How Well Do You Know Roblox Adopt Me? (Roblox Quiz)

The core of the achievement on Adopt Me is to collect the Bucks as the reward. You definitely can earn Bucks by taking care of babies as a parent, taking care of yourself as a baby or also taking care of a pet. This game will allow you to do a bunch of tasks that you can view on the top of the screen.

Have you played Adopt Me for a long time? If so, you surely need some parameters to measure your skills and abilities of playing this game. However, you may now not know how well you know the game of Adopt Me that you have played in Roblox. We think that you will need a reference to test how much knowledge, information and skills you have playing Adopt Me in Roblox.

How Well Do You Know Roblox Adopt Me (Roblox Quiz)

What is a kind of reference? In this case, we recommend you to measure your knowledge of Adopt Me through the Quiz. Well, the Adopt Me quiz will provide a bunch of questions that you should answer, based on the game of Roblox Adopt Me. So, let’s see some examples of quizzes that you can take from our post below!

We show you a list of Roblox Adopt Me Quiz provided on This site shows at least 10 questions about Adopt Me that you can answer. Make sure to answer the questions, according to what you know about Adopt Me, here are they:

1. What do you adopt in Roblox Adopt Me?

a. Pets
b. Children
c. Aliens
d. Customs

2. Complete the name of this place in Roblox:Ramsay’s (…….)

a. Pasta restaurant
b. Pasty stand
c. Pizzeria
d. Chip shop

3. In Roblox, dogs can be hatched from eggs. True or false?

a. True
b. False

4. What happens when you bump into a penguin whilst ice skating?

a. Your pet gets hungry
b. You lose some gingerbread men
c. You fall over and hurt yourself
d. The penguin attacks you

5. What free food can you find at the Doctor’s office?

a. Lemons
b. Apples
c. Roast swan
d. Curry

6. What’s the cheapest drink you can buy for your pet?

a. Tea
b. Coffee
c. Mango juice
d. Lemonade

7. Where are the reindeer?

a. Lapland
b. Snow Town
c. The School
d. Winter Village

8. What’s the most expensive house you can buy?

a. Castle
b. Ruler’s House
c. Futuristic House
d. Modern Mansion

9. Which of these is NOT a type of food in Adopt Me?

a. Hotdog
b. Ice Cream
c. Raspberry Pie
d. Battenberg Cake

10. Which of these is NOT a real Adopt Me update?

a. Ice Cream Truck Update
b. Christmas Update
c. Giraffe Plumber Update
d. Ride a Pet Update

Aside from, Roblox Adopt Me quiz can also be available at They show at least 12 questions and here are the example of quizzes that you can take to know your knowledge about Roblox Adopt Me:

1. Which Roblox Player owns the Adopt Me Group?

a. NewFissy
b. DreamCraft
c. Bethink

2. How many people visited Adopt Me?

a. Less than 15 Billion Visits
b. 15 Billion Visits
c. More than 15 Billion Visits

3. What is the official Adopt Me Twitter Profile?

a. AdoptMe
b. PlayAdoptMe
c. RobloxAdoptMe

4. Which pet came first in Adopt Me?

a. Frog
b. Panda

5. What is the highest Top Player count record Adopt Me broke?

a. 1,600,000 Top Player Count
b. 1,900,000 Top Player Count
c. 1,400,000 Top Player Count

6. What House/Apartment is the most expensive?

a. Ruler’s Castle
b. Luxury Apartments

7. What is the max player amount for a pet server?

a. 48 players
b. 32 players
c. 50 players

8. What is the latest update?

a. Adopt Me Halloween Update
b. Adopt Me Trade Update
c. Adopt Me Aussie Egg Update

9. What do you adopt in Roblox Adopt Me?

a. Children
b. Pets
c. Kids & Pets

10. What free food can you find at the Doctor’s office?

a. Lemons
b. Apples
c. Golden Apples
d. Yellow Apples

11. What is the official Adopt Me Channel called?

a. AdoptMe Team
b. PlayAdoptMe
c. AdoptMe

12. How many neon pets do you need to make a MEGA neon pet?

a. 2
b. 4
c. 10

You can also measure your knowledge about Adopt Me by taking the quizzes from Here are some example of quizzes provided on this site:

1. What 2 types of potions are there, for your pet to become similar to a vehicle, that you can travel on?

a. Swim and Dance
b. Fly and Swim
c. Fly and Ride
d. Swim and Ride
e. Swim and Run

2. Which one of these is NOT an Adopt Me pet?

a. Evil Unicorn
b. Black Widow Spider
c. Shadow Dragon
d. Turkey
e. Chicken

3. How much money can you donate through a cash register? now that they are back in action?

a. $2000
b. $50
c. $10,000
d. I usually just donate $1, hehe

4. What 2 stands are there in Adopt Me, that you can buy for Robux and set your price to sell it to other players?

a. Hotdog and Cola Stand
b. Cole stand and Lemonade Stand
c. Corn dog and Hot dog stand
d. Hot dog and Lemonade stand
e. Lemonade and doughnut stand

5. What 3 Legendary Vehicles must you buy for robux?

a. Axel, motorbike and land Rover
b. Acai, Tiffany and Douglas
c. Muscle car, Tiffany and Douglas
d. Axel, Tiffany and Douglas
e. Axel, Muscle car and Banana Car

Gameplay for Adopt Me

Adopt Me is one of the most popular RPG games in Roblox. When you log into Adopt Me, you will be required to choose the role of a baby or a parent to start playing this game. you will be granted a special color, based on the role chosen, in the chat area. In this case, Red for the parent and Blue for the baby.

In Adopt Me, you will have a chance to obtain the rewards including pets, vehicles, toys and most notable Golden Egg or Diamond Egg if you have claimed a Golden Egg at least once at 660 stars. Here are daily rewards that you will get in Adopt Me:

    • Day 1: 1 Star
    • Day 2: 1 star
    • Day 3: 1 Star
    • Day 4: 1 Star
    • Day 5: Small Gift and 5 Stars
    • Day 10 : Big Gift and 10 Stars
    • Day 15 : Massive Gift and 10 Stars
    • Day 20: Small Gift and 15 Stars
    • Day 25 : Big Gift and 15 Stars
    • Day 30: Cracked Egg and 20 Stars

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