How to Get a Gym Card in East Brickton

Do you want to get a gym card in East Brickton? You may want to do that but you do not know how to get a gym card. You may wonder about the requirements for getting it. There is a video on Youtube that you can watch about it and here we will reveal it.

Getting a Gym Card in East Brickton

There is a video on Youtube  that you are able to watch about getting a gym card in East Brickton. The video was uploaded by FlyPlays- Roblox entitled How to Get a Gym Card in East Brickton | Roblox. This video was uploaded on February 6th, 2021 and it has been watched more than 200 times. The duration of this video is 2 minutes 47 seconds where it is very short.

In the beginning of the video, you are able to see that the avatar is waving at you and he wants to show you how to buy gym cards in East Brickton. Then, he walks in the street and gets into a building namely the Community Center. Click on the door to get into the building. Now, he is in the East Brickton Community Center building and as you can see that he is standing in front of an NPC receptionist namely Nichole White and he clicks on the NPC. Then, Nichole asks him what the thing that he can help for him. Then, you have to click on the ‘How do I use the workout room?’ as you can see in the video. And then, Nichole White says that all workout rooms require a gym card, if you do not have one, Nichole can hand one to you for $100. Then, you have to click on the ‘Sure I would love one’ option. Then, Nichole says that okay that will be $100 please. And then, Nichole also says that alright here we go and this is your gym membership, please make sure you bring it every time you use the facility. In addition, Nichole White also says that if you ever lose your card, they can sell you another one, at full price. Now, after you buy it, you get a gym card.

As you can see that you have to buy the gym card for $100 if you want to get a gym card in East Brickton. So, you have to make sure that you have enough money in this game for buying your gym card.

Getting a Gym Card in East Brickton

After you got your gym card, now you are able to get into the fitness room to try any facilities there. Click on the fitness room door. In the fitness room, one of the facilities that you are able to try is the treadmill. Just click on it and then your avatar will run on the treadmill. Another facility to try is curl weight. Just put your cursor around the barbell and you will see the ‘click the curl weight’ and then click on it to make your avatar perform the curl weight. You can also do chin ups. Again, just put your cursor around the chin up tool and there will be ‘click to do chinups’ and just click on it. And then, you will see that your avatar performs chinups.

get into the fitness room to try any facilities there1

In the description of the video, it is explained that you can do this between game time 7 am to 10 pm. It seems that it is the operation hours of the gym. Also, one again that you need $100 in game to buy the gym card.

Knowing More About East Brickton Game in Roblox

There are so many games that you are able to find and play on the Roblox platform. East Brickton is one of the games that you can find and play in Roblox where the genre is Town and City. The East Brickton game was built by Marcus760 where he built it on June 13th, 2018. As of August 26th, 2021, this game was last updated on August 23rd, 2021.

A lot of people have played this game and it is proven by the number of visitors of this game which has reached more than 6.3 million. In this game, a badge is available to get, namely Early Access where it is able to be obtained by the day-1’s people who bought the game in Early Access.

In the other games, usually there are game passes to purchase. In East Brickton, only one game pass is available and the name is Extra Safe Storage and it can be purchased for 250 Robux. It is described that Extra Safe Storage game pass can function to increase the amount of items that you are able to put in your safe in the game. Your safe storage is able to be extended from 30 lbs to 60 lbs with this gamepass.

If you open the East Brickton game on Roblox and then you look at the description section, you are able to read that this game is not aimed to work on mobile devices and it also needs a mouse and keyboard to play this game. So, if you want to play East Brickton on the Roblox platform, you must make sure that you play it on PC and not on your mobile device.

If you have never played this game and now you are here reading about getting a gym card just because you randomly open any sites, you may not know what you can do in this game. It is obviously explained in the description section of this game in Roblox that when you play East Brickton, you will be in a sprawling city and the setting is in the modern 21st century. The things that you are able to do here are creating and customizing your character and you can make your character as you want. In addition, you will have to choose its destiny where you have to choose whether your character here will live as the best detective of the city or as the most infamous criminal. The decision about the destiny of your character is in your hand.

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