Good Raps for Roasting Roblox

Roblox is such a great platform to have fun. One of the things that make playing the games on this platform fun is when playing with the other players, be it your real friends or strangers who happen to be on the same platform.

If you love playing games with the others, one of the games that you might want to play is a rap battle game. There are a few rap battle games in Roblox. As you can guess from its name, rap battle game is the kind of game where a player joins a rap battle with the other players. In order to win the battle, it is needed for them to have good material. For those who are interested in joining a rap battle, here are some good raps for roasting:

Material #1: Created by Spycis Pycis

I believe,

You should leave,

Stop being so naïve,

Just stop, and relive,

Your dream to achieve as a rapper,

I strongly disbelieve you can rap that good,

And I strongly believe you misunderstood, that there is a chance you would.

Material #2: Created by Brayden Muzio

    1. You have been roasted like a deep fried Marshmellow
    2. Look at your (insert body part here) they are (insert roasting insult here)!
    3. Your torso looks like pizza rolls, now roll your roasting down!
    4. You have no robux, not even bobux… I bet you are broke! That means get croasked!
    5. When it comes to shootin’ and lootin’, you’re a bad cup head!

Material #3: Created by Over Sized

Oh my dad works at Roblox

Nah ur dad probably works at some weird company called vault blocks

Stop bragging about your money and fame

When u don’t even know ur dad’s name

Saying u own 6 digits when you were 5

The number was probably 000009

Stop lying about the money that you own

Brag about that when ur real bank balance is shown

Material #4: Created by Epic Gaming

Your head is so bald I use it as a mirror

Look at the mirror it will shatter

You are so fat whenever you fart you get a ticket for pollution

I would have burnt you but im not allowed to9 burn trash

I can punch you but that’s animal abuse

Sell your brain its unused

Your good? Tell it to your friend oh wait you don’t have any

You call me blind? Well its true I can never see the good in you

Troll the Roblox Rapper:

I think this will help you

Go get better raps Ol’Man,

Yo aight the king here so I’ll throw you to the trashcan,

Go drink your diet coke can,

Or instead go get a life man.

You think your tough?

You think your buff?

Yo rhymes moves like a snail who got puffed.

I will watch you crawling for mercy in hell.

While eating my cheese puffs.

Go get better comebacks instead of having to think it ain’t from google,

Your rhymes are easy to defeat like a riddle.

Is there more of that?

Are you giving up?

I thought you have more comebacks than this one.  

Yo aight coming back from this rap,

Because I will make you go nap,

I will get your mom kidnapped,

Oh wait, I forgot YOU DON’T HAVE A MOM

Bro is motherless,

Bro is fatherless.

Go get life lessons kid,

Instead of just acting like a mid.

Material #4: Created by Darrel Graham

I got bars u don’t own a car u just get hit form mars ur ain’t no rpaper ur a food wrapper u ride a poney u don’t got a homie I been smoking some pipe u don’t got a life ur so poor u fell down the floor u walk in the room I slam the door u useless ur homeless u fall down the stairs u smell like a bear and now I just don’t care

Material #5: Created by Beji’s FNaF

    1. Yo man, my name be spread around the world, then u just be sat there curled.
    2. U think ur gonna beat me hih? Maybe in a dream duhhh.
    3. U ain’t got no robux, not even a bobux, stealin’ mom’s credit card just to get more bucks.
    4. My black friend call me Queen Tay cos o’ my killer raps, my white friend call me snap app, cos o’ my high tech, ur just sat their on a crusty deck, ay, ay.
    5. Think ur real fine? Ur number be 6 when u were 5, but really that number was 009.
    6. Ur mom be wit’ me tonight, ensure imam stepfather ayoooo
    7. Ask ur sister, the one that’s coming next year ayyyy
    8. Slenders be crustyyyyy yah just like u mustyyyyyy yah
    9. ‘my dad owns roblox’ why u look like blocks then, huh?
    10. Let me drop the mic, I don’t needa fight, I’ll deffo win cos ur blinding sight.

Material #6: Created by Nony Wolfbane

    1. Try to make up your own phrases and rhymes. Don’t use “bars” and “mars” in a verse.
    2. Don’t make all of your rhymes perfect. “Revive” and “describe” work fine together.
    3. Please avoid using common roasts, like “you have no robux” or “I’m a cat and you’re the rat.” Why would you be remembered if you bring nothing to the rapping world?

“I rise to the sky like a Phoenix, watching you ‘rap’, but I’ve already seen it. My fiery claws mirror the stars, yet it seems you won’t get far. I’m compared to a rodent, but that wouldn’t be me, the right hand of Odin. I wanna see you showing your ‘bars’, but it appears you won’t get far.”

Material #7: Created by Bigdaddycheesepizza

Do you have friends?

That’s unfortunate

Are you mad?

That’s hilarious

You cant get away with anything

Maybe a lie

That’s about it

Your not slick

You honestly need better things to do

Rather than be mean to little kids

That’s really depressin

But nobody will give a blessin’