How to Convert CRDOWNLOAD File to MKV, MP4

Do you already know that you can watch a video while you are downloading it on Chrome? Here, you can just open the Downloading file and open with VLC. But, you may be confused when the downloading process is finished, the downloaded file extension will be saved as crdownload.

Then, you want to convert the video file that you have downloaded to MKV, MP4 or anything else. Then, how to solve it?

How to Convert CRDOWNLOAD File to MKV, MP4

In this case, converting a crdownload file to MKV or MP4 is not as complicated as you think. You definitely can convert the crdownload file to MKV or MP4 just taking a few minutes. Unfortunately, not all users can succeed in this way because of some factors.

Unconfirmed crdownload files cannot be converted into the other extensions. It means that you definitely cannot convert crdownload file to MKV or MP4 if the downloading file process is not finished yet. If the crdownload file is completely finished, it doesn’t matter if you download documents, music files, videos, etc. – if the entire file is not present, and therefore the CRDOWNLOAD extension is added to the end, there is no point in trying to convert an incomplete file.

So, here are the ways to convert crdownload file to MKV or MP4:

Method 1: Rename CRDOWNLOAD file extension

The first method that you can do is to rename crdownload file extension. In this way, we do not use any software. So, let’s see how to rename crdownload file extension!

  • First, go to Download option on Google Chrome.
  • Then, find the file that you have downloaded on .crdownload extension.
  • Once you find it, go to the folder where the file is stored.
  • Here, you need to go to the Organize menu at the left corner of the folder. Choose Folder and Search option and click on it.
  • From the Folder Options, click View option.
  • Then, untick Hide extensions for known file types option.
  • Click on Apply and hit OK.
  • Now, you can see the file extensions. Then, rename the file.
  • After renaming the file, it is time to remove the .crdownload extension and change it into MKV or MP4 extensions or anything.
  • Last, you can try opening the video file with the media player that you have on your computer.

To note, make sure that you rename the file properly.

Method 2: Using a Software

Apart from converting .crdownload file to MKV or MP4 by renaming it but not all files can be easily renamed. Of course, there are some files that you cannot convert by renaming it manually on its file. If the first way fails in converting .crdownload file to MKV or MP4, it is time for you to use a software which really can help you to convert it.

Before you use it, make sure that the software that you choose is the trusted one. We have one of the recommended converting softwares which is seemingly capable of converting .crdownload to MKV or MP4 extension.

The software here can be accessed at

software here can be accessed

  • Once you are at the page, click ‘Find Converter” at the top of the page.
  • Then, type sources and target file extension on the available box.
  • On I want to convert from option, you have to type “crdownload” to “MKV or MP4” option.
  • Then, hit Search converter.
  • If it success, there will be a result that shows any software that you can use to convert crdownload to MKV or MP4.
  • In this step, you can choose one of them.
  • Then, continue to download and install the software on your computer.
  • After the software is installed, you can open it and start to convert .crdownload file to MKV or MP4.
  • If you successfully convert the file, of course the file will change automatically in MKV or MP4 extensions.
  • Last, you can enjoy a video.

Important: Not all softwares can convert .crdownload file to MKV or MP4. It is because .crdownload file extensions are downloaded files which are still being downloaded by Chrome browser or incomplete at all. Then, once the downloading process is finished, the .crdownload files will be restored back to the original. So, you can open it without converting it using any software.

Well, those are two only ways that you can do to convert .crdownload file extensions to MKV, MP4 or other video extensions. If both methods cannot solve your problem, don’t hesitate to look for other ways that will help you to convert it.

What is exactly crdownload file?

What is exactly crdownload file

A CRDOWNLOAD file extension is really used by Google Chrome when you download any file using Google Chrome browser, but you are not aware of the file extension while Google Chrome downloads as a file. The file extension of crdownload is named Chrome Partial Download files so viewing one means that the file is not completely downloaded.

Can you delete the crdownload file?

You are free to delete files whenever you like. If no download is in progress and you don’t need to continue downloading using the file, go ahead and delete it. You surely can delete the .crdownload file when you no longer need it.

For example, if you check your Downloads folder and see files named Song (1) .mp3 and Song.mp3.crdownload, you can delete the ones that end in .crdownload. It’s just an incomplete download file that you don’t need.

Well, if you see there is an old .crdownload file that you’ve been downloading for a long time, you can definitely delete them. This can happen if you don’t clean your Downloads folder regularly and ignore it.

In what purpose crdownload file is used?

However, the partial downloads files are because of the fact that either the download process was incompleted or the file is still being downloaded by Google Chrome. So, .crdownload file extension appears because Chrome is actively downloading something. Then, the file automatically removes the “crdownload” portion after the download process finishes.

A crdownload file is created in format .crdownload or <#>.crdownload. Then, if you are downloading on MP3, it will read something like Unconfirmed 1433.crdownload or soundfile.mp3.crdownload. If the downloading process finishes, the file extension will change to the original extension.

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