2K Error Code 49730116

When you play NBA2k20, you may find that an error code 49730116 often appears so that it bothers your gaming experience. You can try to fix this error by reading the explanation below. I also have the fixing methods for other error codes.

Fixing 2K Error Code 49730116

According to the SabiReviews site, at a certain moment of the game, there are a lot of people who keep getting 49730116 error codes. There is no advice from support ticket which can work to fix this issue. It seems that this error is old and it comes up from time to time in My Career mode.

2K Error Code 49730116

On the SabiReviews site, it is explained that according to a user named David Woodard, to fix this error code, you have to keep having them decline offers and you keep dealing offers. There are a lot of players who try this method and it works for them.

On a Youtube channel named yt_fazecoco, there is a video entitled NBA 2K20 How to Fix Error Code 49730116 which was uploaded on August 24th, 2020. The length of the video is 5 minutes 42 seconds and it has been watched more than 3k times. You are able to try the method that he tries to fix this error code and you can do it as well. Watch this video to see what he does for fixing this issue. In the comment section, there are a lot of players who claim that the method that this Youtube channel gives works.

Fixing NBA 2k20 Error Code 4b538e50

Fixing NBA 2k20 Error Code 4b538e50

As explained on the GamerTweak that error code 4b538e50 can happen because you do not have the latest data. So, you will not be able to continue playing because you need all the latest data in your console or PC so that you can avoid this error. So, how to fix this error code in NBA 2k20?

According to the Gamer Tweak site, here are the tips to solve this error code.

    • You are able to try to download the most recent update. You will need to wait until it downloads completely. The length of the download process depends on your internet connection speed and how big the download is. After the process of the download is done, then you will be asked to be taken to the main menu of the game. There will be a loading screen which basically applies the update and after that, you will be taken to the main menu. Here, you are able to continue playing the game and the error should not pop up again.
    • This error can also happen because of something related to account email confirmation. If so, you have to fix it by going to the nba2k.com and then you need to sign in with your MyPlayer account name and password. And then, it will verify your account.
    • On one console, there is a limit to the number of NBA 2K accounts that you are able to create where you are able to create 5 accounts. Let’s say that you have created more than 5 accounts. If so, this error will appear. You have to avoid it by using only the first 5 accounts that you have made so that you are able to continue playing the game online.
    • Let’s say that the reserved space of the game has been deleted on your Hard Drive. If so, the NBA 2K error code 4b538e50 will appear. You have to make sure that you do not delete the reserved space since it is the one which permits the new updates and patches to work well.
    • If the data is out of sync, you will get this error code. To fix it, you need to make sure that you click on the Play Now option and let the game synchronize. You have to permit it to load up and then you need to apply the update after which you will be directed to the main menu. It means that the game data now is in sync.

If you play this game on Nintendo Switch and you find that there is 4b538e50 error code, you are able to fix this error code by following the steps below as explained on GamerTweak site.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to press and hold the power button on your Switch.
    • After that, you need to select the Power Options button.
    • In this step, you need to choose Power off.
    • It will shut down the device.
    • Now, you have to press and hold the power button again to begin.
    • Here, you have to load the game to check whether the issue persists.

If you find that the game says that your MyPlayer account is expired now, you have to go to nba2k.com. Then, you need to sign in and then select your online service. After you log in, then your account will be verified again and now it will load up the game.

About NBA 2K20

About NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation video game which was released on September 6th, 2019 for some platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Android and then on November 18th, 2019, it was released for Google Stadia. Visual Concepts is the developer of the game and 2K Sports is the publisher of the game.

For the regular edition of the game, there is Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers as the cover athlete and for the Legend Edition, there is Dwyane Wade as the cover athlete.

As explained on Wikipedia, in this game, the player plays NBA games with real-life or customized players and teams where games follow the rules and objectives of NBA games. There are some game modes and there are also a lot of settings which are able to be customized. You are able to create up to six expansion teams and you are able to use both MyLeague and MyGM modes with the possibility of a 36-team league. Any team is able to be relocated and rebranded. Let’s say that you are creating a team. If so, you are able to download jerseys and teams that people from the NBA community has made.

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