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In Minecraft, Karl Jacobs is one of the popular Streamers that always shares his Minecraft gameplay on his YouTube Channel. He is also known as a member  of the Dream SMP and a friend of the Dream Team. Following his popularity, he has collaborated with Youtooz, a Canadian Company.

As a form of collaboration, Youtooz finally produced a Karl Jacobs figure that was released on January 8, 2021. Even though the Karl Jacobs figure has been sold out, but a lot of fans are still wondering when the Karl Jacobs figure will return and how much it costs. If you want to know the information about it, let’s see our post below!

How Much Does Karl Jacobs Youtooz Figure Cost?

ow Much Does Karl Jacobs Youtooz Figure Cost

Alongside Socksfor1, Tubbo and Boffy, Karl Jacobs’s figure was released onto the Youtooz official site for $29.99 with free shipping cost. Reportedly, Karl Jacobs Figures were sold out exactly 3 days after release on January 11, 2021. Then, the skin tone of Karl Jacobs’ figure was changed to be more tan.

Karl Jacobs’ figure has been estimated to ship buyers of the figure from April 20, 2021 to April 30, 2021, without any delay. Karl Jacobs’ figure was created by vinyl with a collection number at #228.

How Does Karl Jacobs Figure Look?

Karl Jacobs Youtooz Price

As you can see in the picture, Karl Jacobs’ figure was built while sitting at 4.3 inches in height in a grey and black desk chair. He is sitting while holding up a white sign with the word ‘HONK!’ printed on it.

Karl’s figure wears a multicolored pink, blue, purple and orange baggy hoodie with sleeves which are way too long for him. There is also a print of a logo on his chest. He then wears loose fitted black pants that lighty drape over a pair of purple sneakers.

The double-walled window box is illustrated to display the inside of his in-game house during a sunset. This collectible actually ships in an embossed, matte, protective outer sleeve. There are at least three quotes available around Karl’s box, including

    • ‘Honk’: On the top of the figure
    • ‘Bank’: On the side of the figure
    • ‘Kral Jacoobs!’: At the back of the figure

What Is Youtooz?

What Is Youtooz

Youtooz is a Canadian company founded in 2019. This company has produced figurines, plushies and other merchandise of all kinds of genres. Most of the figurines that have been produced by Youtooz are based around YouTubers and other social media influencers.

It is known that Youtooz sells figures of other aspects of internet culture such as memes. Aside from that, Youtooz also has sold a few crossovers with established IPs including Popeye, Peanuts and many more. Reportedly, Youtooz currently has more than 500 different products made and over 250,000 products sold.

For more information, Youtooz follows a ‘1 drop’ policy that means the figure will never be restocked. It aims to make a sense of rarity in the products and also to encourage the collection of said products. Until present, there has only ever been one exception to this rule, because of the stock being bought by bots rather than real buyers.

It does not wonder if YouTooz has collaborated with a large number of IPs and brands. Here they are:

    • Ancient Aliens
    • Angry Birds
    • Arthur
    • Banjo Kazooie
    • Big Cat Rescue
    • Bob Ross
    • Bob’s Burgers
    • Boss Baby
    • Breaking Bad
    • Chia
    • ChilledCow
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Cuphead
    • emoji
    • Family Guy
    • Final Space
    • Flex Seal
    • God of High School
    • Kool-Aid
    • Megaman 11
    • MonsterVerse
    • Mr Bean
    • Narcos
    • Pawn Stars
    • Peanuts
    • Popeye
    • RipNDip
    • Sea of Thieves
    • Shaun the Sheep
    • Shrek
    • Simon’s Cat
    • Spyro

The products that are produced by Youtooz can be purchased through official Youtooz site and the following selected retails, here they are;

    • Rare Ltd.
    • Books-A-Million
    • Entertainment Earth
    • FugitiveToys
    • Zavvi
    • Urban Outfitters

Who Is Karl Jacobs?

Who Is Karl Jacobs

Among Minecraft gamers, Karl Jacobs is known as a gaming content creator living in the United States who also has his own colorful in-game skin. He is also known as a person with a sense of humor and for being a core member of MrBeast’s content.

Karl Jacobs is a member of the Dream SMP, a survival multiplayer server. He joined Dream SMP on Thursday, August 27, 2020. He was featured in a lot of YouTube videos and also hosts Banter with Sapnap.

Through collaborations on MrBeast’s gaming channel, Karl finally met Dream team. Once hanging out with Dream and Sapnap more, the Dream Team then agreed to give Karl a rank which allowed him to join and talk with them any time.

As the time went by, the Dream Team began inviting Karl to join them and once he tweeted about the DreamSMP where joining with them is Karl’s dream.

What Is DreamSMP?

Talking about DreamSMP, you may already know that this is a survival multiplayer (SMP) Mincrafts server managed by the Dream Team and friends. It is known that DreamSMP  has been rapidly popular for being a roleplay themed server with a mostly improvisational plot and a long history of alliances, factions, wars, characters and eras.

If you have ever played Minecraft in DreamSMP, you may already know that this server has a lot of unique factions bound together through their respective ideologies. If you really know a complete list of locations on SMP, you can see the locations on the SMP here.

Here’s a list of current factions!

    • Dream SMP
    • Badlands
    • Snowchester
    • The Syndicate
    • Kinoko Kingdom
    • Las Nevadas
    • New Manifold Land
    • L’Sandberg (exists in the future)

Here’s a list of Former factions!

    • L’Manberg (invaded, destroyed)
    • Manberg (invaded, disbanded)
    • Rutabagville (annexed by Manberg)
    • Pogtopia (annexed by L’Manberg)
    • El Rapids (disbanded)
    • Dry Waters (abandoned)
    • Logstedshire (destroyed)
    • Little Penis Land (abandoned)
    • Manifold Land (disbanded)
    • Boomerville (abandoned)
    • Eggpire.v2.png Eggpire (disbanded)

Here’s a list of Tales From The SMP factions:

    • Gogtopia (present-day, destroyed)
    • Subben Empire (future)

Aside from factions, the DreamSMP also has multiple alliances that are formed between members who share common interests. Here’s a list of current alliances in DreamSMP!

    • The Syndicate (Philza, Technoblade, Nihachu, & Connor)
    • The Revengers (Tubbo, Technoblade, & Eret)
    • Dream’s secret plan (Punz, Dream, & Ranboo)
    • The Hunters (Sapnap, Tommy, & Sam Nook)

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