Roblox: How to Play East Brickton Easily

In the game of East Brickton, you could be any character that you want. Creating and customizing your characters are the most interesting part in this game. Furthermore, you can choose your character’s destiny and you will become what you want, all decisions are yours as well.

After you’ve created your character in this game, you should act to the character’s role at all times while playing. However, playing East Brickton will be a bit hard if you’ve known the guides of how to play this game, as there are a bunch of points that you should pass in this roleplaying game.

Thankfully, this post will share with you some tips and tricks in order to play East Brickton easily. Make sure to memorize what you should perform in the game to get better among other players. So, let’s find out the guide to play East Brickton in our post below!

Roblox How to Play East Brickton Easily

Guides to Play East Brickton

In East Brickton, there will be a possibility for you to fight with other players. However, there is an important thing you should know that you’re not allowed to attack other players if there’s no roleplay season behind the action. The reason here could be either gang retaliation, disagreements and other in-game conflicts.

That’s included into the East Brickton rules of engagement where every confrontation should be initiated by the /me command. It will indicate you’re about to engage in battle. If you have been engaged in a combat, the other players do not need to use the command again.

Aside from the rule of engagement, you will also encounter the rules of robberies. In this game, you can only rob other players once per in-game day. Surely, robbing will cause instant bans including robbing gas station clerks.

For a player who has been robbed should comply with the robber’s request and roleplay Fun Fear appropriately. You can not rob any items inside of another player’s trunks and save them. Moreover, you will not be able to hold other players at gunpoint and force them to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Stage 1: Memorize  the Terms of East Brickton

In order to play East Bricktion easily, you may have to understand the terms. You’re required to learn and remember all of the terms in East Brickton. However, all terms will be needed when you want to do something in the game. These East Brickton terms may be hard to understand and will result in a permanent ban from this game.

Make sure to learn the East Brickton terms listed below!

    • Random Killing (RK)

This term is used to kill another player for little to no reason.

    • Random Brawling (RB)

This term is used to randomly punch another player for no reason and to start a battle for no reason.

    • Car Hopping

The term is used to randomly jump into another player’s car.

    • Power Gaming (PG)

This term is to roleplay unrealistic actions which are defined by the game’s developers.

    • Meta Gaming (MG)

This term can be applied when acting out of character

    • Fail Gun Fear

You can use this term to ignore a player if they’ve pulled a weapon on you.

    • Fail Cop Fear

The term can be applied when ignoring police authority.

    • Gun Begging

The ‘Gun Begging’ term is used to randomly approach a player and ask for a weapon

    • Admin Interaction

This term can be applied when harassing an admin or ignoring an admin in-game. It indicates that admins also want to roleplay.

    • Ban Evading

You can use this term to run away from an Admin confrontation.

Stage 2: Understand for the Controls

Just like other roleplaying games, when you are playing the East Brickton, you also need to understand how to use the controls to perform an action. By understanding for East Brickton Controls, you definitely will act whatever you want easily, here’s a list of controls you have to understand:

    • WASD: Use this control to ‘Move around’
    • Shift: Use this control to ‘Hold Shift’
    • Space: Use this control to ‘Jump’
    • 1, 2, 3…: Use this control to ‘Equip/Unequip Item’
    • Backspace: Use this control to ‘Drop Item’
    • Left Mouse Click: Use this control for ‘Using Item’
    • ` (Button to the left of 1): Use this control to ‘Open/Close Backpack’
    • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Use this control to ‘Zoom In/Out’
    • /: Use this to make ‘Chat’

Stage 3: Use Commands

The East Brickton cannot be separated from the use of commands. However, each command will be used for a specific action. Here are all commands that you can use in East Brickton:

Phone command

If you want to use the phone commands, you should equip your phone (press ‘1” or click on the phone). You can then use those chat commands below!

    • /contactlist: Shows contact list
    • /call NameOfThePlayer: Calls NameOfThePlayer
    • /sms NameOfThePlayer: sends sms to NameOfThePlayer
    • /givecontact NameOfThePlayer: Gives a contact to NameOfThePlayer
    • /call[911]: Emergency services

Dance command

The dance or emote commands will work the same as the phone commands with chat. However, you must use them when you do not equip your phone. Here are for the emote/dance commands:

    • /e hips: Hands on hips
    • /e crossarms: Cross your arms
    • /e sit: Sit on floor
    • /e woo: Dance
    • /e surrender: On the floor
    • /e hands: Hands up
    • /e shoot: Jump on one foot
    • /e turnup: Get hype
    • /e moneybop: Low Dance
    • /e gs1: 1st Gang Sign
    • /e gs2: 2nd Gang Sign
    • /e gs3: 3rd Gang Sign
    • /e gs4: 4th Gang Sign
    • /e hs1: Hand Shake (formal)
    • /e hs2: Hand Shake (casual)

Chat action command

Make sure to use these chat action commands below, depending on what you want to do:

    • /o (Out of Character)
    • /911 (Calls 911)
    • /s (Shouts)
    • /wi (Whispers)
    • /pm (text message)
    • /report
    • /despawncar
    • /id [charname] (To get playerid)

Okay, they are the basic guide of how to play the East Brickton in Roblox. Make sure to know the safe zones that you must visit in this game. The safe zones here include Hospital, Police Station, Bank and Any Workplace for Jobs.