The Best GUI Scripts Roblox

Today, playing Roblox is such a complicated thing when we do not know an instant way to play any games well. So it does not wonder if a lot of Roblox players are currently using GUI in order to find a number of cool stuff.

In other words, GUI is an exploit, allowing the players too much freedom when working with scripts. It means that using GUI will always need scripts. Unfortunately, not all GUI scripts are working to use, most of them are invalid.

Well, alternative way to obtain the GUI scripts is by regularly joining gaming forums, such as v3rmillion. Even though the GUI scripts on V3rmillion are not necessarily running,  but if you’re patient, you may find the working one to use.

Thankfully, this post will show you a list of best GUI scripts that you can use in Roblox. However, we cannot guarantee that the GUI scripts that we’ll explain below are still working to use. The GUI scripts below are obtained from v3rmillion and

  1. Ultimate Trolling GUI (UTG) Scripts

Here’s one of the scripts of Ultimate Trolling GUI:

local allowed = {“”}
This is where you type in your name and any other names of players you want to have access to the Ultimate Trolling GUI.
for i, v in pairs(allowed) doif player.Name == v then


Here’s how to add the UTG scripts!

    • First, go to Roblox Studio Interface and open it.
    • Open the Script Menu tab.
    • You need to choose the ServerScriptService option in the Explorer window on the right and double click on the Script function.
    • Afterwards, you need to type the script shown above.
  1. Roblox FE GUI

This GUI script was created by xFunnieuss. Here’s the script for FE GUI:

OPFinality =“ScreenGui”)

MainFrame =“Frame”)

TopFrame =“Frame”)

CloseGUI =“TextButton”)

MenuEnterFrame =“Frame”)

Title =“TextLabel”)

OpenMenu =“ImageButton”)

Pages =“Frame”)

Information =“Frame”)

Image_FE_ENABLED =“ImageLabel”)

Text_FE_ENABLED =“TextLabel”)

WhatIsOPFinality =“TextLabel”)

Text_FE_DISABLED =“TextLabel”)

OPFin_Description =“TextLabel”)

OPFin_Warning =“TextLabel”)

Info_Bar =“Frame”)

Info_Background =“Frame”)

Warning_Bar =“Frame”)

Warning_Background =“Frame”)

Info_Image =“ImageLabel”)

Image_FE_DISABLED =“ImageLabel”)

Warn_Image =“ImageLabel”)

Others_1 =“Frame”)

OthersTitle =“TextLabel”)

Char_Image =“ImageLabel”)

OthersText =“TextLabel”)

TXTBOX_PlrName =“TextBox”)

othersBaseBackground =“Frame”)

TeleportTo =“TextButton”)

Annoy =“TextButton”)

Follow =“TextButton”)

View =“TextButton”)

Orbit =“TextButton”)

HeadWalk =“TextButton”)

Stick =“TextButton”)

Spam =“TextButton”)

Carpet =“TextButton”)

Others_toPAGE2 =“TextButton”)

Character_toPAGE2_IMAGE =“ImageLabel”)

Character_2 =“Frame”)

CharacterTitle =“TextLabel”)

CharacterText =“TextLabel”)

Animations_SPOOKY =“Frame”)

spookytitle =“TextLabel”)


—-(The script is still continuing)

Get  the rest of Roblox FE GUI script at

  1. Roblox FE Andromeda GUI V2

This GUI script was created by Altair Studios/CeeTechNG. Here’s the script for FE Andromeda GUI V2:

local AndromedaV2 =“ScreenGui”)

local OpenFrame =“Frame”)

local Open =“TextButton”)

local SelectFrame =“Frame”)

local Title =“TextLabel”)

local SelectScriptsandGUIs =“TextButton”)

local SelectExitButton =“TextButton”)

local ExecuteFrame =“Frame”)

local Reviz =“TextButton”)

local Title_2 =“TextLabel”)

local HyperTotal =“TextButton”)

local Shattervast =“TextButton”)

local Dab =“TextButton”)

local Noclip =“TextButton”)

local Clip =“TextButton”)

local BreakChar =“TextButton”)

local God =“TextButton”)

local E =“TextButton”)

local DJump =“TextButton”)

local Glitch =“TextButton”)

local Oof =“TextButton”)

local FeX =“TextButton”)

local SnowyGUI =“TextButton”)

local Arosia =“TextButton”)

local Astrava =“TextButton”)

local Remover =“TextButton”)

local OPFinality =“TextButton”)

local Respawn =“TextButton”)

local HHPMSpam =“TextButton”)

local Blockhead =“TextButton”)

local BTools =“TextButton”)

local DupTool =“TextButton”)

local EFeameExit =“TextButton”)


—-(The script is still continuing)

Get  the rest of FE Andromeda GUI V2 script at

  1. Arosia FE GUI

Here’s the script of FE GUI made by Arosia:

