MM2 Rarities in Order

As a player of Murder Mystery in Roblox, you may wonder about the rarities of MM2 in order. I have tried to find the information about it, so let’s find what I found related to MM2 rarities.

MM2 Rarities

Nikilis on his Twitter @NikilisRBX tweeted on December 31st, 2014 about item rarities. In that tweet, he listed the item rarities as follows.
White – Common
Blue – Uncommon
Green – Rare
Red – Legendary
Pink – Godly
Yellow – Classic
Orange – Reward

There is no additional information whether this list is in order, but it seems that this list is made in order. However, if you access Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, the order of MM2 rarities are:
Unique or Victim (Orange)
Ancient (Purple)
Godly or Chroma(Pink)
Legendary or Legends (Red)
Rare (Green)
Uncommon (Blue)
Common (Gray)
Vintage or Classic (Yellow)

If you want to make sure about the MM2 rarities in order, you are able to ask other MM2 players in forums such as Reddit and some other platforms.

MM2 Rarities in Order

About Value or Rarity in MM2

According to Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, Value or Tiers or Rarity is the classification of weapons based on how rare they are to get. Even though some weapons are rarer than some weapons in the tier above them, there is no weapon which is promoted to a different value and it is seldom to find weapons which are downgraded a tier such as in the case of Flames. Sometimes, the value of a weapon is referred to by the color label of its value.

The list below is a list of all tier types in Murder Mystery according to Murder Mystery 2.

    • Value Name: Unique
      Other Names: Victim (outdated)
      Color: Orange
      Description: These weapons are the most difficult type of weapons to get. All unique weapons except Corrupt and Sharkseeker have been gotten by being on an event leaderboard or by NIkilis and are not able to be traded.
      Example: Gold Elderwood which was acquired by being first place in the Halloween Event 2019 leaderboard.
    • Value Name: Ancient
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Purple
      Description: The weapons which are categorized into ancient weapons are usually obtained during events through gamepasses or by completing tiers during Christmas events or Halloween events. The rarest ancient weapon, Nik’s Scythe, is only able to be obtained by trading or by being gifted one by Nikilis himself. Weapons categorized into ancient types are the least abundant weapons.
      Example: Logchopper from the Christmas Event 2019 where it is the first ancient weapon which is an axe.
    • Value Name: Godly
      Other Names: Chroma
      Color: Pink
      Description: These weapons are some of the most popular and most wanted weapons in the game. Some of the previous rarest weapons namely Chroma Weapons are in the godly tier.
      Example: Chroma Seer, it is important to note that the rainbow ‘Chroma’ label indicates that this weapon changes color.
    • Value Name: Legendary
      Other Names: Legends
      Color: Red
      Description: The weapons which are categorized into Legendary are rather rare where the designs are simple, but have more desirable features such as popular colors and an ‘epic/cool’ factor as put by Nikilis.
      Example: Ghost from the Halloween 2018 Event.
    • Value Name: Rare
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Green
      Description: These weapons show more popular features. However, they are not as cooler designs.
      Example: Squire which can be obtained from a crate.
    • Value Name: Uncommon
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Blue
      Description: These weapons are rarer than common weapons even though they are not that difficult to find.
      Example: Bluesteel gun, unboxed.
    • Value Name: Common
      Other Names: N/A
      Color: Gray
      Description: These weapons are the most common type of weapons as the name indicates. These weapons usually have more muted, less popular colors.
      Example: Denis knife which was obtained by putting in a code.
    • Value Name: Vintage
      Other Names: Classic (outdated)
      Color: Yellow
      Description: These weapons are weapons which were able to be obtained from the original Murder Mystery 1.
      Example: The Vintage gun Laser which was obtained from the original MM1 shop.

Some Other Weapon Examples of Each Rarity

In the list below, you are able to see some other weapons in each rarity and the information below is based on the Yekbot site.

    • Ancient
      Niks Scythe: The value is 145000 (Trade only)
      Hallowschythe: The value is 220 (Trade and also Buy)
      Log Chopper: The value is 135 (Trade Only)
      Elderwood Scythe: The value is 130 (Trade Only)
      Batwing: The value is 80 (Trade Only)
      Ice Wing: The value is 18 (Trade only)
    • Unique
      Corrupt: The value is 120 (Trade Only)
    • Godlys
      Seer: The value is 10x T1 Legendary (Crafting also Trade)
      ChromaDarkbringer: The value is 1100 (Unbox also Trade)
      Chroma Lightbringer: The value is 1075 (Unbox also Trade)
      ChromaLuger: The value is 850 (Unbox)
      Chroma Laser: The value is 800 (Unbox also Trade)
      Chroma Shark: The value is 750 (Unbox also Trade)
      and many more
    • Vintage
      America: The value is 300 (Trade)
      Golden: The value is 240 (Trade)
      Blood: The value is 220 (Trade)
      Phaser: The value is 180 (Trade)
      Prince: The value is 160 (Trade)
      Shadow: The value is 145 (Trade)
      Laser: The value is 130 (Trade)
      Ghost: The value is 90 (Trade)
      Splitter: The value is 75 (Trade)
      Cowboy: The value is 50 (Trade)
    • Legendary
      JD: The value is 230 (Trade)
      Web: The value is 150 (Trade)
      Rupture: The value is 150 (Trade)
      Green Elite: The value is 130 (Trade)
      Tree (gun): The value is 110 (Trade)
      Tree (knife): The value is 110 (Trade)
      Cotton Candy: The value is 55 (Trade)
      Scratch: The value is 16 (Trade)
      Ghost Knife: The value is 12 (Trade)
      Ginger Gun: The value is 9 (Trade)
      Red Fire: The value is 7 (Trade)
      Blue Scratch: The value is 6 (Trade)
      Blue Elite: The value is 4 (Trade)
      Green Fire: The value is 3 (Trade)
      and many more
    • Rare
      Jack: The value is 125 (Trade)
      Mummy: The value is 120 (Trade)
      Ginger (knife): The value is 90 (Trade)
      Ginger (gun): The value is 90 (Trade)
      Cane (knife): The value is 80 (Trade)
      and many more
    • Pets
      Chroma Fire Bunny: The value is 1100 (hatch also trade)
      ChromaFire Bear: The value is 1000 (hatch also trade)
      ChromaFire Fox: The value is 900 (hatch also trade)
      Chroma Fire Bat: The value is 850 (hatch also trade)
      Chroma Fire Pig: The value is 800 (hatch also trade)
      and many more.

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