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As a platform that has a lot of fun games to play, Roblox has myths and legends. One of the most interesting myths is called Guest 666. If it is the first time you hear the name and you want to know about this guest, this post has the information that is given by Wiki and some other things about Guest 666.

Guest 666 Wiki

Guest 666 refers to an old myth and creepypasta on Roblox. When it comes to the behavior, Guest 666 admin commands (including the games without admin built in) and chat when in game would be used by Guest 666. As everyone knows, it was something that the normal guests could not do. Every time a player hovered the mouse over a guest image when viewing the game servers, instead of A Friendly Guest like it usually does, their name that appeared was An Evil Guest.

Roblox Guest 666 Wiki

A lot of people believe that Guest 666 looked just like the normal guest, which changed a few times with a lot of different Roblox updates. When it comes to their appearance, they are described as the ones that have black skin and blood red eyes.


    • Activity: Inactive
    • Join date: Some time between 2008 and 2017
    • Place visits: N/A
    • Role: Myth, Creepypasta
    • Affiliations: N/A

When Guest 666 is compared to the other myths, they are different. The reason is because there is no actual date available that could tell the time when the myth appeared for the first time. There is a possibility that the legend was going around in the year of 2008 when the guests were created. If this is true, then they are one of the oldest myths to date.

Many people believed that Guest 666 appeared on Youtube. After their appearance, the myth was proven to be false. In fact, browser extensions could be used to change the guest ID. One of such browser extensions is called Edit This Cookie. With the browser extensions, one could become Guest 666. While the appearance could be changed, however, it did not give the admin abilities that Guest 666 supposedly had.

After the Guests feature was removed in October 2017, the myth itself disappeared as there was no way to see or play as Guest 666 after the update.

There are a lot of interesting things about Guest 666. Some of them include:

    • Guest 666 was known thanks to some popular Youtubers. One of the big Youtubers that made them popular is called ObviousHD. For those who are not familiar with ObviousHD, he was the one who created a series of videos of him in 2017. The series was pretty popular earning more than 25 million views in total. The game owned by him called ObviousHD Roleplay World allows everyone to summon Guest 666, the one with the ability to kill the player if he catches that player. The players will be able to get badges after successfully surviving, being killed and summoning Guest 666.
    • On Roblox, there are two other games in total that revolve around the identity of Guest 666. Both of them have more than 4.5 million visits in total.
    • The game called The Myth Hunt developed by Enszo has a badge dedicated to Guest 666.
    • There is an interesting fact that both registered users by the names of Guest_666 and Guest666 are banned.

More about Guest 666

Talking about Guest 666, there is an interesting video on Youtube made by Enszo. In the video, it is informed that Guest 666 is said to be a guest that has access to any admin commands in any game. This one is a he. When he is on a server, it says “An Evil Guest” instead of “A Friendly Guest”. What makes him creepier is the fact that he is able to chat. There are a lot of videos about Guest 666 made by a lot of Youtubers and a lot of them add the information that he has the admin commands even in games without admin.

However, there is a program known as EditThisCookie. This one allows everyone to change the guest ID. To check if Guest 666 is true, Enszo uses that program on a game without admin and see if he has any abilities or gets named “An Evil Guest”. After using the program, it does not seem like he has any special abilities. Not only that, it also says “A Friendly Guest” instead of “An Evil Guest”. Then, he tries to make a chat and he fails. Then, what about the admin commands? Just like the chat, he also fails. It seems like every time one becomes Guest 666, that one does not get any special abilities. There is also no way to chat. However, there are some exploiters who exploit as guests. When an exploiter knows how to become Guest 666, then it looks like Guest 666 is having admin. Based on all the evidence above, it can be concluded that everything is 60% false.

About Guest

On Roblox, the Guest was one of the features that was created with the aim to allow the newcomers to test Roblox before making an official account. This one was introduced for the first time on September 26, 2008. 9 years later, on October 2, 2017 for the exact date, this feature was officially removed.

In the past, the name that usually appeared was A Friendly Guest every time a player hovered the mouse over a guest image when viewing the game servers. Before the Guest feature was no longer around, it was changed to A Roblox Player.

The name that would appear on the screen was a Guest if a player joined a game while they were not logged into an account.

It used to be possible to be a guest on Roblox. The options included using the glitches and using the trustworthy unofficial extensions. These two allowed one to play as a guest. In the beginning November 2018, this one was patched.

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