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How to get into the Deep Web? Well, here we are going to explain about TOR, I2P, Freenet and ZeroNet so that you will be able to know how to access them. If you want to know this great information, make sure you read this text until the end.

About TOR – How to Get into TOR’s Darknet?

TOR is the best known darknet in the world. To download it, you just need to go to the official website of There, you are able to click on the operating system you want to use it for. After you have downloaded the .exe, select the destination folder and click on install. In desktops, the installation is simple. There is no issue at all.

Tor I2P Freenet Zeronet'

In the case of the mobile, you are able to install it from Google Play Store or from the web, where you are able to download the APK file. You are going to notice that it does not open automatically, however first it shows you a window which tells you that you are able to connect or configure the connection. Please click the Connect button. When the connection process is complete, the Tor Browser is going to open. You will be able to browse both the Clearnet and the Tor network with it. It comes with the DuckDuckGo search engine configured to find onion pages, the domain of this Darknet’s sites.

Aside from that, you will be able to search in “The Hidden Wiki” and then click on the first result, even if it is a .com page. There you are going to see a lot of onion pages and their own description in English ordered by subject.

About I2P – How to Get into the I2P Darknet?

About I2P

To access I2P, you also need to install your own app. For that you have to go to its official site and click on the I2P Download button. After that, you are able to click on the .exe. You will be able to use this app for Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, GNU/Linux and Android.

Now, you are able to run the app. After selecting a language on the first screen, you are going to get to a simple process. On the first two screens, press Next. On the third screen, select whether you want to change the installation directory. You are going to reach the fourth screen, where you have to select whether to install the base or add Windows Service that just serves to make the application run when the computer is started.

You are able to install the basic package. The app will be installed. When you continue from the progress screen, you are able to decide which shortcuts you want to add. After this process, you only need to click on the Done button. After finishing, just start the app and add the exception in the Windows Firewall when asked. The main I2P site is going to open in the browser.

The first time you open I2P, you are able to set up the initial configuration. Actually, this is not strictly necessary and you have the choice to skip it. However, if you do, you are going to discover information, a speed test and the possibility to configure the data transfer rate you want to use.

About Freenet – How to Get into Freenet’s Darknet?

About Freenet

Another Darknet is Freenet, an alternative which works through P2P. It has been fighting for privacy for about 20 years. To connect, you need to use a specific app, that you are able to find at the website Please go to the Download section and download the .exe. For your information, it has versions for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

You are able to open the app to start the Freenet installer. Check if you have Java. If you do not have Java, it will ask you to install it as it will be necessary to use this subnet. If this occurs, just click on Install Java.

After you finish installing the app, execute Freenet. Once you run the app, you are going to see the Freenet icon. If you click on the icon, the Freenet home page is going to open in a tab of the browser you are using. If you open Freenet in a browser tab, you are going to be directed to a first screen where you are able to select how you want to connect.

    • Low security, which is connecting to other users’ computers.
    • high level

The best thing to do is to start with low security so that you are able to browse all the pages.

On the next stage, you are going to be advised to use Freenet in the private mode of your browser. After this page, you have to select the size of the data storage.

About Zeronet – How to Get into Zeronet’s Darknet?

About Zeronet

This is another popular darknet, an alternative Internet which works through P2P. To access this network, you need a special app. You are able to download it from the official site. To do that, you have to enter Then, click on the Download for Windows button. For those who use macOS or GNU/Linux, you are able to click on the other platforms button on the right.

The app will come to you in a .zip file. Thus, you need to decompress the download and open the Zeronet.exe app or the alternative executable file of your operating system. When you open it, Zeronet is going to open in your browser, even though it may ask you to allow its access in the Windows Firewall the first time. In the hidden taskbar icons, you are going to see the app running as a sign that the network is working now.

Zeronet will open in a new tab of your browser. You are going to see in its address bar which you need to connect with an encrypted code. You will be able to navigate when you have the app open.

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