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When you are looking for the recent news about Roblox on the internet, you may find a site named Bloxy News,  providing a lot of news related to Roblox either trending news or old news. You may think that Bloxy News is an official Roblox corporation news source, however, that’s not at all.

Bloxy News is an unofficial Roblox news source. But, this site frequently posts everything that is happening on Roblox. In fact, most Roblox players rely on this site if they want to know the latest news related to Roblox. So, how to access the Bloxy News?

Bloxy News Website

Accessing Bloxy News Website

You may wonder how reliable the Bloxy News is for you. Will you get anything that you want about Roblox from this site? Certainly, you cannot find out the real answer if you do not access the site first. So, make sure to access the site to discover any news related to what is happening on Roblox.

Access the Bloxy News website at or at

Through this site, you can discover any Roblox topics and also the commercial products. You will get breaking news, the trends and latest updates information and also giveaways related to Roblox directly to your account.

The Bloxy News website was created on August 27, 2017. This site is run by BloxzBox and behind the scenes helper team which work to find out the greatest and latest Roblox news to bring to the community.

Many people trust that Bloxy News is the most trusted and worthy source, providing Roblox news. As a proof, this site currently has over 350,000 followers across multiple social media platforms with more than three years of experience.

Bloxy News’ Social Media Platform

The team commonly posts news stories related to Roblox on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord as well as you definitely will get the news in the form of video on YouTube. Moreover, if you want to join a community,  Bloxy News group is also available in Roblox.

Here’s a list of Bloxy News’ social media:

    • Twitter: @Bloxy_News (English) and @BloxyNews_ES (Spanish)
    • Instagram:
    • TikTok: @bloxy.news_
    • YouTube: Bloxy News
    • Discord: Bloxy News with invite link here
    • Roblox Group: #BloxyNews (join the group here)

What Will You Find at Bloxy News Website?

Need to know, the Bloxy News website is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with the Roblox corporation. The core of the Bloxy News website is to provide you with the greatest and very latest news related to Roblox. Therefore, you will find anything that is recently happening on Roblox.

    1. Roblox News

Certainly, you will have numerous latest news articles which talk about Roblox. However, you can only find a few of Roblox news from the Bloxy News site, as the trending news related to Roblox are quickly posted on Bloxy News’ social media.

Here are some Roblox news that you can read at Bloxy News website:

    • ‘The 7th Annual Bloxy Awards Brings 4 Million Concurrent Players Together on Roblox’
    • ‘62% of Teens on Roblox Say Online Conversations With Real-Life Friends Are Top Pandemic Priority’
    • ‘Roblox jumps to over 150M monthly users, will pay out $250M to developers in 2020’

Aside from Roblox news, you can also find more information, including support for a creator, shop apparel and donations. All of the information will be explained below!

    1. Bloxy News ‘Support a Creator’

Epic Games has launched a program called ‘Support a Creator’. This program allows Roblox creators to earn a percentage of money that you spend from purchasing Roblox cosmetics in select games, or also buying games on the Store.

Certainly, Bloxy News also gets a chance to provide the ‘Supporr a Creator’ with ‘BLOXZ’ code to help support Bloxy News. The code here will reset every two weeks.

    1. Shop Apparel

At the Bloxy News website, you will also find official Bloxy News merchandise to show Bloxy News anywhere you go. There are a number of Bloxy News products that you can purchase such as Shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers and phone cases.

View the Bloxy News product collection here.

As you can see at the Bloxy News shop, there are products which represent the Bloxy News. Make sure to choose the Bloxy News product you desire below!

Bloxy News Shirt

    • Kids Premium Tee with Full Logo Design  costs $15.99
    • Classic Tee with Full Logo Design  costs $17.99
    • Kids Premium Tee With Full Logo Design costs $15.99
    • Classic Tee with Reliable Source Design costs $17.99
    • Classic Tee with New Italics Design costs $17.99
    • Kids Premium Tee with News Italics Design $15.99

Bloxy News Hoodie

    • Classic Pullover Hoodie with Fill Logo Design costs $24.99
    • Classic Pullover Hoodie with Reliable Source Design costs $24.99
    • Classic Pullover Hoodie with News Italics Design costs $24.99

Bloxy News Mugs

    • Full Logo Design Mug costs $12.99
    • Reliable Source Design Mug costs $12.99
    • News Italics Design Mug costs $12.99

Bloxy News Accessories

    • Die Cut Sticker with Full Logo Design costs $7.99
    • Die Cut Sticker with Reliable Source Design costs $7.99
    • Samsung Case with Reliable Source Design costs $14.99
    • iPhone Case with Reliable Source Design costs $14.99
    • Die Cut Sticker with News Italics Design costs $7.99

If you notice the design of Bloxy News’ shirts, hoodies, accessories and mugs, we think that you will fall in love with all of Bloxy Products, as they  have a very gorgeous and attractive design with elegant styles.

    1. Donate Form

Bloxy News website also provides the ‘Donation’ form for the visitors to support them in an effort of giving more Roblox news. Considering the Bloxy News is not affiliated with Roblox corporation, you can also support the Bloxy News by donating some of your money to support them.

Donate Bloxy News here.

With the kindness of the visitors, we trust that Bloxy News will provide more and more news related to what is happening on Roblox, posted on the site. So, don’t waste your  opportunity to be good and support others.

The donation here is by no means necessary, however it’s such an appreciation where they will go directly towards improving the overall quality of their content.

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