The Meaning of FYP, CEO, & DC Mean on TikTok

Have you ever heard of seen FTP, CEO, and DC on Tiktok but you do not know what do these terms mean? This article will cover the meaning of these phrases and the meaning of the other common social media slang.


Do you know what does the weird FTP phrase mean? Apparently, it refers to For Your Profile or Page. Actually, the term can mean two things, depending on the context. The first one is for your profile or for your page and the second one is fixed your post.


When you see the #fyp on a video, a high chance it means for your profile. The #fyp hashtag is basically the way that Tiktok manages videos for your personal feed. People use #fyp on their videos in hope to get them on the For You page on the personal feed of someone. Getting on the FYP page on this platform is really a big deal since a lot of FYP videos end up being viral.

Right now, there is a video of a man cosplaying as Exotic Joe wearing daisy dukes dancing to trap music on For You page and there is also one putting Coke and Mentos in his toilet. Everyone knows that Tiktok is that weird.

FYP could also mean fixed your post

As stated before, FYP could also mean fixed your post. This phrase is usually posted when another user edits and reposts the video of someone. As you can guess, the idea is like they fixed the original content by making some changes.


The term CEO stands the same thing that it stands for in real life, Chief Executive Officer. By definition, a CEO can be described as the highest ranking person in a company or the other institution. A person is the one that ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions. The term has pretty much the same meaning on TIktok.

Calling someone with the name “CEO” is currently a trend in Tiktok comments. Basically, users name themselves or the others CEO of some random trait they exhibit in their videos. CEOs include the ones that are supposed to be experts or the head of something, meaning calling someone the CEO of some random thing is basically saying that they are good at something or are the boss of that thing. For instance, someone who is very good at making transition videos will be referred to as CEO of transition by the users. A user @sweets.bysara is known as the CEO of sweets and this one is the CEO of wrapping rubber bands around fruit until they explode. If you go to a video of a guy beatboxing, you might the comments calling him CEO of beats or CEO of beatboxing. Another example is when a child throws a can of soup on the ground after no one would make it for him. The comments section is full of people calling him CEO of soup, the CEO of cracking tiles, and the CEO of breaking marble tile flooring.

In short, calling someone the CEO is the way of saying that they are the expert of something. Aside from that, there is also the hashtag called #ceochallenge that tags the videos of people asking users to tell them what they are the CEO of. People want to know what they are the CEO of and the hashtag that is mentioned before is a way to poll the masses.

e CEO is the way of saying that they are the expert of something

For your information, the CEO style comments started to get popular in 2019 on the For You page and they do not seem be leaving the trend anytime soon.


In Tiktok, DC simply means dance challenge. As you probably know, this platform is mainly popular for dance videos and lip sync ones. That explains why the creators use the #DC every time they are challenging the other fellow users to do the same. Everything started by the well-known creators and slowly, almost everyone followed the trend as always.

In Tiktok, DC simply means dance challenge

DC is really popular in Tiktok. Most of the popular tiktokers were seen doing the dance challenges. Since the first time it’s created, the hashtag #dc has gained more than 16.7 billion views. The similar hashtag called #dc_fam has more than 1.4 billion views until now. One of the most liked Tiktok videos by one of the most followed users called @charluedamello is about the dance challenge as well. Two of her friends named @madi and @noahschnapp had been challenged by her in her DC video.

FYP, DC, and CEO are not the only acronyms on Tiktok. Apart from them, there are some other popular ones like OK Boomer, Karen, VSCO Girl, Sksksksk, Stan, Yeet, and many more. The term “OK Boomer” is used to call someone who is seen rigid, close minded, and the one that cannot consider the other people’s opinion. Karen refers to a middle age entitled woman, usually a mother, who is rude to service workers. The VSCO Girl comes from the trademark image of a Tiktok girl. They are popular with their water bottles, scrunchies, and oversized sweatshirts they probably borrow from their partners. If you have heard the world VSCO before, yes, it is the name of the camera app. Sksksksk is known as the sound made by some people on the internet. It is supposed to be used to call one aimlessly scabbling the fingers across the internet, expressing frustration or else. This slang does not make sense, just like internet in general. Stan means an obsessive fan of a famous one. As for yeet, it is like throw and can also refer to a specific dance move or just the expression of excitement.

There are dozens of internet slang on Tiktok and the other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. These words are often get picked up and become popular sayings in phrases. A lot of them have made it to the official dictionaries. For example, the slang TL;DR is now able to be found in Merriam Webster dictionary.