Bloxburg Update Log 10.4

The 0.10.4 patch is the latest update released by Welcome to Bloxburg. Just like other previous changelog, the update log 10.4 also features all the major updates. Certainly, every Welcome to Bloxburg update log will bring a number of features into the game.

If you are wondering what changelog that the 10.4 patch brings into the game, you can find the information through our post, as we will show you a bunch of changelogs available in the 10.4 patch. Let’s dive into our post to get the information!

Bloxburg Update Log 10.4

What Did the 10.4 Patch Bring into Welcome to Bloxburg?

According to Welcome to BloxBurg Wiki, the 10.4 patch brings a bunch of changelogs into the game, here they are:

    • Added Valentines themed furniture and items
    • Re-added So Sweet stand outside BFF Supermarket
    • Added modern and industrial themed furniture
    • Added new windows and doors
    • Added wall insets and an arched wall opening
    • Added player name tag visibility setting
    • Neighborhood co-owners can now use freecam
    • Winter decorations, removed snow, fireworks, sledding and ice skating
    • Major backend changes
    • Major bug fixes

Since the 10.4 patch was released on February 10, 2022, it actually brings Valentine’s Day festivities to Welcome to Bloxburg. Of course, you will find various furniture and items that you can use to dress up your home with a holiday theme.

The items you can use include windows, doors, wall insets and many others. Aside from that, you can also find a So Sweet stand located outside BFF Supermarket. In the 10.4 patch, you will also find the name tag visibility setting.

Now, your neighbor co-owners can use a free cam. During winter, you can dress up your home with winter decoration items. You can also enjoy your holiday by taking ice-skating and sledding activities and setting off your fireworks outside, as the snow has been removed.

Last but not least, the 10.4 patch also brings the major bug fixes to ensure the players smoother playing the game without any lags. For more information, the 10.4b patch actually removed the Valentine themed objects and Decorations.

What Will the Upcoming Update Bring?

The 0.10.5 patch has been leaked to release soon. Even though it is still a leak, but the community trusts that the 10.5 patch will bring a number of changelogs, as follow:

    • A variety of new decals in Coeptus’ inventory including “PlotOverlay”, “PlotBackground_Riverside”, PlotBackground_BloxyAcres, and Main Background would be able to signify based off speculation of new poly selection menu GUI, a ma GUI as a source of navigation or  new plot locations on the map. Many speculate that the jumpstart of a map revamp.
    • A new leak also comes from Coeptus inventory located under the model category where it consists of a brand new creation for the helmet in the mining job called ‘MiningHelmet’ that is a total revamp remade from the original version.
    • A new contributor of Welcome to Bloxburg named ‘Nymfei’ is found in the Bloxburg development group. It is known that they are a 3D Animator for a whopping 8 years and also contributed to RB Battles Event. At the Annual Bloxy Awards, ‘Nymfei’ was a winner for the “Best Live Event”. You can find her on twitter @Nymfei.
    • There is also a leak where unlocked Stereo Gamepass went off sale because of a modification in Roblox Audio l’d’s/ Music configuration that provided more protection over titles and privatized countless songs because of copyright claims. Now, Coeptus are compensating those who purchased the gamepass which they are now unable to use. The people who bought the gamepass previously will now get a series of options including 2000 bloxbux, 40,000 bloxburg cash, or 3 month neighborhood access because of the change in Roblox sound catalog id’s.
    • There will also be bug and performance fixes.

Well, those are the changelogs that may be available in the 10.4 patch.

In addition to changelogs, there are also new asset submission features available in the upcoming update, let’s see more information about it below!

    • New asset submission system will be available through Welcome to Bloxburg Server/ Welcome to Bloxburg Utility and Reports Server.
    • New asset submission system allows you to create models or inspirations which you would like to see introduced, featured and applied into the game Welcome to Bloxburg.
    • New asset submission system also gives the community a voice to post their recommendations and suggestions on future furniture objects and items to add into the game.
    • New asset submission system can definitely benefit builders, as it gives an approach on what the audience wants to see added into the game. They also demonstrate that Coeptus and Froggy want to listen and get attention fully on what the player base wants added and also to acknowledge the request that they submit.

What Are the Update Items Commonly Bring to Welcome to Bloxburg?

There are a total of sixty eight updates that have been released into Welcome to Bloxburg. The very first update was the 0.3.4 patch and the latest update was the 0.10.4 patch. Certainly, each update actually brang a variety of different features into the game. In general, most updates feature bug and performance fixes and bring a number of new items.

The new items that are commonly brought to Welcome to Bloxburg depend on what was trending at the time or what season was happening at that time.

For example:

    • When the winter season is coming, the patch that is accidentally released will bring a number of winter-themed items such as ice-skating stuff, sledding tools, coats, boots and many more.
    • When New Year is coming, the patch that is accidentally released will bring a number of New Year including Christmas items, winter and holiday themed decorations, food and furniture. The patch will also feature Santa Photo-Op, snow around and Tom’s Tree Lot. Other items may be available include Snow Scooter, Snowmobile and many more.
    • When Hallowen is coming, the patch that is accidentally released will bring a number of Halloween items including plenty of pumpkin & orchards farm, as well as the food such as ghost cookies, tombstone brownies and pumpkin muffins. Other items may be available include pumpkin plants, corn stalk fence and corn stalks.

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