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When you come to this page, you may want to know some information about Bituro Survey app. Unfortunately, if you search for information related to Bituro Surveys Roblox, you will not find it. You have to know that Bituro is a GPT app which pays you for taking online surveys, installing apps, watching videos, and inviting friends. Well, let us talk about Bituro Survey app here.

What Is Bituro?

Bituro is a GPT (get paid to) application which will pay you for taking online surveys, installing apps, watching videos and inviting friends. Every time you take a survey or complete an offer, then you will be able to earn points redeemable for PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium tokens and gift cards. For your information, the rate is 1,000 points = $1, so it is easy to know the cash incentive for each task.

Bituro has already partnered with a decent number of marketing research firms and ad networks to provide as many tasks as possible. But, opportunities are rare in the countries with low demand for advertising and marketing research studies. This is particularly the case for the countries in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Nevertheless, you are able to cash out relatively quick as the minimum payout is just $1. Need to know that Bituro is not only available on iOS and Android devices but also on your desktop via the website. Therefore, you are able to use the platform as any other GPT site.

Is Bituro App Legit?

Yes, Bituro app is a legit platform. It will pay you after you collect enough points to cash out. Sadly, lots of people reported that they did not receive points after completing tasks. Of course, this is a big problem because you can end up working for free and wasting a lot of time.

The company’s ToS said that they are not responsible for any loss of points due to the errors and the failures in the system. Because in theory, the user of Bituro app must be able to give proof of completion and then Bituro must give the credit. Honestly, we do not think that there is an effective communication between the app developers and ad networks which makes it difficult to claim missing points. Also, Bituro not give you points if the advertisers not paying them after you complete the offer or survey. For instance, this will occur if you did not complete the task properly or if the advertiser defaulted.

Another thing people complain most regarding reward apps is being banned for no reason. We get information that there are several apps suspend accounts before people have the opportunity to cash out. We were reading Bituro’s Terms of Service and found that they are able to terminate your account if they suspect you have violated their ToS. Maybe you are going to get caught if you log in with a VPN or try to make some accounts. If you do not violate the Terms and Conditions, you should not worry about getting banned.

How Does Bituro App Work?

Bituro app will connect you with marketing research agencies and ad networks so that you will be able to complete their surveys and offers. Once you complete the task, Bituro gets paid and split the revenue in the form of points.

Here are three main sections you can use to earn points:

    1. Surveys

Bituro app has already partnered with some marketing research companies. Therefore, you are able to take part in their surveys. Several options available include Poll Fish, Toluna, TheoremReach, Tap Research, SaySo Rewards, and PeanutLabs. If you have joined another GPT app, you may have stumbled across some of those routers. They are operated by several of the leading survey monetization firms in the world.

Apparently, several companies screen out the participants halfway through the survey, making a lot of frustration. Another drawback of completing surveys is that you will waste a lot of time answering questions. If you do not fit with specific characteristics and interests which clients need for their study, then you are going to get disqualified. For note: Most surveys pay between 100 to 500 points. But, it is possible to discover studies paying over 1000 points depending on your country.

    1. Tasks

In this section, you are going to discover different offer walls with some chances to earn points, such as:

    • Offers
      Earn points for subscribing to free trials, registering to websites, entering prize draws, etc.
    • Install apps
      Earn points for installing apps, such as games, survey panels, services, etc.
    • Videos
      Earn points for watching promotional clips.

In addition, Offer Walls are common in lots of reward platforms. Some of them will connect you with additional survey routers such as Yuno, Your Surveys and SSI Survey. Please pay attention to some offers, although they give you thousands of points, you have to deposit $10/£10. Some of those offers, ask you to install another app and meet specific requirements. If it is a mobile game, the advertiser will require you to reach a certain level. While if it is a survey app, you have to register for completing your first survey. Also, you will be able to earn extra points by following Bituro on Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Play

This section is about luck, and a bit of graph analysis. You have to guess right tomorrow’s price of Bitcoin in US dollar. Just check today’s price, and then give your suggestion. The person who guesses the closest to the BTC price will be able to win points proportional to the number of participants. Usually, the minimum prize per game is 100 points. If you guess the exact value of Bitcoin, then you are going to get 1,000 points. Daily winners are chosen around 6:15 AM PST. Keep in mind that you need a token to play the game. Automatically, you will collect one token for every 50 points you collect by completing tasks. In this Play section, you are also able to earn random points for watching videos.

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