List Games in Roblox Metaverse

In Roblox, there was a Metaverse Champions which started on April 15th, 2021 and it ended on May 20th, 2021. This event was spread into four weeks and there are 48 games a week and 10 to 12 for every champion. Do you want to know what games there are? Let’s find out the games in Metaverse Champions here.

Sparks Kilowatt’s Games

In week 1, here are the Sparks Kilowatt’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Simple Resort by EnergyDustin
    • Tiny’s Difficult Chart Obby Remastered by TinyGeckoWasTaken
    • Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands by TwentyTwoPilots
    • Seaboard City RP by Kasius
    • Innovation Arctic Base by Innovation Inc.
    • Muscle Buster by Spiel Mit Mir
    • My Droplets by Fullflower Studio
    • Grandma’s House Obby by Packstabber Obbys
    • Creatures of Sonaria by Sonar Studios
    • Daycare 2 (Story) by Parwaz Studio
    • God’s Island by Tblox Studios
    • Club Roblox by Block Evolution Studios

In week 2, here are the Sparks Kilowatt’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Pilfering Pirates by LawIR
    • Roblox High School 2 which is created by Roblox High School: Fan Club
    • Free Admin by Creator Studio
    • Tradelands by Nahr_Nahrstein
    • Horse Valley by SirMing
    • SharkBite by Abracadabra
    • Unicorn Obby World by Galore Studios
    • Disaster Island which is created by Disaster Island Development Team
    • Admin House New by Power User
    • Minery 2 by AlgyLaceyRBLX (twitter)
    • Ufo Tycoon by Paragon

In week 3, here are the Sparks Kilowatt’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos by ScepticLemon
    • BIGFOOT! By Fm_Trick
    • Banana Eats by RyCitrus
    • Arcade Island 2: Roblox Arcade which is created by BeastyBlake101
    • Tower Heroes by Pixel-bit Studio
    • Egg Simulator by wravager
    • Overlook Bay by Wonder Works Studio
    • Slipblox 2 by WhatAGame
    • Rage Runner by Captain Grumpy Games
    • Azure Mines by bereza12 (twitter)
    • Invisible Beast by Frost Pixel Studio
    • Fairytale by Team Fairytale

In week 4, here are the Sparks Kilowatt’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Super Striker League by Cinder Studio
    • Travel To Unicorn Island Obby by Green Lab
    • The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 2 which is created by cloakedyoshi
    • Destined to Fail by Team Conflict
    • Bloxy Bingo by Bloxy Bingo
    • INCOGNITO by Bobogijoe
    • Find the Square! By MasterDaniel
    • Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn
    • Teddi by FutureWeb Games
    • Burger Bay by Bricksmith Studio
    • Bloxymon by The Gang Stockholm

Fey Yoshida’s Games

In week 1, here are Fey Yoshida’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Survive the Killer! by Slyce Entertainment
    • Toy Defenders by Toy Defenders
    • Waterpark Oceanic by Simulation Games
    • Specter by Lithium Labs
    • Melee Simulator by Novelty Games
    • Pet Ranch Simulator 2 by Albatross Studio
    • Portal Rush by Prismatic Games
    • Marble Mania by moonbeam
    • GOD TYCOON by Angelworks
    • Katana Simulator by Paragon
    • Kitty by GabStudio
    • Epic Miniexperiences by TypicalType

In week 2, Fey Yoshida’s Games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Flood Escape 2 by Crazyblox Games
    • Don’t Press The Button 4 by Red Scorpion
    • TPS: Street Soccer by TAYFUN7
    • World//Zero by World//Zero
    • Pit of Hell by .random()
    • Saber Simulator by HD Games.
    • Mech Warzone by Overheat
    • Esgoto De Sao Paulo by gilvanmota
    • Field Trip Z which is made by Splitting Point Studios
    • Fishing Simulator by Cloud Entertainment
    • Would You Quiz by Trobulate

In week 3, here are Fey Yoshida’s Games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Tropical Resort Tycoon by Ready, set, more!
    • Robloxian High School by Robloxian High School Group
    • This Game is Pain by DevUltra
    • Wizard Cats by pa00
    • Traitor by Wonder Works Studio
    • Promo Code Adventures by iBugames
    • Break In by Cracky4
    • Ant Colony Simulator by Nyonic
    • Vibe NYC by Sleepy Studios.
    • Pacer Test by GeorgeTheDev
    • Water Park! By A Cartoon of Milk
    • Big Bank Robbery by Imperatrix

