Among Us Drip Roblox ID

Among Us has been a popular game since its release. Its popularity spread to various things such as merchandise, goods, gift products, brand deals and many more. So as in Roblox, Among Us has rapidly grown as Roblox audio.

The in-game audio in Among Us is now available in Roblox library. There are so many Among Us audios that have been remixed by Roblox content creators. So, the players can enjoy the Among Us audios while playing Roblox games. So, what is Among Us audio that is popular in Roblox?

Here’s Among Us Drip Roblox ID!

One of Among Us audios  that has been popular in Roblox is Among Us Drip. Certainly, there are a number of Among Us Drip audios that can be found in the library of Roblox. So, you can choose the version of Among Us Drip audio that you like in Roblox. Here are the Among Us Drip Roblox ID:

    • 6132224076 (This one is the most popular Among Us Drip audio in Roblox)
    • 6594501743
    • 6119798028
    • 6486359635
    • 7843975195
    • 6842839606
    • 6153396177
    • 7508706098
    • Etc.

Sure, there are still a lot of Among Us Drip Roblox IDs that you can find in the library of Roblox. To search for more Among Us Drip audios, you can go to Roblox library and then type ‘Among Us Drip’ on the search bar. Make sure to take the filter to ‘Audio’ option.

By doing this, you will see a list of Among Us Drip Roblox IDs that you can play while playing Roblox games. To ease you finding Among Us Drip Roblox IDs, you can go to this link:

How to Play Among Us Drip in Roblox?

In order to play any Roblox audios while playing games, you will need a gear called Golden Boombox. Without this gear, you cannot play any Roblox audios while playing games. To play Among Us Drip audio in Roblox, make sure you already have its ID code.

As the ID code of Among Us Drip audios have been listed above, you can then copy one of the IDs and paste it on the Golden Boombox. So, here’s for further instructions to play Among Us Drip audio in Roblox:

To play the ‘Among Us Drip’ song in Roblox, all you have to do is to click on the ‘Golden Boombox’ on your item list. By clicking this gear, it will bring you a GUI window where you need to paste the Among Us Drip ID that you have copied before.

Once you paste the ID onto the code bar, you can then hear the audio that is represented by the unique code, in this case is the Among Us Drip audio.

Congratulations! Now, you can listen to the Among Us Drip audio while playing your favorite game in Roblox.

Another alternative to play Among Us Drip audio is by using the command. You should know that this way is only for admin of a game. To play Among Us Drip audio with commands, you can only hit ‘CTRL + V’ keys on your keyboards to paste the command in your Roblox music ID. You can now enjoy listening to Among Us Drip audio.

How to Use Among Us Drip as Your Background Music?

You cannot only listen to Among Us Drip audio while playing the game, but you can also use it for your game background music. If you are a game developer, you certainly can attach the audio to be played in the game, so players who are playing your game will enjoy it more.

To add the Among Us Drip audio into your own game, you will need to find Asset ID of Among Us Drip audio. You can get its Asset ID by going to Roblox Studio and login with your account. When finding the asset ID of Among Us Drip audio, you can use the Toolbox on the left to open the Marketplace. After that, do a search for the Among Us Drip audio asset ID.

Another option, you can narrow your search by looking for a creator who creates the Among Us Drip audio or also adjusting duration by clicking on the filter icon. Once finding the Among Us Asset ID, you need to right-click on your option and choose ‘Copy Asset ID’.

After that, go to Roblox Studio, you can now add the Among Us Drip audio into your game. Click the ‘View’ tab and choose ‘Explorer’ and ‘Properties’. If you want to insert an object, click the (+) icon and select the ‘Sound’ option.

You can then attach the Asset ID of Among Us Drip audio onto the ‘Soundid’ section. Then,   press ‘Enter’. To check if the audio can be played or not, click on the ‘Playing’ option. So, anyone who plays your game will hear the Among Us Drip.

More Among Us Roblox IDs

As we’ve mentioned, there are tons of Among Us audios that you can find in Roblox. You can use the following ID codes below to play these songs while you are playing a game. Here are they:

    • 6065418936: Among Us Trap Remix
    • 6486359635: Among Us Drip
    • 5711590979: Show Yourself – Among Us
    • 6568314462:  3AM Among Us Happy Meal
    • 7072200177:  Among Us Happy Meal (full version)
    • 7035146553: Among Us Happy Meal at 3AM
    • 6534554744: Among Us Eurobeat Remix
    • 6847599532: Among Us Drip Theme with Reverb Fart
    • 6645116263: Among Us Theme – Eurobeat Remix
    • 6399320928: Among Us Sabotage Soun
    • 6904259091: Among Us Trap Song
    • 6897756625: Among Us Eurobeat Remix / Notoriety April 1st
    • 6880536160: Hello? Is This Among Us?
    • 6787511506: Among Us in Real Life
    • 6769893441: Among Us in Real Life!
    • 6528804244:  Among Us Remix

Learn More about Roblox ID

In Roblox, there are different IDs to represent some different fields such as user IDs, song IDs, item IDs and many more. The user IDs in Roblox are such unique numbers to help you determine how long the player has been in Roblox. The IDs can be seen on the URL on the user page.

Moreover, each user, item and even audio files definitely have unique IDs. In this case, the shorter the IDs, the longer the user/ item has been on Roblox. Over the past years, there are a lot of audios/ songs that have been added to Roblox for the players to enjoy while playing games.

Keep in mind, to play the Roblox songs or audios, you will need the Golden Boombox item in the game. Don’t forget to know the ID of the audio/ song that you will play in the game. However, the Golden Boombox gear will allow you to listen to your favorite songs in Roblox.

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