in Wacky Wizards by using the Honey ingredient. Here are the potions with Honey ingredients:

    1. Honey: To create Honey, you surely will need ‘Honey’.
    2. Onett: To be Onett, you will need ‘You + Honey’.
    3. Buzzing: To grow bee wings with Buzzing potion, you will need ‘Bird + Honey’
    4. Rushhh: To create Rushhh potion, you will need ‘Giraffe HGoof + Honey’
    5. Honeymelt: To create Honeymelt potion, you will need ‘Chilli + Honey’
    6. Sweet-arms: You will need ‘Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Honey’ to create this potion.
    7. Rainbow-body: To turn yourself into a rainbow, you will need ‘Honey + Chameleon’ to create Rainbow-body potion.
    8. Buzz: To get a pet bee, you will need ‘Honey + Pet Tags’ to create Buzz potion.
    9. Queenly: To be a Queen Bee, you will need ‘Honey + Robux’ to create a Queenly potion.
    10. Buzzy head: To get a bee for a head, you will need ‘Honey + Brain’ to create Buzzy head potion.

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