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Limited vehicles are not always on sale in the dealership. They often appear in flash sales (announced on the game Discord, 13+) commemorating special events. For example: the 2023 BullHorn Location Hellcat Redeye released to commemorate April Fool’s Day. Usually, when a limited vehicle is released, it is available on one occasion and never sold again. It is often done to curb the amount of a high-demand vehicle or joke vehicle plying the roads.

In other cases, the Greenville vehicle is limited because it is deprecated and removed from the dealership, however still in the game such as the 2023 Western Kaiju. Also, the vehicle is limited due to it being restricted to the staff members only. You will be able to find out information related to Vehicle release history in wiki.

In the text below, we are going to share some Greenville Limited cars. Here are they:

The 2023 BullHorn Location Hellcat Redeye – Greenville Limited Car

The 2019 BullHorn Location Hellcat Redeye

This car is a limited edition luxury SUV. It was released to the public as part of April Fool’s Day activities on April 1, 2020. The car was on sale for a whopping 15 minutes. Currently, the car is offsale to anyone that wants to purchase it. At this time, there are no plans for the car to create a resurgence in the dealership.

Detail information:

    • Type: Limited regular SUV
    • Seats: 4
    • 0-60: Unknown
    • Top Speed: 154 MPH (Based from Revamp testing)
    • Purchase Price: 120,000
    • Sell Price: 123,000
    • Last edited: May 16, 2021

The 2023 Western Kaiju – Greenville Limited Car

The 2019 Western Kaiju

The 2023 Western Kaiju is a sports-tier coupe in Roblox Greenville. It can no longer be purchased, however it was available in the dealership for $175,000. The 2023 Western Kaiju is one hell of a sports car. Not only will it grab attention from miles away, its futuristic look also makes it one to remember. If the car shows are your thing, you are able to try taking this car out for a spin.

Detail information:

    • Type: Sports coupe
    • Seats: 4
    • 0-60: 2.2 Seconds
    • Top Speed: 206 MPH
    • Purchase Price: $175,000
    • Sell Price: $152,250
    • Last edited: 6/3/2021

Stock Colors:

    • Baron Metallic
    • Cartoon Kaiju Pearlcoat
    • Bleached White Metallic
    • Stainless
    • Magma Metallic
    • Blood Metallic
    • Charge Pearlcoat
    • Cheddar Pearlcoat
    • Steel Gray Metallic
    • Dinosaur Metallic
    • Gunmetal Gray
    • Uranium Green Clearcoat
    • Tropics Clearcoat
    • Thousand Island
    • Null
    • Ocean Metallic

Quirks and Features of the 2023 Western Kaiju

Here are some quirks and features of the 2023 Western Kaiju:

    • This car will be removed in the upcoming update due to it being deprecated.
    • This vehicle has heart stopping acceleration with a mind boggling 0-60 of 2.2 seconds.
    • This case has room for up to 4 people.
    • This vehicle is AWD with a supercharged 5.4 Liter supercharged V8 engine which is front mid-engined.
    • The design of the car takes some inspiration from the Ford Mustang.

Stats on the road of the 2023 Western Kaiju

    • Handling (road holding): It is really good handling wise, it will be able to traverse the tightest corners with ease, turn off traction control and it’s drifting fun.
    • Braking: The braking is really good, brakes from 60-0 in 1.8 Seconds.
    • Acceleration: This car has heart stopping acceleration with a mind boggling 0-60 of 2.2 seconds.

The Swagwagon

The Swagwagon

The Swagwagon is a limited edition car that was released for April Fool’s Day activities on April 1st, 2021. It could have been bought in the dealership for $100,000. No gamepass is needed. This car is a rather uniquely designed coupe in Roblox Greenville based on the 2003 Chryslus FT Convertible. It features a rooftop cargo carrier and a spoiler, surely provides more utility than its regular counterpart. Also, it has a pink paint job and flames on the front and an SRT engine equipped, besides the signature wood panelling. If you want to grab some attention, just drive this car, or bring it to the next session of the cars and coffee.

This car was released a year prior along with two other cars. However, the release of the Revamp update caused the removal of the cars along with many other cars. This specific model is the first of the three models to make a reappearance in the game. The car is limited and costs $100,000 to prevent a big amount of the users driving this car around town. For your information, the car was available until 3PM EST, on April 2.

Detail information:

    • Type: Limited coupe, Regular coupe
    • Seats: 4
    • 0-60: 5.7 seconds
    • Top Speed: 145 MPH (OLD) 151 (NEW)
    • Purchase Price: $100,000
    • Sell Price: $87,000
    • Last edited: 07/30/2021
    • Date last sold: April 2, 2021 15:00 EST
    • Sale period: 24 hours

Quirks and Features of the Swagwagon

Here are some quirks and features of the Swagwagon:

    • The car was released in GV3 in 2020. Then, it was removed due to the Revamp update.
    • This car was only available for 24 hours.
    • Last year’s model did not have a roof box.
    • This vehicle has flame decals up front and a spoiler, which is unique to this model.
    • Currently, this is the only car which has a camber.
    • The car has wood trim on the sides.
    • The car has an interior.
    • The car has a customized horn.
    • swag
    • Last year’s model was said to be released in only one hour.
    • The car returned in the year of 2021 for 24 hours as an April Fools Joke.
    • The vehicle has a small head decal of Milk7418O on the front and on the steering wheel. Also, it has a bigger head decal of Milk7418O at the back.
    • The vehicle has lights in the interior when you turn on the headlights.

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