— Objects

local Arosia =“ScreenGui”)

local SideTabsBrick =“Frame”)

local icon =“ImageLabel”)

local MainFrame =“Frame”)

local TopRow =“Frame”)

local Title =“TextLabel”)

local CloseGUI =“TextButton”)

local FE_Check =“TextLabel”)

local SideTabs =“Frame”)

local TAB_LocalPlayer =“TextButton”)

local TAB_Others =“TextButton”)

local TAB_Scripts =“TextButton”)

local TAB_Credit =“TextButton”)

local TAB_Games =“TextButton”)

local Others =“Frame”)

local PlayerUserEnter =“TextBox”)

local Guidance =“TextLabel”)

local Annoy =“TextButton”)

local Teleport =“TextButton”)

local View =“TextButton”)

local Kill =“TextButton”)

local Attach =“TextButton”)

local Bring =“TextButton”)

local Guidance2 =“TextLabel”)

local NoneSelected =“Frame”)

local NoneSelectedText1 =“TextLabel”)

local NoneSelectedText2 =“TextLabel”)

local NoneSelectedText3 =“TextLabel”)

local LocalPlayer =“Frame”)

local GodMode =“TextButton”)

local Fly =“TextButton”)

local Speed =“TextButton”)

local Speed_TXTBOX =“TextBox”)

local JumpHeight =“TextButton”)

local JumpHeight_TXTBOX =“TextBox”)

local Chat =“TextButton”)

local Chat_TXTBOX =“TextBox”)

local Respawn =“TextButton”)

local HipHeight =“TextButton”)

local HipHeight_TXTBOX =“TextBox”)

local Noclip =“TextButton”)

local Sit =“TextButton”)

local Jump =“TextButton”)

local HideName =“TextButton”)

local Spam =“TextButton”)

local Freeze =“TextButton”)

local Btools =“TextButton”)

local Spin =“TextButton”)

local NoLimbs =“TextButton”)

local Seizure =“TextButton”)

local Games =“Frame”)

local Scripts =“Frame”)

local SideFrame =“Frame”)

local SIDE_Title =“TextLabel”)

local OpenGUI =“TextButton”)

local SIDE_FE_Check =“TextLabel”)

local getimage = game:GetService(‘ContentProvider’)

local ResetDefault =“TextButton”)

local Push =“TextButton”)

local ClientFreeze =“TextButton”)

local Orbit =“TextButton”)

local BringAll =“TextButton”)

local AttachAll =“TextButton”)

local Flatten =“TextButton”)

local Guidance3 =“TextLabel”)

local KillAll =“TextButton”)

local Energize =“TextButton”)

local GlitchMax =“TextButton”)

local Energize_TXT =“TextLabel”)

local GlitchMax_TXT =“TextLabel”)

local Verspin =“TextButton”)

local Verspin_TXT =“TextLabel”)

local Temp =“TextLabel”)

local Experimental =“TextButton”)

local CHAOS =“TextButton”)


—-(The script is still continuing)

Get  the rest of Arosia FE GUI script at

  1. GUI to Lua

Here’s the GUI script to Lua:

local Da_HoodGUI =“ScreenGui”)

local Main_First =“Frame”)

local Waypoints =“TextButton”)

local Exit =“TextButton”)

local Da_Hood_Credits =“TextLabel”)

local Main_Scripts =“TextButton”)

local Da_Hood_Title =“TextLabel”)

local Scripts =“TextButton”)

local World =“TextButton”)

local Miscellaneous =“TextButton”)

local Gun_Mods =“TextButton”)

local Back_Frame =“Frame”)

local Waypoints_Frame =“Frame”)

local Prison =“TextButton”)

local Exit_2 =“TextButton”)

local Da_Hood_Credits_2 =“TextLabel”)

local Da_Hood_Title_2 =“TextLabel”)

local Bank =“TextButton”)

local Gun_Shop =“TextButton”)

local Admin_Base =“TextButton”)

local Sewer =“TextButton”)

local UFO =“TextButton”)

local Bat_Silencer =“TextButton”)

local Save =“TextButton”)

local Load =“TextButton”)

local Da_Boxing_Club =“TextButton”)

local Da_Hood_Fitness =“TextButton”)

local Phone_Shop =“TextButton”)

local Mask =“TextButton”)

local Back_Frame_2 =“Frame”)

local Main_Scripts_2 =“Frame”)

local Exit_3 =“TextButton”)

local Da_Hood_Credits_3 =“TextLabel”)

local Da_Hood_Title_3 =“TextLabel”)

local WalkSpeed =“TextButton”)

local Noclip =“TextButton”)

local Ragdoll_Reset =“TextButton”)

local Inf_Jump =“TextButton”)

local god_mode =“TextButton”)

local Ungod_mode =“TextButton”)

local Invis =“TextButton”)

local Auto_Stomp =“TextButton”)

local Fly =“TextButton”)

local Back_Frame_3 =“Frame”)

local Sec_Scripts =“Frame”)

The script is still continuing)

Get  the rest of GUI to Lua script at