Wheel of Fortune Contestant Rules

If you have a plan to apply to be a contestant of Wheel of Fortune, you really need to understand all the rules, so that you will successfully participate in this popular TV Show. Just like most quizzes programs, there will be certain rules that should be understood by participants.

Thankfully, this post will show you some rules that you should understand when having a plan to participate in the Wheel of Fortune TV show. Let’s dive into our post to find out all the rules!

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Rules

List of Rules of Being Wheel of Fortune Contestant!

In order to walk home a winner of Wheel of Fortune, there are a bunch of behind-the-scenes rules that you need to understand before going on live. According to msn.com, there are at least 30 rules to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant. Some rules are easy to follow, others may be a bit hard. However, this post will only show you 20 main rules to understand.

Here’s a list of rules for being Wheel of Fortune contestant!

    1. Take that Practice Spin!
      The first rule is to take the Practice Spin. Keep in mind, spinning the Wheel of Fortune is not straightforward as you can see on TV. At this moment, all the contestants will be given a practice spin before tapping, as the wheel’s heaviness is unexpected. If you really want to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant, make sure to practice spin as well as possible.
    2. No-all expenses-paid trips
      You should know that contestants should attend the taping in California after being selected. However, the studio does not cover travel expenses for the contestant. So, make sure to prepare your budget if you have been selected as a Wheel of Fortune contestant.
    3. Don’t say ‘and’
      When you are answering a puzzle, each word should be said individually. If you say all of the individual words together as a sentence and add ‘and’, you will be denied the win, of course, it would be devastating. Technically, it often ends up costing contestants thousands of dollars on this show.
    4. Make sure to wear impressive dress
      Just like other TV show programs, there will also be a dress code that you should meet in Wheel of Fortune. The dress code here is often described as business casual. You may be required to avoid wearing solid black, bright red or white as well as anything with patterns like stripes and plaid.
    5. No phones allowed
      If you want to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant, you’re not allowed to phone a friend. However, the production really wants to ensure cheating is impossible in this show. So, that’s why you need to turn off your cellphones for the entire day while filming the episode.
    6. Bringing guests is allowed
      Instead of receiving calls from your friend, you will be allowed to bring guests. During the pandemic of Covid-19, Wheel of Fortune is not filming in front of a live studio audience. Well, under normal circumstances, you will be given five guest passes for your friends and family.
    7. No chit-chatting with audiences
      You will be restricted from communicating with anyone outside of the production team or fellow players while your guests may be on set cheering you on.
    8. Allowed to chat with Pat Sajak
      Even though you’re not a winner of Wheel of Fortune, the most exciting moment in this show is to be allowed to chat with Vanna White and Pat Sajak who have been on the show for 40 years. Sure, you have a chance to chat with the hosts during commercial breaks.
    9. Escorted everywhere
      As a Wheel of Fortune contestant, you will be escorted by the producers. This way is taken to avoid any unwanted things happening to you. Even if you’re going to the bathroom, you will be escorted by them.
    10. Canadians are not allowed
      We do not know clearly why Canadians are not allowed to participate in this show. It is known that per the online application, Wheel of Fortune is not accepting contestants from Canada.
    11. Being a pro may be impossible
      The good news is that Wheel of Fortune will not accept the contestants who have won the show. This program won’t accept those who have three game shows in the past 10 years and have filmed any game show in the past year. Sure, this show has a bunch of rules regardless of a potential contestant’s previous game show experience.
    12. A reality show contestant either
      As a Wheel of Fortune contestant, there’s no real housewives or Bachelors. This show also talks about Jeopardy or Family Feud. This ban also applies to all reality show contestants who have appeared on any dating show.
    13. Teens aren’t lucky
      To appear on Wheel of Fortune, you should be over the age of 18. However, there will be exceptions made for special tapings, such as Wheel of Fortune Teen Week.
    14. There are no second opportunity
      You will be given an opportunity to spin the wheel. Sure, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, right? Certainly, you’re not eligible to compete if you have participated in any version of the game show beforehand.
    15. The fun may not end after the episode wraps
      All the Wheel of Fortune contestants will be given the Hollywood treatment where they should film promotional TV-ads for local stations to run and also appear on an episode which will be watched by millions.
    16. The online app may be easier
      To be accepted easier, it would be better for you to fill out an online application. You should include a short personal video.
    17. Pass the audition
      If you have a good fit, you may need to go through the audition process that will take around an hour. If you have been selected, you will immediately be contacted.
    18. There is a little help off screen
      You will have a little help off screen on the left. So, you can check out the used letter board that is available to see which letters have been guessed.
    19. There are stand-ins
      Even if you have a travel delay, the show must go on. If it happens, the production will ask a stand-in for each contestant traveling from out of state.
    20. Must share the spotlight as other episodes film
      Being a Wheel of Fortune contestant, you may need to share the spotlight with other episodes, as this show films 6 episodes per day with each episode only taking 30 minutes to film.

Okay, those are 20 rules of being a Wheel of Fortune contestant. Sure, there are still 10 remaining rules you need to understand if you want to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant.

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