Roblox Law Enforcement Guide

You may wonder about the information related to the Roblox Law Enforcement Guide. When I tried to search the information about it, there were several things found as you are able to read below.

Roblox Law Enforcement

When I tried to find information about Roblox Law Enforcement, there were several things that I found. One of them is the importance to law enforcement in Here is the explanation on that site.

Roblox Law Enforcement Guide

Same as other virtual worlds which give you permission for two way communication and real-world money exchange, there exists the possibility of financial crimes such as money laundering and extortion. Despite the Roblox Corporation’s KidSafe designation, the bigger threat in Roblox may be with the solicitation of minors because of its marketing and appeal to kids. In January 2017, there was a report that a girl who was six years old was sent explicit messages from men trying to attract her to their homes. According to the explanation of her mother, her daughter had a lot of messages from strangers and since the girl thought that the messages were coming from characters in the game, she replied to the messages. The mother also said that there were a lot of parents who have since contacted her stating that their kids were also getting inappropriate messages through the game.

In February 2017, there was also the same case which was reported. There was a father who reported that his young son was sent ‘sickening’ messages through the Roblox game. In this case, he reported that his son had received inapprpriate questions and requests to do sex acts in the virtual bedrooms of the game.

Roblox initiated some additional features which are aimed at making the game more secure for kids. However, there is no precaution which is 100% fail-safe. It is not unreasonable to hope that some adults will go on to use the game to solicit and groom minors.

Now, Roblox is a member of the kidSafe Seal program as explained on NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center). Roblox is also Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) certified which means that it complies with these rules:

    • Safety measures for community, chat and social features
    • Rules and educational info about online safety
    • Procedures for handling safety issues and complaints
    • Parental controls over account of child
    • Content, advertising and marketing which are age appropriate
    • Parental notice and consent procedures
    • Parental access to personal information of child
    • Data integrity and security procedures
    • COPPA-compliant privacy policy
    • Oversight and enforcement of COPPA by the kidSafe Seal Program

In the Investigative Information section in this NW3C’s post here is the further explanation. The Roblox Corporation states that they will disclose the personal information of their users as needed by law and when they believe that the disclosure is important to protect their rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or legal process which are served on their website. To the extent allowed by applicable law, personal information about users may be disclosed by Roblox. It is in response to law enforcement agencies or other public agencies request or if they feel that such disclosure may prevent the instigation of a crime, facilitate and investigation related to public safety or protect the safety of a child using their website, protect the security or integrity of their website or enable them to take precautions against liability or to protect their rights.

On that post, it is also explained that according to the Roblox Privacy Policy, Roblox gathers cookies, tags, beacons and scripts and other the same technologies that are used to save users’ preferences, analyze trends and administer the site, track users’ entry onto the movements in the Roblox website, provide payment fraud protection, gather demographic information about the user base as a whole, and other internal Roblox operations. In addition, Roblox uses mobile analytics tools where these permit them to better understand the functionality of their mobile software on devices and to derive insights about how their mobile software is used. These tools may record information such as how often a user uses the application, the events which happen in the application, performance data, aggregated usage and from where the application was downloaded.

Those are the explanations about Roblox related to law enforcement taken from nw3c or here is the link.

Roblox Community Rules

In the Roblox Community Rules page in Roblox, particularly in the Guiding Principles section, you are able to read that when you are in Roblox, you have to be like these.

    • You have to be friendly, patient and welcoming. You have to support a safe environment and help the Roblox team to guarantee that everyone follows these rules.
    • You have to be respectful. There is no excuse for poor behaviour and poor manners. It is explained that we may experience some frustration now and then, however Roblox cannot permit that frustration to turn into a personal attack.
    • You have to be careful in the words that you choose. You have to make sure that you can be kind to others. Make sure that you do not insult or put down other participants. It is not accepted to do harassment and other exclusionary behavior.
    • You need to understand why we disagree. If you cannot understand why someone holds a viewpoint, it does not mean that they are wrong. It is important for you to know that disagreements happen all the time and remember that we are different. Different people have different perspectives on issues, but you also need to remember that humans make mistakes and blaming each other does not get us anywhere. Just focus on working together to solve issues and learning from mistakes.

In the Child Endangerment section, it is also explained that Roblox wants to create safe environment for all of users including children so that it is not allowed to do any actions that could put children in inappropriate or dangerous situations such as grooming and other predatory behaviour, anything that sexualizes kids and any other actions or comments which are listed in the rules that are directed to or are about kids.

You are able to read more about the Roblox Community Rules on the Roblox website.

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