SCP-3008 Roblox Controls

In SCP-3008, you will find the settings menu, featuring four small tabs including credits, settings, keybinds and donations. You can access the settings menu by using the ‘Q’ key by default or by pressing the icon located at the top for mobile.

The Controls is one of the tabs that you can find in the setting menu. This tab actually gives you information on basic controls that lets you reassign keys if you want. So, what is the information provided in the Controls tab? Let’s find out the real information about SCP-3008 Controls tab through our post below!

SCP-3008 Roblox Controls

Here’s a List of SCP-3008 Roblox Controls!

To change these SCP-3008 controls, you can press the ‘Q’ and click on the control box. Then, you need to press the key that you want to control to be bound to. Here are all the controls in SCP-3008:

    • Crouch: C
    • Extra Menu: ` *
    • Interact: E
    • Throw: F
    • Inventory: G
    • Quick Inventory: F
    • Store Item: also F
    • Rotate: R
    • Run: Hold Left Shift
    • Settings: Q
    • Waypoints: T
    • Whistle: H
    • X Axis: 1
    • Y Axis: 2
    • Z Axis: 3
    • Zoom: Z
    • Jump: Space Bar
    • Move around (forward, left, back & right): WASD
    • Reset: CTRL + SHIFT + R

Rotation Controls

    • You can hold ‘CTRL’ or Control to rotate objects 15 degrees.
    • You can hold ‘SHIFT’ to rotate objects 90 degrees.

On Controls, you will find the ‘R’ button. Well, this button beside the keys will reset the keybind to its default setting. Additionally, if you want to reset Axis, you can press ‘R + 1/2/3’.

What Can You Find in the Settings Menu?

As we’ve mentioned, you will find a settings menu that provides four small tabs, where each tab contains a certain information. In SCP-3007, the settings menu is one of three accessible in-game menus where you can press the ‘Q’ key by default to access this menu.

Here are four small tabs that you will give you certain information:

    1. Credits

In the settings menu, you will find Credits that shows you the very short list of people who have developed the game, including uglyburger0 and the player’s name.

    1. Controls

As we’ve mentioned, you will find the Controls tab that will give you information on basic controls. This tab also allows you to reassign keys if you wish. In this case, the ‘R’ button beside the keys will reset the keybind to its default setting.

    1. Settings

In the settings menu, you will also find the ‘Settings’ tab that will give you the ability to control a variety of features to maximize your experience, including if you want your camera to shake, your altitude displayed, tips enabled, the soundtrack muted and crouch toggled.

Here’s each section in the setting in detail:

    • Altitude display shows a bunch of studs how high your character is off the ground.
    • Camera shaking will allow your character to wobble while moving and twitch counterclockwise when damaged.
    • Muting soundtrack will actually mute all sounds that are made by the IKEA Store including soundtrack and lights shutting on and off.
    • Tips section can be activated where a tip will be displayed in chat occasionally to provide you with potentially beneficial information.
    • The crouch button on PC should be held to crouch, but toggling this option means you should only press it once. You can also press it again to make you stand up again.
    1. Donation

In the settings menu, you will find the ‘Donation’ that allows you to make donations to the solo developer, uglyburger0. Well, they do not give you anything in-game. Additionally, multiple can be bought.

Okay, those are all four tabs that you can find in the settings menu. Of course, each tab will make it easier for you to find the information and do what you want to do in SCP-3008.

What Are the Menus Available in SCP-3008?

Aside from Settings Menu, you will find other menus that are no less important. Here are in-game menus that you can find in SCP-3008:

Inventory Menu

This is a feature in-game, allowing you to carry 16 consumable items with them. To access this menu, you just simply press the ‘G’ key. If you click on the little icons inside the inventory, the items in your inventory can be held and used.

Just 16 items will be available in the maximum of a player’s inventory in a normal game. However, in VIP servers, the maximum of a player’s inventory can be decreased to 0 or increased up to 100.

The Inventory menu is also used for the Tool Gun that is the only non-consumable object which can be held in the inventory.

Extra Menu

In Extra Menu, there are three tabs and one exclusive to administrators of a VIP server including Game Mode, Waypoints, Party and exclusive Mod Menu. You can access the Extra Menu by using the ‘T’ key by default or also pressing the icon located at the top for mobile.

    • The Game Mode tab will allow you to begin a singleplayer game or a VIP single player game. The VIP singleplayer really gives you VIP permissions that includes one thing: the mod menu.
    • The Party Tab allows you to make parties with ally players.
    • The Waypoints tab allows you create waypoints with each one giving you the option of a custom name and color per waypoint. This tab is small visible locations which can be seen from any distance.

Mod Menu

This is an exclusively VIP server tab that can be found only in VIP servers for those who have permission to access them. This menu actually has a wide amount of options used to change settings of the game in the server, like changing gravity and throwing force, spawning new objects and many others.

In the Mod Menu, you will also finds a bunch of menus including:

    • Moderator Menus allow you to create objects, teleport them and also kick people.
    • Administrator Menus can be accessed by players who have the Administrator rank or higher. They cover more world and player-based settings. So, you should believe that the player you give it to will not abuse it.