Roblox Voice Chat Requirements

Roblox voice chat feature refers to Roblox spatial voice. If you are not familiar with this one and are interested in it and want to know more, you are suggested to read everything below as it will uncover about this feature, including about its requirements.

Roblox spatial voice, which is also more known as Roblox voice chat, has not been released, meaning it is a feature that will be released later. According to the rumor, it is going to be released one day in Fall of 2021. The thing was announced on the Roblox Blog on September 2 this year. This feature makes it possible for everyone to join in voice chat within the spatial experiences on the platform. There are a few requirements to be able to use thus feature.  One of them is you will have to be developer 13+ as it is in its beta phase. The statement means those who are not part of the beta phase will have no change to their experience and there is no way for them to speak with the other users or hear the other ones.

Roblox Voice Chat Requirements

Everyone who is eligible to use Roblox special voice will get a private message on their account. This message will include the method how to join in the feature. The spatial feature will be enabled by the developers in the options section of home in Roblox Studio even though there is an access to the feature itself. Each user who is eligible in the feature will also be notified when they participate in an experience that has enabled voice chat. At first, this feature was only available at the Roblox Community Space. The good news is that everything has changed and now every developer is able to activate this feature in their experiences.

As stated before, there was an announcement about this Roblox spatial voice feature on September 21, 2021. It is stated that when released, it will be available only to 13+ accounts and the requirements include the age verification.

A microphone icon will be able to be seen by those users who are eligible in an experience. The icon will be located next to their username and it is placed above the Avatar of the other users that have voice chat enabled. Keep in mind that it is impossible to see who does or who does not have this feature. If a user is annoyed by another user, there is a chance to mute that annoying user by clicking their microphone that will show up over the head of their avatar. It should be noted that mutes only apply to voice chat and not text chat and will only last while you are in that certain game session.

How about block? Can you block a user? If you have a beef and someone and want to keep that user from being able to speak to you, you can block them in the browser or mobile apps by following these following instructions:

    1. First of all, you will have to go to the profile page of that user.
    2. When you are there, choose the three dots that is located in the upper right corner of the box that has their username and the information about their friends or followers.
    3. After that, choose the option to Block User in a menu hat will show up.

If you want to block a user from inside an experience using leaderboard, below is the steps to follow:

    1. First of all, find the user in the leaderboard of the player list that is located on the upper right of the experience screen. If you are not able to see the list, the chance is that it is just closed. Please reopen it by choosing your username in the upper right corner.
    2. Then, choose the name of the user that you want to block and a menu will show up.
    3. Lastly, choose Block User. After blocking, the icon to the left of their name will turn into a circle with a line through to it to mark that they have been blocked by you.

Apparently, there is a limited amount of 30 users that are allowed to use the spatial chat feature. If you are one of the eligible users, you are strongly recommended to follow the rules and do not try to abuse the feature if you do not want to get your eligibility to get revoked.

If you know someone that abuses the feature, you are encouraged to use the Report Abuse feature to file a report with the moderation team. It is strongly recommended to keep the environment clear and healthy. For more information to report someone, please go to

If you are enough with Roblox spatial voice feature and want to make it disabled, here is the guide:

    1. Firstly, you should go to Account Settings.
    2. After that, choose the Privacy Tab.
    3. The next thing that you have to do is to toggle the Spatial Voice selector to OFF.
    4. In the end, the toggle will become gray from green, indicating that the feature has been disabled from your account.

In case you change your mind and want to enable the feature again, you can just do it by toggle it back on.

Will Roblox spatial chat have a filter? Can you swear when you are using this feature? During Roblox Developers Conference 2021 (RDC 2021) that took place from October 14 to 16 this year, it was stated that it is possible for the users to swear, as long as it is within moderation terms. While some people are happy with the announcement, some are worried that the users will use the inappropriate language to the younger ones. In addition to that, this feature also opens the chance of some people to ask about the personal things, which might lead to scamming. Plus, online dating will also become a normal thing.