How Long has Vanna White Been on Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White is an American television personality, actress and model. She is best recognized as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune. By the way, how long has Vanna White been on Wheel of Fortune? Well, let us find out that answer by reading this whole article.

Vanna White joined Pat Sajak as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White’s big break in Hollywood came in the year of 1982s, when she became the hostess of Wheel of Fortune. Vanna White auditioned with 200 other women to fill the spot left vacant by the previous hostess, Susan Stafford. Merv Griffin, the creator of the show was the one to eventually decide on Vanna White as the new hostess. Actually, Pat Sajak did not recommend Vanna White and has since said that he told Griffin not to choose her. “Not that she was not beautiful and personable, but she was the most nervous, by far, of any of them,” Pat Sajak told CBS Sunday Morning. But Griffin did not listen to Pat Sajak.

How Long has Vanna White Been on Wheel of Fortune

We get information that Vanna White has been hostess of Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak for several decades. Shortly after Vanna White made her debut on the game show, “Vanna-mania” swept the nation. The American people could not get enough of the beautiful woman turning the letters with a big smile on her face. When asked by CBS Sunday Morning regarding when she knew that she had made it big, Vanna White said, “That was when I was in the grocery line checking out, and I was on Newsweek’s cover. I said: `”Wow, I guess I have made it.”

So, how long has Vanna White Been on Wheel of Fortune? She has been on the Wheel of Fortune for about 40 years. For your information, Vanna White’s first “official” episode was December 13, 1982.

After a Devastating Loss Vanna White turned to Wheel of Fortune Fans

In 1986, several years after joining Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White got heartbreaking news about her fiancé. Vanna White had been engaged to John Gibson. Unfortunately, John Gibson had died when the plane he was flying crashed at the Van Nuys airport in the San Fernando Valley, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Of course, Vanna White was devastated by the news. She was at the pinnacle of Vanna-mania when this tragically occurred. The support she got from her fans was so tremendous that it made her feel like she was not alone.

America grieved along with Vanna White during this difficult time and also lent as much support as they could to Vanna White, the game show co-host. “I heard from lots of people who had shared the same experience of losing someone instantly in an accident, and that really helped me,” Vanna White said in an interview with People. “I did not feel like I was alone.”

Wheel of Fortune - Vanna White's Role

Wheel of Fortune – Vanna White’s Role

In September 1996, Vanna White’s role was expanded greatly, when she began doing the closed-captioning plugs. Also, she appears in locally-shot footage on the road shows, most frequently at the start of the show, and occasionally in the plugs for the Jackpot and Mystery Rounds. On several occasions, Vanna White has read the copy for a Wheel Prize or Prize Puzzle.

Also, Vanna White is known for the large number of outfits which she wears on the show, most frequently elegant gowns and dresses. Those are provided by rotating manufacturers, with Caché being one of the leading ones in the year of 2000. Aside from that, sometimes Vanna White also wore suits or pants/shirt combinations, including maternity suits. Usually, she returns the dresses to the manufacturer or donates them to charity, even though she sometimes purchases those she likes.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak also traded places for a Bonus Round in November 1996 so that Pat Sajak who had laryngitis for the entire week was able to rest his voice. In most video games based on the show, Vanna White performs Pat’s hosting duties.

In November 2019, Vanna White hosted the show for the first time, due to Pat Sajak recovering from intestinal surgery. During the first two weeks, the board was operated automatically, even though various costumed Disney characters stood at Vanna White’s usual spot and gestured at the board anyway. For the third week taped with Vanna White as host, intentionally the show withheld who would take her place, just indicating that the person would be a “surprise”, the hostess was revealed to be Pat’s daughter named Maggie Sajak. For all three weeks hosted by Vanna White, the show taped without an audience.

Disregarding the episodes with Vanna White filling in for Pat Sajak, she has touched the Wheel at least 8 times:

    • The first known example was on a January 1984 nighttime show, where she spun it at the end of the show.
    • Also, she spun on the November 14, 1989 nighttime episode, where she played a round for charity while Pat Sajak turned the letters. Her first spin landed on Bankrupt, and her second on $250 (until Pat Sajak convinced her to move it to $900).
    • Vanna White did the Final Spin on a Bob Goen daytime episode after he became frustrated over repeatedly hitting Bankrupt.
    • Vanna White spun on April Fool’s Day 1997, where she and Pat Sajak competed for charity while Alex and Lesly Sajak hosted. Alex mentioned on this episode that Vanna White spun the Wheel once before, although it is unknown which of the above incidents he was referring to.
    • Vanna White also spun in April 2013, in a segment of a tour of the studio during her appearance on Katie.
    • She spun for her final spins during her fill-in episodes in December 2019 and January 2020.

Unlike Susan Stafford, Vanna White almost never turned a letter until it was lit and also did not turn the letters that were accidentally lit (as happened in a late-1984 episode and a Season 6 Bonus Round).