How to Get Bing Points Fast

Why do many people really want to get more points on Bing? Well, what we should emphasize here is that Bing Points offer a bunch of ways to redeem the points. With Bing points, you can use them to Shop, Donate or Win.

Of course, if you already have enough Bing points, you can use them for various options including discounts on Bing, Microsoft Store credits, and Microsoft apparel, premium Microsoft Outlook, subscriptions to Microsoft OneDrive, Skype credit or also Xbox memberships and gift cards.

Considering many benefits that will be obtained with Bing points, not surprisingly, if many users want to get more Bing points. So, how to obtain a lot of Bing points? If you’re also interested in earning Bing points, make sure to follow our tips and tricks shown below!

How to Get Bing Points Fast1

Tips and Tricks to Get Bing Points Fast

Bing points can only be obtained by performing numerous activities on the Bing search engine. It means that you will get more Bing points if you often work with Bing. In other words, the more often you do searches and activities using Bing, the more points you’ll get.

Well, in order to earn points on Bing, there are four main activities that you should perform on Bing. Here are they:

    1. Search with Bing on your mobile device
    2. Set Bing as your default search engine
    3. Use the Microsoft Launcher for Android App or use the Bing app.
    4. Earn even more points with the Microsoft Edge app.

Okay, those are four main activities on Bing which allow you to earn Bing points. Moreover, there are also additional ways if you want to earn Bing points and then accumulate them. Here are the other ways to get Bing points:

    • Make sure to use Bing for mobile searches and earn 1 point for every 2 searches, up to a maximum of 10 credits per day.
    • Invite your friends to use Bing Rewards. If you successfully invite your friends, you will earn 100 points for each friend who reaches Silver status for a maximum of 500 points.
    • By completing  the tasks in your Bing Rewards dashboard. You will have a chance to earn 1 point each, in exchange for completing the task.
    • Get special rewards, incentives and limited-time promotions as Bing offers. You will see the announcement on the Bing Blog if those are available.

Well, if you take the time to do all the activities that we have mentioned above, don’t be surprised if your Bing points will continue to grow. Of course, if you complete those activities every day, it shouldn’t take too long to redeem your free Robux.

What Is Bing Point?

Bing Points can be mentioned as the rewards that the users will get with the use of the Bing Search engine. With Bing Rewards, the users will earn points for searching using Bing, performing certain tasks and checking out new features. They totally can earn points while searching on any device, as long as you are signed into your Bing Rewards account.

Bing Rewards offers the levels of loyalty for those who reach their higher status membership levels including  Member level, Silver level and Gold level.

Member is the first tier which is the entry-level for new members where they will get points for using Bing for their searches and for daily offers.

After a Member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour, redeems their first reward and also has accumulated at least 200 points, they will move up to Silver level. With the promotion, Bing Rewards Silver members will earn a 50 point bonus.

The highest Bing Rewards level is Gold that can be achieved after having 750 lifetime points and performing 150 qualifying searches on Bing each month. After a member reaches Gold level, they will get up to 10% off their rewards redemptions.

What Can You Do with Bing Points?

The Bing Rewards system definitely allows the users to obtain points for searching on Bing, trying certain other Microsoft products and services or also using new Bing features. Bing Rewards are tracked through a point counter on your browser that appears in the top right corner of any page that they are visiting.

As an alternative, you’re able to download and install the Bing Bar that has a Bing Rewards button and point counter. For mobile users, they can also access Bing Rewards through their default mobile web browser.

With bing points, you definitely will get advantages of numerous gifts. Some of them have been mentioned above. Other Bing Rewards currently available in exchange for points include:

    • Points for airline and hotel loyalty programs.
    • Prints and photo books from Shutterfly
    • Gift cards for Amazon, Burger King, Applebee’s, Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Groupon, iTunes, IHOP, Sephora and others.

Each item which is available in the Bing Rewards Shop links to a product page with a description, image and price in points.

How Worth Is The Bing Rewards Program?

Bing has made the user to easily participate in their rewards program, either on a desktop or mobile device. Sure, if you are using Bing on a regular basis, it cannot hurt to earn many points for it. Even though it may take a long time to get anywhere, but you can take advantage of the credits promotions, so make sure to watch for those regularly.

From the rewards that you will get with Bing points above, we can conclude that Bing Rewards is a very worthwhile program to follow as they will pay you with your effort that you have performed in collecting the points on Bing.

People who can use Bing Rewards are anyone who lives in the United States for the age of 13 or older and has a Microsoft account. Of course, to get benefits of Bing Rewards, everyone should have only one account and provide their real first and last name. Make sure to complete the mailing address, email address and an active phone number.

To get started exploring the Bing Rewards, please visit Good Luck!!!

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