In week 4, here are Fey Yoshida’s Games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • RB Battles by RB Battles Games
    • Bean Blast by CC Games
    • The Clown Killings Reborn by Legends Gaming
    • Ghost Simulator by BloxByte Games
    • Bloxy War by Pond Studio
    • Guesty by NK Studio
    • Dragon Adventures by Sonar Studios
    • RoCitizens by Firebrand1
    • Speed Run Simulator which is created by Speed Run Simulator
    • Firefighters! By Rainfall Studios
    • My Skate Park! By Skate Central

AJ Striker’s Games

In week 1, here are AJ Striker’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • SCP: Roleplay by SCP | Roleplay Community
    • Tank Warfare by IndieBox Studios
    • TTD 3 by Emotes CO.
    • Polybattle by Moonlight Interactive.
    • Manhunt by AlphaByte
    • Miner’s Haven by Berezaa Games
    • Pinewood Computer Core by Diddleshot
    • Mafia Tycoon by RiddleMeThis!?
    • Elimination Tower by Jambe Games
    • Human Simulator by Slerp
    • Cube Defense by Cosmic Development

In week 2, here are AJ Striker’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Super Ball Battle by gum scums
    • Mega Noob Simulator by thunder1222 Productions
    • Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! By Thebenster
    • DropBlox by DropBlox Studios
    • Survive a Plane Crash which is created by Virtual Valley Games
    • Chaos Clickers by Insight Game
    • GERALD by Team Under The Bed
    • Car Crash Simulator by doot_d0ot
    • Be a Toy! By Rdite
    • Impostor by ArcadeRockstar
    • Shoot Out! by Manic!
    • Base Raiders by Base Productions

In week 3, here are AJ Striker’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Clicker Realms X by Tgames
    • Balls by N4_3
    • Super Golf! By Nosniy Games
    • Rage Table Arena by RadVideo
    • Bakon by Pink Beard Games
    • Dread by BakonBot
    • Build It by Roblox Build It
    • Build Island by Toybox Development
    • Sinking Ship by kni0002
    • Infectious Smile by Laughablehaha
    • Weapon Kit by 89five

In week 4, here are AJ Striker’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Blox Royale by Banana Studios
    • Ratty by RamonPlayz
    • Treasure Quest by Nosniy Games
    • Ragdoll Mania by Ragdoll Mania || RoyaleFire Studios
    • Unboxing Simulator by Unsquared
    • Tower Defense Simulator by Paradoxum Games
    • Zombie Task Force by ROWGNationStudios
    • War Simulator by Calculated Studio
    • Obby Run! By Bitware Games
    • Power Simulator 2 by Power Simulator 2
    • Car Crushers 2 which is created by Car crushers official group

Wren Brightblade’s Games

In week 1, here are Wren Brightblade’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Hospital Life by ROLEPLAY Hospital!
    • RoVille by Crystal Blox Team
    • Outblaster by Peak Precision Studios
    • Left 4 Survival by ToaTahu003
    • Ninja Legends 2 by Scriptbloxian Studios
    • Werewolf Within by Paranatural
    • Lumber Tycoon 2 by Defaultio
    • Ninja Rush by The Gang Stockholm
    • Vesteria by The Vesteria Team
    • Tsunami Simulator by kni0002
    • Speed Race by MasterDaniel
    • Warships! By WarGames Entertainment

In week 2, here are Wren Brightblade’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Copyrighted Artists by Rawblocky
    • Deathrun by Team Deathrun
    • Giant Simulator by Mithril Games
    • Goblin Island by FrancklinDay
    • Fart Attack by Hidden Powerup
    • Seconds Till Death by Cardinal Studios
    • Pet Heroes by Polaris Studios
    • Legends of Speed by Scriptbloxian Studios
    • A Wolf Or Other by Otter Space
    • Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke
    • Ragdoll Sim by Frobulate

In week 3, here are Wren Brightblade’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Obby King Remastered by World Game Shows
    • Faab’s Difficulty Chart Obby by Faab
    • Journey to the Sun which is created by nextReality Games
    • Limited Simulator 2 by Trade
    • Broken Ragdolls by Little Games
    • The Piggysons by iBugouzinho
    • Welcome to Farmtown! By mr_smellyman
    • Undead Defense Tycoon by Box Games
    • Monsters of Etheria by Uglypoe
    • Ro-Planes 3 by Ro-Planes 3 Development
    • Road to Gramby’s by Mumble Games
    • Arcade Empire by HD Games

In week 4, here are Wren Brightblade’s games according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Ronald by Fat Wallet Productions
    • Jump Over The Walls by C4NDYCatz
    • Egg Farm Simulator by SirMing
    • Gods of Glory by Simple Games Incorporated
    • Island Tribes by Black Spruce Studio
    • 2 Player Evolution Tycoon by Code Rainbow
    • Pet Tycoon by Reunited Games
    • The Labyrinth by Nitenity Studios
    • Westbound by Moondrop Studios
    • Whatever Floats Your Boat by Quenty

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