How to Search on Reading A-Z

On Reading A-Z, there are a number of resources that you can find as you want. The resources available on  Reading A-Z are created based on a certain section. Certainly, each section has sub-sections to be more specific, so it will get easier to find the resources you want.

Unfortunately, not all users know the way to find resources on Reading A-Z. However, finding a certain resource on Reading A-Z is pretty easy to do. If you’re looking for the guide to search the resources on Reading A-Z, thankfully, this post will show you the guide through our post below!

How to Search on Reading A-Z

Searching For the Resources on Reading A-Z, Here’s How!

Searching for resources on Reading A-Z will not take too much time. When you are at the Reading A-Z site that you can access here, you will find the drop down ‘Resources’ menu. To find a certain resource, you just simply click on the drop down ‘Resources’ menu.

By clicking the menu, you will see a number of sections available in the drop down resources menu. To find the resources you want, you can just hover over  the Resources menu on the left. Then, you can choose the appropriate category and the specific resource.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific resource by using the search box beside the Resources menu. After you have run your search, you can use the filters on the left to narrow down your search.

What Are the Resources You Can Find on Reading A-Z?

There are  a number of resources you can find on Reading A-Z. Certainly, the resources will ease you to find the topics/ sections you’re looking for. So, here are the resources with sections and subsections that you can find on Reading A-Z:


Literacy Curriculum

32 weeks of content-based unit instruction

    • Grade K
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 3
    • Grade 4
    • Grade 5
    • Sequence & Standards

Leveled Texts

Books & Passages

    • All Leveled Books
    • Fiction Series
    • Nonfiction Series
    • Classics
    • Genres
    • Close Read Passages

Content Area

    • Art & Music
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Stories
    • Social Studies
    • Theme & News Packs

Additional Texts

    • Graphic, Comic, & Humor
    • Poetry, Rhymes, & Songs
    • Shared Reading
    • Trade Book Resources


    • Benchmark Books
    • Benchmark Passages
    • Retelling Rubrics
    • Alphabet Letter Naming
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Phonics
    • High-Frequency Words
    • Fluency Timed Reading

Foundation Skills


    • Lessons & Decodable Texts
    • Decodable Books
    • Read-Aloud Books
    • Sound/Symbol Books
    • Phonogram Flashcards
    • Learning Centers

Phonological Awareness

    • Lessons
    • Learning Centers


    • Books
    • Chants
    • Print Letters / Numbers

High-Frequency / Common Words

    • High-Frequency Word Books
    • Most Common Word Flashcards


    • Practice Passages
    • Reader’s Theater Scripts
    • Poetry, Rhymes, & Songs
    • Learning Centers

Focused Interaction

Literacy Skills

    • Argumentation
    • Comprehension
    • Close Read Passages
    • Paired Books
    • Shared Reading
    • Visual Devices
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Literature Circles

Topic Collections

    • Text Sets
    • Close Reading Packs
    • Project-Based Learning


    • Decodable Passages Packs
    • Tutoring & Mentoring
    • Summer School
    • High/Low Text Sets
    • High/Low Graphic Books

Writing, Vocabulary, & Word Work


    • Process Writing Lessons
    • Writer’s Response
    • Poetry Writing Lessons
    • Learning Centers


    • Print Letters / Numbers
    • Cursive

Grammar & Word Work

    • Daily Language Practice
    • Word Work Learning Centers
    • Grammar & Mechanics Learning Centers


    • Vocabulary & Idiom Books
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Word Sorts


Spanish Books & Passages

    • Spanish Leveled Books
    • Authentic Spanish Books
    • Songs and Rhymes
    • Fiction Series
    • Math Books

Spanish Assessments

    • Benchmark Passages
    • High-Frequency Words

Spanish Foundational Skills

    • High-Frequency Word Books
    • Most Common Word Flashcards
    • Alphabet Books
    • Print Letters / Numbers
    • Cursive Letter Formation

Spanish Focused Instruction

    • Comprehension Skill Packs
    • Close Reading Packs
    • Summer School Theme Packs
    • Graphic Organizers

Word Languages

French Books

    • French Leveled Books
    • Alphabet Books
    • Fiction Series

French Skills Practice

    • High-Frequency Word Books
    • Most Common Words Flashcards
    • High-Frequency Word Assessments
    • Graphic Organizers

More World Languages

    • British English
    • Polish
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese

ELL Edition

    • ELL Leveled Reader Packs
    • ELL Content Picture Packs
    • ELL Grammar Resources
    • ELL Vocabulary Book Series
    • ELL Vocabulary Power Packs
    • ELL Comic Conversations
    • ELL Language Skill Packs
    • ELL Assessments
    • Language Proficiency Alignment

ELL Content Area

    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social and Instructional Language
    • Social Studies

Well, those are all the resources that you can find on Reading A-Z. So, take a look at the list of resources above and see what resources that you want to search for.

How to Print the Resources on Reading A-Z?

To find the resources on Reading A-Z, you can choose the Type of Resources on Reading A-Z’s main resources menu. You can also do it by utilizing the search box in order to find the specific resources. Narrowing your search is the best way to find the specific resources on Reading A-Z.

After finding the resources you want, you can take two options either to download it or print it. Whatever you will do with the resources either downloading or printing it, you need to click on the resource first to see the landing page.

After that, you can select different versions of the book such as Single-Sided or Double-Sided. Then, you can click the PDF icon. After the PDF opens, you can select the ‘print’ option and choose the appropriate options in your print dialog box.

If you want to download the resources, you can just select the ‘Down Arrow’ icon to start downloading the resources. After you click the download icon, the resources will be automatically downloaded.

For more information, the corresponding materials such as comprehension quizzes and worksheets can be found and downloaded from the landing page. However, a lot of books on Reading A-Z are even available in multiple languages.

If you have trouble in printing the resources on Reading A-Z, you can access the troubleshooting page here.

At the page, you will find the information that Learning A-Z actually understands that printing supplies are so precious. So, they offer the download and print option for the registered teacher only. That means, only registered teachers will be able to print or download the resources on Reading A-Z.

Generally, the printing issues that many registered teachers experience is:

    • The print out does not match file
    • Images print upside down
    • Double-sided print upside down
    • Printing student resources

If you still encounter the printing issues, you can try to contact Reading A-Z Support here.