MM2 Song Codes 2021

ou may need the song codes for MM2, but you do not know where to go. Here, you are able to find the information about it. So, let’s find out about it here.

Song Codes 2021 for MM2

According to Game Specifications, here is the list of MM2 Song Codes.

    • Positions by Ariana Grande
      Roblox Code: 6527642725
    • Shower by Becky G
      Roblox Code: 5959099726
    • Death Bed by Powfu
      Roblox Code: 4966153470
    • At My Worst by Pink Sweets
      Roblox Code: 5826581517
    • Such a **ore by Jvla
      Roblox Code: 5633904817
    • Playdate by Melanie Martinez
      Roblox Code: 4954877483
    • Halo by Beyonce
      Roblox Code: 5808791050
    • Oh No by Capone
      Roblox Code: 5253604010
    • Not Your Barbie Girl by Ava Max
      Roblox Code: 2023502456
    • Yummy by Justine Bieber
      Roblox Code: 4586799290
    • Can We Kiss Forever by Kina
      Roblox Code: 5225350099
    • Sugar Crash by ElyOtto
      Roblox Code: 5914756563
    • In the End by Tommee Profitt
      Roblox Code: 3242662294
    • Don’t Rush by T & Bugsey
      Roblox Code: 5208266425
    • Love Story by Taylor Swift
      Roblox Code: 489540951
    • Electric Love by Brons
      Roblox Code: 5192165104
    • Falling by Trevor Daniel
      Roblox Code: 4540157027
    • Savage Love by Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685
      Roblox Code: 5458852845

MM2 Song Codes 2021

If you go to Youtube, there is a video entitled TOP MM2 Music ID Codes 2021! || (Working) (Roblox) | || | Murder Mystery 2! which was uploaded on April 30th, 2021. The length of the video is 2 minutes 52 seconds and it has been watched more than 79k times. According to that video, here are ths MM2 Music Codes 2021.

    • Ashnikko – Daisy
      Roblox Code: 5321298199
    • Powfu – Death Bed
      Roblox Code: 5100991278
    • Blackpink – How You Like That
      Roblox Code: 5236951606
    • Tiagz – They Call Me Tiago
      Roblox Code: 5010082173
    • Vedo – You Got It
      Roblox Code: 5704204672
    • Doja Cat – Like That
      Roblox Code: 5159740710
    • Public – Make You Mine
      Roblox Code: 2875388155
    • Mad At Disney
      Roblox Code: 5700151615
    • Electric Love – Bones
      Roblox Code: 5192165104
    • Still Don’t Know My Name
      Roblox Code: 5492808041
    • Aaron Smith – Dancing
      Roblox Code: 2985440580
    • Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic
      Roblox Code: 5293363143
    • Sleepy Hollow – Deep End
      Roblox Code: 5017745383
    • Megan The Stallion – Savage
      Roblox Code: 4778292508

Well, as you are able to see that there are a number of songs that you are able to use in MM2. However, if you are a muslim, it is better for you not to listen to music. Instead, there are a lot of other things that you are able to do in Roblox. When you play games in Roblox, make sure that you play in a positive way.

Now, you may want to know about Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) in Roblox. Below, you are able to read the explanation about MM2.

About Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) Roblox

About Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) Roblox

In Roblox, one of the successful games is Murder Mystery 2. We can say that it is a successful game because it is proven with the visitors which has reached more than 6.4 billion. On January 18th, 2014, this game was created and as of September 30th, 2021, it was last updated on August 14th, 2021. Horror is the genre of Murder Mystery 2 , so in case you like horror games, this game may be one of your option to play in Roblox. The server of the game has the size of  12 and until now, more than 13 million times, this game has been favorited.

In Murder Mystery 2, as an innocent, you running and hiding from the Murderer must be done by you. The detective skills that you have must be used to expose the Murderer. Are you a sheriff? If you become a sheriff, working with the innocents must be done by you. You are the only one who has a weapon and as a result you are able to take down the Murderer. If you are a murderer, eliminating everyone must be done by you and you must make sure that you are not shot by the sheriff.

In Murder Mystery 2 (MM2), some game passes area available to buy as you are able to see below.

  • Elite

Price: 499 Robux
Description: + 1.5 XP rates

  + Elite name tag

  + Elite exclusive knife

  + Coin bag limit increased to 50

  + Elite Radio skin

  + Elite Effect

  + Elite Pet

    • Radio

Price: 475 Robux
Description: Let’s say that you own this game pass. Then, you are able to play music out loud for your friends or random strangers. How to use it? Pressing the Radio button must be done to play it and it can be found in the bottom left corner. It is important for you to note that music with copyright is not permitted here and it will be deleted from the music library.

    • GODLY: Nebula

Price: 1,699 Robux
Description: It is available for a limited time. It is +Exclusive “Nebula” Godly knife. You are permitted to purchase a second copy of the knife in the in-game shop.

Are you curious whether there are badges to get in Murder Mystery 2. A number of badges are available to obtain in this game such as Level 20 by reaching level 20, Level 10 by reaching level 10, Level 30 by reaching level 30, Level 50 by reaching level 50, Level 40 by reaching level 40, and many more.

Well, as explained earlier, Murder Mystery 2’s genre is horror. Besides this game, there are also other horror games that you are able to play as entertainment. There is a horror game entitled The Horror Mansion where it was created by Mellowinter on January 12th, 2019. The Horror Mansion has been visited more than 15 million times and this game has been favorited more than 133k times.

There is also A Wolf Or Other where this game was created by Otter Space on October 1st, 2018. The total number of visits of this game is more than 249 million. This game has been favorited by a lot of people, namely by more than 712k times. In A Wolf Or Other game, you will become the Werewolf who massacres the town or the hunter who stops it.

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