Billbone Roblox Info

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Billbone’s Profile

Billbone is a Roblox user that join Roblox platform on August 31, 2007. He has place visits around 7.093. By the way, how about When we visit Billbone’s Profile, we are able to see that Billbone has 13 friends, 1,033 followers, and 34 following.

Billbone Roblox Info

Currently wearing:

    • Oakly shirt
    • Oakly pants
    • Oakley’s hair
    • Oakley’s glasses
    • XBOX_M Left Arm
    • XBOX_M Right Arm
    • XBOX_M Left Leg
    • XBOX_M Right Leg
    • XBOX_M Torso
    • Oakley’s face

Billbone’s Inventory

If you look at his inventory, Billbone has many collections including:

Opened Legit Gift of Validated Electronic Mail

Currently, this Roblox item is not available for sale.

    • Type: Accessory | Hat
    • Genres: All
    • Description: You have been around regularly, your mail is validated, you are legit. To obtain this gift you must have a valid and verified email address (or parent’s email address) before 12/3 and also you must have logged in at some point between 11/20 and 12/3. Inside you find legit Owl.

Opened Restricted Gift of Short Supply

Currently, this Roblox item is not available for sale.

    • Type: Accessory | Hat
    • Genres: All
    • Description: This gift was awarded to the users with at least 20 limited items. Calcium, Coma Berenicids, a score, perfect vision, Monte Irvin, T, Egypt, Super Mario Kart Racetracks. Inside you are going to find the Shutter Shades.

Knight of the Blood Moon

Currently, this Roblox item is not available for sale.

    • Type: Accessory | Hat
    • Genres: All
    • Description: This hat will be given to the players after November 17, 2014 who have a verified email address on November 13, 2014.

Verified, Bonafide, Plaidafied

Currently, this Roblox item is not available for sale.

    • Type: Accessory | Hat
    • Genres: All
    • Description: You verified your email or phone with Roblox. Now you are able to recover your account if you forget how to login. Congratulations!

The Last Egg of 2012

Currently, this Roblox item is not available for sale.

    • Type: Accessory | Hat
    • Genres: All
    • Description: This is the last one. It is just collectible when you have all the others. Frustrating, isn’t it? I blame Sorcus.

Billbone’s Badges

Also, Billbone has some badges including:

Clone Tycoon 2

    • Type: Badge
    • Updated: January 14, 2021
    • Description: Badge obtained to join Clone Tycoon 2

Pizza Factory Tycoon

    • Type: Badge
    • Updated: January 06, 2018
    • Description: Join the game

Thanks for Playing!

    • Type: Badge
    • Updated: June 21, 2018
    • Description: Obtain this badge by playing this game.

Beta Tester

    • Type: Badge
    • Updated: September 14, 2016
    • Description: Obtain this badge when you play between March 1, 2016 – June 23, 2016

Stage 30

    • Type: Badge
    • Updated: June 12, 2016
    • Description: Congratulations! You have already made it to the stage 30

Billbone’s¬†Favorite Games

Here are some Billbone’s Favorite Games:

Survive the Disasters 2

Survive the Disasters 2 is the sequel of VyrissDev’s Survive the Disasters. The game of Survive the Disasters 2 has the same goals with the original game. But, there are many new mechanics to the series including new disasters, shop, maps, etc. Survive The Disasters 2 utilizes a GUI separate from Roblox’s. GUI on the gamehas a menu button, a ranked scoreboard, and a countdown timer. It will inform the players about disasters. To the right is an example of the GUI style that developed by V_yriss. It adopts elements subtly from the Super Smash Bros franchise, utilizing vector silhouettes accompanied by its striking text.

Star Wars Tycoon

Star Wars Tycoon is a spaced-themed service administrator game made by Voxhall. The game is Voxhall’s next most play, after Build a Hideout and Fight. In the game, the players have to get loans to create a fort and fight other enemies. We get information that the game of Star Wars Tycoon has been compared to the game Ro-Port Tycoon made by Crazyman32.

The location of the game is within a futuristic intergalactic environment. The players are able to appear in one of six Star Wars-themed tycoon compounds. The goal of Star Wars Tycoon is to build a fort with the resources in-game and fight other players. All of the resources are based on the Star Wars. The players will be able to get in-game credits, and use those in-game credits to purchase additions to the player’s compound. Credits are obtained based on how much time the player spends at the game. Several additions that can be bought include money givers, walls, vehicles, weapons, and buildings. A light-saber is provided to every player at the start of the game. Also, VIP is available for the game, and an advertising room is located above the VIP room.


Paintball! is a popular FPS (First Person Shooter) paintball game created by Daxter33. Later, it was copied by Jaredvaldez4. But, the game slot was changed, and Jared’s account was terminated.

On the game of Paintball! the players fight in blue or red team. They have to fight the opposite team with a paintball gun. The players are able to get access to different paintball guns by leveling up to certain levels. Currently, Paintball! has over 470,000 favorites. It is the third highest amount of favorites of any game on Roblox platform. Also, it is the second game to ever reach 20 and 30 million visits, and the second most visited game which is under the FPS genre. This game held the most played game spot for a week after surpassing Base Wars: The Land sometime in 2014. We get information that Paintball! has been praised for the complex scripting and gameplay present within the game, and the realistic nature of the function of the paintball guns.