South Park Wheel of Fortune Episode

As a popular American animated sitcom that carries a story based on real events, South Park successfully entertains the adults with great level humour. South Park uses satire to make fun of subjects such as current politics, religion, events and pop culture.

Each episode in South Park is based on the current event that commonly brings up the controversial and popular events in real life. As the longest-running TV show in the United States, Wheel of Fortune also got a slot in South Park. However, a lot of people are wondering what South Park episode that showed Wheel of Fortune.

Let’s find the information about it in our post below!

What Episode Is the Wheel of Fortune Episode in South Park?

South Park also brought up the Wheel of Fortune TV Show that was the basis for Season 11 in the episode of ‘With Apologies to Jesse Jackson.’ This episode first aired on March 7, 2007 on Comedy central in the United States and was rated TV-MA-L.

In short, this episode showed Randy who says the word ‘Niggers’ on the Wheel of Fortune TV Show, causing the widespread public outrage. Stan tries to understand the epithet’s impact on his black friend Tolkien, while a man with dwarfism has a hard time trying to try teaching Cartman to be sensitive.

Reportedly, Parker and Stone, the South Park director, have long wanted to make an episode that is exploring the racial slur, but they struggled with a plot line beyond its opening scene. They finally found the easier way to work following comedian Michael Richards’ controversy where he screamed the slur at black audience members who had denounced him during his comedy acts.

The episode actually attracted very little media attention, despite the uncensored frequent usage of the racial slur. The founder of Parents Television Council, L. Brent Bozell criticized the lack of the protest against the episode.

The group Abolish the ‘N’ word that is linked with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) actually praised the episode, mentioning it as a good example of the word’s impact on individuals.

However, this episode was acclaimed critically by contemporary television critics who appreciated the episode’s humour and storyline.

Nielsen Media Research reported that the ‘With Apologies to Jesse Jackson’ episode was seen by more than 2.8 million viewers the week it was broadcast. This episode was then released on DVD, along with the rest of the eleventh season on August 12, 2008.

How Is the Storyline of ‘With Apologies to Jesse Jackson’ Episode?

South Park Wheel of Fortune Episode

This episode presented Randy Mash as a contestant who successfully reached the bonus round. This episode is airing live where his family is watching him from the audience and the South Park residents watching from home.

The question talked about the category that was ‘People Who Annoy You’. He is given the letters R, T,S, L, and E. He then adds the letters B, N, G, and O upon the puzzle spells ‘N_GGERS’.

Randy has to solve the puzzle in about 10 seconds, but he hesitates because of its likely pejorative context. Host Pat Sajak tells him that he has only five seconds remaining. Before the correct answer was revealed to be ‘Naggers’, he yelled ‘Niggers’.

His answer actually shocks fans along with his family and friends and also triggers controversy from the African-American community, causing Wheel of Fortune to be taken off air.

On the car ride back home, Randy tries to explain himself awkwardly and Sharon is disgusted with Randy for saying the word on national television and Stan is beyond humiliated.

The following day, Stan goes to school, knowing his father had just yelled the word over live television. Then, Cartman also confronts him and says that Tolkien will be mad at him because of his father’s action.

Stan then goes to Tolkien and try to explain and saying that his father is not racist, but he is just stupid. Instead of fighting Stan, Tolkien prefers to walk away. Not long after, Cartman runs away screaming ‘Whites win’.

On the other hand, Randy visits Jesse Jackson in an attempt to seek forgiveness. Jackson tells him to apologize by kissing his buttocks. Sure, Randy does it and a picture is taken that is then out into the news.

Stan once again confronts Tolkien, but this time, he understands how he feels about the work once he saw Cartman laugh at Dr. Nelson. Tolkien is still mad, saying that he doesn’t really think Stan understands.

In further effort to clear his name, Randy then opens up the Randy Marsh African American Scholarship Foundation. Unfortunately, Randy is chased by a trio of socially progressive rednecks carrying shotguns when he is walking away from the grand opening. They are angry at Randy for slandering an entire race of people.

Meanwhile, other Nigger-guys who are led by Michael Richards from Seinfield including Mark Fuhrman rescue him, Richards introduces him to other Nigger-gys and accept him into their ranks.

However, Stan still gets fed up with Tolkien and demands to know why Tolkien is still angry at him. They are interrupted by Butters who inform them that Cartman will fight Dr. Nelson in the town park.

Kyle warms Cartman before fighting that Dr. Nelson is a karate black belt. Once Dr. Nelson announces to defeat Cartman to prove his point, the two start to wrestle where Cartman gets the upper hand easily.

In Washington D.C. the Nigger-Guys are filed their case with the Senate to ban the word ‘Nigger-Guy.’ The motion was passed by the Senate and as a result, anyone who screams the words “nigger” and “man” within seven words of each other will be prosecuted and fined.

In town park, Dr. Nelson actually gives up once being pinned by Cartman. Dr. Nelson storms off, saying that he proved his point that all the students have forgotten. At that moment, Stan understands why he doesn’t get it.

After that, Stan tells Tolkien that he’ll never understand how it feels to own the N-word against him, due to the fact that he is not black. Well, that’s what Tolkien hears all along and they finally reconcile.

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