Roblox Rap Battle Copy and Paste Clean

For those who are looking for a Roblox rap battle to copy and paste, you can visit a forum or community known as Roblox Forum Archive. On this forum, there is a rap battle started by a user called XAVI223 on November 9, 2014. Here is the sneak peak of the Roblox rap battle mentioned before:


Whoa my man slow down with rapin bi-lingual

You’re makin my hands and my mind start to tingle

Veni, vini, vicci

You can’t even reach me

I came i saw i conquered

You can’t even teach me

Thats conquered like destroy, not concord like a grape

Like bacteria in your mouth, this garbage i scrape

And toss in the trash

These lyrics are brash

Here’s some cream for that rash

Cause my respect you may have earned

But you’ve just been lyrically burned


You suck

And I don’t like how

You are a truck.

Anyone can rhyme.

Even I can.

But yo man.

I don’t like rap

Its too much crap.


I spit more rhymes then the money you hand out while begin taxed

Ur a fat kid with no neck, and I bet, if you spit another rap at me I`ll just strike back

and everything you been saying better step out of your mind.

Ur like a hypocrite that sucks at making lines.

U should get a little word from that bully you stirred

and made a deal with him that makes your s__t seem so ubsurred

I might as well just leave now, your s__t is startin to drown.

I`m always the king on top of your ass wearing the crown!


Your grammar svcks and you act like your so tough but in reality your scrawny.

I’m nowhere near fat and no, I don’t wear a fedora hat.

I don’t try to make lines that are so fine that you cant even define them because trying to make rhymes is a waste of time.

I’m only rapping because I wanna show you what I can make happen when I’m tappin my keyboard. Ya these rhymes svck but you know what? I don’t give a fvk. Because this is just a forum and I don’t take it too seriously unlike you kids that are so deliriously, furiously, looking for conspiracies. These words are so big that not even a 14 year old kid is able to comprehend what I just did.


I’m mc delight an I don’t care what you say I`m always gonna hold it tight

So you can say whatever you like but you aint gonna win the fight

Oh now your talking like your coming with danger

Listen stranger – I`m a power ranger

Taking you right off the league, indeed, its what I need, guaranteed

A pen and paper writing like I`m a greed


Your lyrics make no sense they have no meaning and are too tense.

If you want to make a rap make sure it aint trash.

Your brash and you aint gonna make no cash writing lyrics on here.

You would be better off licking your rear.

How can you win on a forum?

Its like saying your the biggest in a foresome.


Yo, you think you’re the best,

And that you’re blessed,

But there’s no point fighting,

You think your lightning,

But you’re the worst,

And you just got burst.


Best? Please lay that to rest.

I don’t even ro-rap, I don’t feel like getting into that crap.

I agree, no point in fighting, and I certainly don’t think I’m lightning.

If I were the worst then I wouldn’t have to rehearse my verse like you.


Why you even trying,

I’ve probably got you crying,

You deserved it for what you did,

I mean you’re probably a kid.

Now as a sign of goodwill,

I’ll pay the bill,

I’ll buy your ticket home,

Where you can put some stuff on that burn.


You can barely lift up a word you can’t rap for [s]

Seems your tongue was bit

You and rap were never one it was so bad from you it split

I guess nobody told you who I am

When I want stuff people are at my beck and call all like “yes ma’am”

I’m Sym you’re nothing to me so please scram

I don’t usually fight rookies but that’s alright

If you mess with me of course I’ll [F]’n fight

You choose to mess with the goddess, guess you weren’t that bright


Look here,

You obviously a wannabe,

And I understand that like 123,

But the truth is,

That you are a kid,

And that you have already lost this battle,

And that your cattle.



*Whispery Vocie*

I read your thoughts,

I steal your soul.

I do anything that’s


I’ll stalk you,

I’ll murder you.

What else is there to do,


I’ve killed your whole family,

and I just walked away.

I hope you don’t mind,


what else is there to say?

You’re so idiotic,

so funny I could cry.

But the thing that makes me laugh is how

stupidly you lie.

It’s obvious that I’m the real winner,

it’s so clear that it’s true.

S back off your childish dreams because

I’m better than you.


I think fast, switch fast, quick fast, quick as

Immigrants say, ‘No habla ingles’, at border-patrol fences

Messing with Canibus is senseless

Divide my senses by six and you’ll end up with triple sixes

And triple the digits mean triple the spirits

My light body to the third power will triple my lyrics

I’m triple the threat, I’m triple my physical flesh

Aside from XAVI223, uknowhimguy, Icyclez, and DominoDrawings, there are some other users who join this Roblox rap battle. If you want to find out the complete version of this Roblox rap battle, all that you have to do is to visit a forum or community called Roblox Forum Archive. If you have a hard time finding the exact thread, you can just go to:

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