How to Not Get Tags in Roblox

Sometimes, the words in the text chat message get tagged by Roblox. If you are in this kind of situation and are wondering what is actually happening to you and how to not get tags in this platform, you come to the right page as you will be informed here.

Roblox always tries their best to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone, especially when a lot of players who are on the platform vary when it comes to the age, including children. In order to create such an environment, tags are used by Roblox. What are tags on Roblox?

When a user types in swear words, private information, or things that are prohibited by the rules, the word will be turned by the game into a series or pound signs, meaning they are censored. It can also happen even with the words that do not seem like they should be censored at all. Roblox usually does it to protect the users, especially the younger ones, from reading or entering the inappropriate words or the private information.

How to Not Get Tags in Roblox

When there is a word “tag” in the chat box on Roblox in the response to this, you have to know that the meaning of it is someone is asking if the sentence of another user was censored and to give the information in a different way. This kind of thing is not actually needed if a child enters something that should be turned into pound signs. In fact, a lot of people have complained about the game that often censor the things that do not need to be censored. Such a thing includes the word mama or numbers.

Here is the example of the tags in the text chat message:

[watden]: ;size me ####
[OdleboyDuck]: ;fling me
[OdleboyDuck]: ;size me 5
[OdleboyDuck]: ;size me 50
[watden]: ;size me ####
[MacaroniMalad]: ;music #########
[OdleboyDuck]: ;music 0
[watden]: ;gear me ########
[endy888]: ;music #########
[OdleboyDuck]: ;spin me

The tags can be frustrating as they can make the messages hard to understand. Some people actually think that it is a Roblox text chat bug while in fact it is a real feature that is intended. The question is, what is the reason Roblox Corporation make some messages hard to read on purpose?

The answer to the question has actually been answered, which is to keep the environment safe and healthy. The in game text messages that have foul language and the other offensive content will automatically be given tags to prevent the younger users from being exposed to any contents that are intended for adults only. That’s why these such words will be seen as #### instead.

Apart from the inappropriate words and the private information, Roblox also tag numbers. Some people actually find it odd and questioning the rule. To the defense, Roblox says that the reason for this is that numbers can replace certain letters. For instance, the number 4 can replace A, the number 3 can replace E, the number 1 can replace I, the number 0 can replace O, the number 6 and 9 can replace G and so on. If the numbers are allowed, it means Roblox gives chance to the players to beta the inappropriate language filter of the game.

Is there a way to not get tags in Roblox? If you do not want to get tags in Roblox, you are recommended to rephrase your message. Apparently, the inappropriate messages are given tags by Roblox for the younger users who are under the age of 13 and for teenagers and adults, the restrictions of the Roblox chat does not apply and the game stops tagging messages. If you do not want to get tags, then you must be upper 13.

If you want to let another user knows something like if you want to confess to someone, you can actually do it with ease. How can it possible? For example, you want that person to know that you love her. As saying I love you straight away will be tagged, you are recommended to separate them out. Basically, you can type I and press Enter. Then, type “love” and press Enter. After that, you can enter the word “you” and hit Enter. By following the step, your message will be sent safely without getting tagged. You can also use this trick to let another person knows something, not necessarily confessing.

If it is in the case when you do not the inappropriate words or leak some private information, the good news is that you are able to turn off the safe chat feature. By doing so, you will be able to say something without getting censored by an algorithm. In order to do so, here is step by step to follow:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to settings wheel on your Roblox account.
    2. Please click the help option instead of clicking on settings.
    3. From this one, you will need to click on the contact button.
    4. After that, fill out the support form.
    5. Please select ‘char and age settings’ and from the drop down menus to input the problem.
    6. Then, choose child age.
    7. The next thing that you have to do is to write down the issue that you are currently facing, the one that should be an issue from Roblox if you are old enough to access that chat boxes without getting restricted.
    8. When you get a response in the form of an email, keep in mind that the there are some changes made to your account.

It should be easy for you to not get tags in Roblox by following these recommendations. If no one works for you or if you want to know more, you are suggested to join the community of Roblox and interact with the members of the community. There are a lot of them so please find them and do not hesitate to ask them something.