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There are plenty of threads about Roblox stock price prediction that you can find on Reddit. We think that it’s such a proof where many people really pay attention to Roblox Stock growth from time to time. However, Roblox stock has rapidly increased during the pandemic of Covid-19. Why?

Roblox is coming to a market stemming from years of explosive growth, particularly from children which are trapped at home as the pandemic forces schools to close. The Roblox stock’s growth experienced a very high spike.

In fact, Roblox stock growth is so  very difficult to judge as none knows what will happen when the schools reopen and the kids get back to playing with their friends in their real life . Sure, this case leads some stock analysts to predict how much the Roblox stock price will be in the future between in 2020 even until 2025.

The Estimates of Roblox Stock Price

Roblox stock was listed on the NYSE on March 10under the ticker symbol “RBLX”. This gaming platform finally picked up the plunge once putting off its IPO in 2020. Then, Roblox performed for a direct listing amid increasing SPAC-mania.

Of course, investors are very optimistic about the IPO as the stock opens at $64.50 per stock, which is much higher than the $45 per stock valuation it held in a private financing round in January 2021. Then, how about Roblox’s stock price prediction in 2025?

Currently, only one analyst, Stifel Nicolaus encompasses the stock including Roblox stock. According to his analysis, the Roblox company has a buy rating and a target price of $85 per share. This target price really represents a potential upside of 26 percent for the stock which comes from the current market price. See the Roblox Stock forecast below!

Stock Price Forecast

Roblox Corporation heads into 2020 with strong organic growth supported by social distancing restrictions. Of course, once those restrictions are easing, the company expects growth rates in 2021 to be well below growth rates in 2020. However, this company believes it will see absolute growth in most of our core metrics for the full year.

Roblox Stock Market Value Today

As predicted by Stifel, as a stock analyst who predicts that Roblox’s stock will increase up to $85 per stock. According to Business Insider, he said that the company will get the benefits not only from the network effects but also from strong growth in the video game industry. Roblox Stock Price today on April 7, 2021 at 4:00 PM EDT is  $68.73 – 2.59 (-3.63%).

As a throwback, Roblox has been growing for 15 years, supported by the Roblox community, pushed by great content, Roblox’s creators and also supported by the company team’s ability for people to do things together. Sure, that’s a long-term growth path where the company believes that it will continue even after the pandemic of Covid-19.

Roblox Stock Growth

Last year’s revenue of Roblox jumped 82% to $923.9 million. But, Roblox’s net loss increased to $253.3 million from $71 million in 2019 as it nearly doubled the amount of money paid to developers through a revenue-sharing program. Then, more than 1,250 developers made at least $10,000 last year through virtual sales on their Roblox games.

At its opening stock price, Roblox is priced at around 29 times revenue for 2021 based on its guidance midpoint. In fact, the price is slightly above software developer Unity which is worth about 27 times sales going forward. It’s also significantly higher than game companies like Playtika, Electronic Arts and Zynga which all have single-digit multiples.

In fact, during pandemic, Roblox, the kids online gaming platform soared in its market debut on the NYSE. Roblox ‘s stock closed at $69.50 each, giving the company’s net worth of $38.26 billion. In a January funding round, the Roblox company was last valued in the private market at $29.5 billion.

Based on a fully diluted stock count of $652 million including restricted stock units which will be converted to common stock, the Roblox company was worth $45.3 billion as of its closing price.

In March 2021, Roblox stock is ever falling down. It’s probably caused by investors who continued to bid higher stock prices and Roblox reached a high of $77 on March 16, 2021. With the fall of these shares, shareholders were worried because since then Roblox’s shares have decreased by almost 13%.

In this case the investor will probably reassess the valuation of a rich stock. Even now, those stocks are trading at around 50% higher than its IPO price. Of course, the future decline in stock price cannot be taken lightly as the initial enthusiasm for the stock getting fades.

We think that the investors who really want to know more about RBLX  stocks are in luck as the Roblox stock growth is quite stable, meaning that it is not too slumped and gradually soars at a very high price.

Why Does Roblox Stock Increase Rapidly?

As a massive kids’ online game platform, Roblox has apparently benefited a lot during the pandemic. Roblox, mostly  favored by kids, can be one of the best-sellings apps on Google Play Store and Apple.

Roblox hits a market stemming from years of explosive growth where the childrens are trapped at home during the pandemic which forced the schools to close. Considering a lot of children around the world who access and play Roblox, that’s why Roblox is rapidly becoming popular as a gaming platform.

The interesting thing within Roblox is where the users create avatars which they can move between the millions of games on the service, adopt virtual pets, navigate amusement parks and also fight enemies with their friends.

As many inviting things that Roblox has to offer, of course, make it comfortable for users to linger on this platform. Please don’t forget that the target of Roblox users are children. In other words, Roblox’s company primarily relies on kids spending their parents’ money as the game has added a bunch of content for an older audience including meetings and educational experience and also virtual concerts.

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