Hallowscythe MM2 Value

For those who are looking for information about the value of Hallowscythe in the game of Roblox Murder Mystery 2, you are able to read this whole article. Here we are going to inform you about Hallowscythe’s Value.

What value is Hallowscythe in MM2?

Hallowscythe is an ancient knife. Originally, it was obtainable by buying the final tier of the Halloween Event 2020. Hallowscythe cost 80,000 Candies, but is now just obtainable by trading since the Halloween Event 2020 has ended.

The hallowscythe appears to be part spear, and part sickle. This knife has a long thin handle. The top blunt edge of this knife has a beak tip. The color scheme of the knife is black, orange, and grey. The handle, the edge of the axe part, the top half of the blade, and the middle of the knife are deep black. The parts which slot the knife are grey. The other half of the scythe and axe and the bottom and top of the knife are orange.

Hallowscythe MM2 Value

So, what value is Hallowscythe in MM2? To find that answer, you are able to see the explanation below. Here are the details of Hallowscythe MM2.

  • Item Type: Knife
  • Rarity: Ancient
  • Ways to Obtain: Spending 80,000 Candies after completing the 2020 Halloween Event (Formerly), Trading
  • Tier: 3
  • Value: x115 Seers (MM2V) 120 (Supreme)

From the text above, we are able to see that the estimated value of Hallowscythe is x115 Seers (MM2V) 120 (Supreme)

Here are some facts about Hallowscythe MM2:

  • A way to get this knife is very similar to how to get other annual Ancient weapons during events: (Elderwood Scythe, Icebreaker and Logchopper).
  • This Hallowscythe knife has a counterpart Hallowgun, creating the Hallow Set.
  • Hallowscythe was created by IDontHaveAUse.

Getting Hallowscythe through Trading

As we explain above, Hallowscythe cost 80,000 Candies, but is now just obtainable by trading since the Halloween Event 2020 has ended. For this case, in this page we are also going to explain about trading. Some of you may not know about trading. After you read the following text, then you will be able to conclude the way to get Hallowscythe through trading.

For your information, Trading is a way to exchange your own item for another Roblox player’s items. Usually, the item value is measured in Seers, demand or rarity.

  • To trade, you have to click the desired person to trade, a small menu will show with “Profile” and “Trade” buttons.
  • After “Trade” is clicked, then a request to trade will show on the screen of the person requested.
  • The person or other players will be able to deny or accept your trade request. If they deny your trade request, then the trade request is going to disappear. But, if they accept your trade request, a trading menu will cover the entire screen.
  • Your inventory is going to show on the left side on the screen.
  • To put an item into the trade, you only need to click an item.

What the person puts into the trade will appear. Every time the item is put into the trade, you need to wait for 6 seconds to accept. Keep in mind that you are only able to trade 4 unique items, but you will be able to do multiple of them.

In other cases, if you do not want to trade, there is a button underneath the player list which allows you to disable your trade requests. Meaning that you will not receive any incoming trade requests from other players. However, you can still trade with other players if their trades are on. The items that you can trade include: the knives, guns, pets, and miscellaneous objects such as Mystery Keys, Gifts, and Wrapping Paper. Apparently, there are two primary value sites: MM2 values and Supreme Values.

MM2 Value List

Talking about the value of Hallowscythe, we will also talk about the MM2 Value list. For your information, MM2 Value List is a price of the item in terms of Seer. We all know that every item in the game has a price. The price of the item can increase because it becomes rarer in the game. To buy the old rare items, you need to know their value. With the information of the price of every item, then you will be able to ask an appropriate price for a specific item you want.

MM2 Value List – Ancient

Ancient MM2 Items Value
Niks Scythe 150000
Elderwood Scythe 250
Icebreaker 175
Hallowscythe 155
Log Chopper 125
Batwing 65
Ice Wing 15

MM2 Value List – Unique

Unique MM2 Items Value
Corrupt 270
Gold Candy 150000
Gold Hallows 150000
Gold Sugar 150000
Gold EW Revolver 150000
Gold LogChopper 150000
Gold Minty 150000
Gold Vampires Edge 150000
Gold Icebreaker 150000
Gold Iceblaster 150000
Silver Candy 125000
Silver Hallows 125000
Silver Sugar 125000
Silver EW Revolver 125000
Silver Minty 125000
Silver LogChopper 125000
Silver Vampires Edge 125000
Silver Icebreaker 125000
Silver Iceblaster 125000
Bronze Candy 100000
Bronze Hallows 100000
Bronze Sugar 100000
Bronze EW Revolver 100000
Bronze LogChopper 100000
Bronze Minty 100000
Bronze Vampires Edge 100000
Bronze Icebreaker 100000
Bronze Iceblaster 100000
Blue Candy 15000
Red Hallows 15000
Blue Sugar 15000
Blue EW Revolver 15000
Blue Minty 15000
Blue LogChopper 15000
Blue Vampires Edge 15000
Red Icebreaker 15000
Red Iceblaster 15000

MM2 Value List – Godly Chroma

Godly Chroma MM2 Items Value
Seer 10
Chroma Lightbringer 120
Chroma Darkbringer 120
Chroma Luger 105
Chroma Laser 100
Chroma Heat 95
Chroma Shark 85
Chroma Fang 85
Chroma Tides 80
Chroma Slasher 75
Chroma DeathShard 75
Chroma Seer 70
Chroma Gemstone 70
Chroma Saw 65
Chroma Boneblade 60
Chroma Gingerblade 55

MM2 Value List – Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous MM2 Items Value
Box of Gold Papers 525
Box of Ultra Wrap 475
Box of Purple Papers 400
Box of Blue Papers 300
Box of Red Papers 250
Box of Green Papers 200
Box of Fert 165
Xmas Gifts 2
Mystery Keys 1
Snowflake Key 1
Skeleton Key 1

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