Furious Jumper Roblox Simulator Ranch

For those who are new to one of the games on Roblox called Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator or for those who are planning to play it, you are encouraged to watch a lot of things about this game. If you are a French speaker you might want to watch the content about Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator shared by a Youtuber named Furious Jumper. This channel is recommended as the content is in French so that you can understand everything better.

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Furious Jumper Roblox Simulator Ranch

There is only one video uploaded by Furious Jumper related to Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator. Go click the video among the results and you will be able to be taken to the page and watch the video immediately. The title of the video is JE DEVIENS UN ÉLEVEUR DE PETS ! | Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator. This video was uploaded in March 2019. Since the first time its release, it has earned a total of 638,190 views and 11k likes.

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The video about Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator by Furious Jumper explains about the Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator in general. If you are new to this game and want to know the details, do not stop reading and do not skip anything.

Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator, refers to the game designed and developed by Coolbulls and Albatross Studios. In the game, the players have to open the eggs and boxes and also get pets. After that, they can go to work at the ranch and collect coins. In the end, the coins are able to be used to buy better pets. Apparently, it is possible to rebirth and get rebirth tokens, which are useful to get even better pets.

It is clear that pets are the main features in this game. They are known as your companions and can give you coins. As a player, you are able to turn 5 duplicates of the same normal pet into a shiny pet (2x normal). Aside from that, you can also turn 5 duplicates of the same shiny pet into a starry pet (2.5x shiny/5x normal). There are several sources of pets included in the game, including eggs, the shops, codes, and so on.

Normal pets:

    • Tier 1: Dog, Cat, Fox, Bunny, Awesome Dog
    • Tier 2: Ice Cat, Bat, Wolf, Ruby Bunny, Sapphire Bunny, Angel Dog
    • Tier 3: Brown Fox, Blue Butterfly, Stone Dog, Vampire Bat, Midnight Bat, Unicorn
    • Tier 4: Snow Fox, Red Butterfly, Midnight Cat, Flame Butterfly, Panda, Android Dragon, Flame Fox
    • Tier 5: Polar Bear, Brown Wolf, Black Bear, Dark Unicorn, Vampire Dragon, Cerberus
    • Tier 6: Slime, Deer, Robot, Owl, Narwhal, Angel, Demon
    • Tier 7: Tuxedo Cat, Lava Slime, Squid, Monkey, Bee, Ice Phoenix, Alien
    • Tier 8: Turtle, Horse, Moonbear, Direwolf, Thieving Crows, Flare Alicorn,Inferno Serpent, Void Gazer
    • Tier 9: Dalmation, Lightspeed Bee, Deep Sea Narwhal, Cherry Blossom Owl, Nesting Eagles, Snow Elemental, Corrosive Phoenix, Radiance
    • Tier 10: Jellyfish, Turkey, Tropical Monkey, Ember Mouse, Guardian Angel, Lighting Satyr, Ancient Earth Dragon, Whirwind

Rebirth pets:

    • Rebirth: Pegasus, Phoenix, Demon Dragon, Nova Fox, Monster Fox, Dark Serpent, Ruler
    • Advanced rebirth: Troll, Yeti, Griffin, Fairy, Leviathan, Chimera, Omni
    • Ultimate rebirth: Dwarf, Basilisk, Roc, Thunderbird, Wisp, Cthulhu, Duality, Prisma
    • Godly rebirth: Moonlight Sphinx, Mossy Golem, Sprite Swarm, Rift Observer, Warped Wraith, Singularity, Celestial Core, Zenith

Miscellaneous pets:

    • Premium: Candy Unicorn, Flame Wolf, Electric Mouse, Inferno Fox, Light Serpent, Lucky Tailed Fox, Jester, Hatched Chick, Crystal Golem, Cyber Phoenix, Rainbow Songbird, Celebration Trio, Ghost Blob, Funky Phoenix, Polychrome, Bubble Squid, Studio Cat, Atomizer, Bolthead
    • Login: Golden Cat, Golden Dog, Galaxy Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Luminous Fox, Sphinx, Satyr, Alicorn, Imp, Gargoyle, Catalyst, Neptune, Seraph
    • Code exclusive: Promo Mouse, Youtube Cat, Shiny Baby Serpent, 1M Baby Serpent, 6M Baby Serpent, 10M Party Angel, 20M Demon, 30M Mouse, 40M Light Leviathan, 50M Albatross King, 60M Digital Thunderbird, 70M Soundwave Alicorn, 80M Golden Sun Eagle, 90M Phoenix Flock, 100K Likes Glacial Serpent, Shiny Baby Sowopent
    • Gifts: 50M Albatross God, 60M Chaotic Thunderbird, 70M Overcharged Alicorn, 89M DJ Eagle, 90M Blackhole Phoenix, Calico Cat, Speckled Rabbit, Grotto Butterfly, Sky Unicorn, Radioactive Monster Fox, Zeta Alien, Grom Demonlord, Elemental Chimera, Omega Gazer, Aegis, Piexus, Equinox

Event pets:

    • Lucky: Lucky Cat, Shamrock Fox, Spring Unicorn, Celtic Owl, Leprechaun, Rainbow Elementals
    • Easter: Sweets Bat, Polka Dot Butterfly, Dogbun, Eggster Flock, Bunny Lord, Easter Serpent, Eggiverse
    • 50 Million: Party Fox, Firework Mouse, Wonderful Present, Cake, Disco Robot, Phantom Cerberus, Emperor, Gala
    • Halloween: Pumpkin, Candy-Corn Bat, Ghoul, Scarecrow, Horror Serpent, Alchemist, Necromancer, Firebrand