Netflix Student Discount

If you are a student who enjoys streaming movies on Netflix, then you may want to ask about how to get a Netflix student discount. But, does Netflix offer any student discount? Well, let us discuss this case here.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a video streaming service. In simple words, you are able to think of it as a library of Movies and TV shows that you are able to play on your TV, PC, Mobile, etc. Basically, Netflix allows you to watch Movies and TV shows anytime on any compatible device. In fact, you are able to stream your favorite movies on your Android, iPhone, iPad, TV, Computer, PlayStation, Xbox or any other gaming console.

Based on the research, currently, Netflix has over 150 million paid subscriptions all around the world. This brand did not become a millionaire within a blink of an eye. Netflix started in 1997 as a site service and allowed people to rent DVDs online. Netflix expanded their own business. It is quite obvious that Netflix accounted for all the downstream internet traffic in the United States.

Does Netflix Offer Any Student Discount?

No, there is not any student discount on Netflix for students. But do not be disappointed yet. You are able to reduce the cost by changing the subscription plan or by using gift vouchers. And there are also some ways you can still watch Netflix almost free. Despite the fact that unlimited access to Netflix costs $7.99 per month, the students with a limited budget may not still afford to purchase a subscription plan. Please read on to know the ways to reduce the cost of Netflix.

How to Reduce the Cost of Netflix?

Actually, there are many ways you can do to reduce the cost of Netflix. As we know, unlimited access to Netflix costs $7.99/month. It gets tougher to purchase a subscription plan like this with such a limited budget.

Here are the ways to reduce the cost of Netflix and save money for future:

Way 1: Change the Netflix Subscription Plan to Basic

The first way to reduce the cost of Netflix is by changing the Netflix Subscription plan. It might seem cringy for you but trust me, this will surely be of a benefit to you. Let us see the table below.

Subscription Plan Screen Share Resolution Price Per month Stream Movies
Basic 1 Standard $7.99 All
Standard 2 HD $9.99 All
Premium 4 Ultra HD $11.99 All

If you are alone, you are able to go for the basic plan. If you have two members in your family, still go for the basic one. This is because in the Netflix Basic subscription plan, you are able to stream all movies like the other plans. Of course, the quality will be of standard 720p. But, trust me, the quality is not bad at all. Also, you are able to get the subtitles of the movie too. You are going to get access to all the Netflix features except screen sharing.

If you want to watch movies at the same time and on different devices, then you have to go for the standard plan. But we recommend you to stick with plan 1. You are going to be saving $72 at the end of the year. So, Login to Netflix > Go to the Right Panel and choose Change Plan. Change plan to Basic. You are going to pay less from the upcoming months.

Way 2: Grab the Netflix 30-day Unlimited Free Trial

Need to know that Netflix offers a 30-day free-trial to all accounts. Within that 30-day you will not be charged a single penny. So, you are able to take that advantage right now. Please use different Emails to make a Netflix account and at the end of the month cancel your subscription plan. In this way, you will not be charged a single money. However, keep in mind that you need different mail and payment accounts for every account.

Way 3: Contact with Nearby Netflix Dealers

We get information that there are certain social media groups where they make a Netflix account at a lower cost. Actually, they share the accounts at such a cheap rate. If you want to try this, you are able to contact them via social media and get a Netflix account now. In this case, you may have to renew your own account every month.

Way 4: Pay Netflix Subscription Bills Using Gift Card

To reduce the cost of Netflix, you are able to try paying Netflix bills with the gift cards you obtained from Google play. Though we are not sure about the Amazon Gift Card, you are able to try it.

Here are steps to pay Netflix Subscription bills by using gift cards:

  • At the first step, you have to go to Manage profiles and scroll down.
  • You are going to see an option called Change payment method or change subscription plan.
  • Now, you are able to use AMEX cards gift vouchers coupon or also google play cards.
  • Please use the coupon Number and pay your upcoming bill to save cash.
  • Also, you are able to buy Netflix gift cards too at a cheap rate. But, keep in mind that those Gift Cards have an expiry date.

Way 5: Split Netflix Subscription Bills Among Other Shared People

If you have a shared account, then rule number one is to split the bills. You cannot take the responsibility of paying bills of multiple accounts. This step is just applicable for those who are sharing their Netflix Account with others. So, rule number one for the holders of premium accounts. Do not act great paying others bills, otherwise you are going to end up empty pocket.

Way 6: Pause and Continue Netflix Subscription Plan

One of the best things about Netflix is that you are able to download high quality TV Show episodes and Movies. You are able to download the movies you want to see during the 30 days trial version and pause the plan if you are broke. Also, when you collect enough cash, either continue with the subscription plan or cancel the subscription. Some people do not have time to watch movies, but they still buy the Netflix plans and forget to cancel. In that case, it is better to pause the subscription plan.

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