17 Most Complete and Latest Sites To Watch Anime in 2022

Are you an anime lover? If you are an anime lover, you may want to know the most complete and latest sites to watch anime. If so, you are able to read the information about it below about 17 most complete and latest sites to watch anime in 2022 according to the Telset site.

1. Animeisme

If you access Animeisme site, you will be provided with a lot of options to watch such as Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Boruto, Eyeshield 21, and many more. On the main page, there are a number of ads, but it still looks comfortable enough.


On this site, you are able to find and watch the anime that you want to watch without being disturbed by ads. You can watch the anime via streaming, but it is also available to download. For your information, you cannot stream when you activate the Ad Block feature in your browser, so make sure to turn it off.

2. Animecracks


This website is free of annoying pop-up ads so that you are able to watch comfortably. If you watch anime on this site, you are able to change the quality of the video, even though the options are still limited.

This website also has a rating system so that you are able to know the rating quality of the anime that you watch.

3. Anoboy


Anoboy is a website for watching anime which is quite complete and has a simple display with little ads. On this site, you are able to watch anime in the form of series, movies, and live action. Besides, you are also able to watch it via streaming or download it with a variety of resolution options.

4. Animenonton TV

Animenonton TV

This is another site that you can use to watch anime, but it has a lot of annoying ads. Nevertheless, the collection of anime on this site is quite complete such as Vinland Saga, Boruto, or Sword Art Online. On the site, you can also find anime which aired in 1999.

There is also a download option offered by this website if you do not want to watch it via streaming.

5. AnimeIndo


If you access the AnimeIndo site, you will see that the appearance is minimalist and very light. On this website, there are no annoying ads as well. This website can be accessed through your PC or laptop or smartphones.

This site has comments and chat features so that you are able to interact with other anime fans.

6. Gomunime


On this site, there are anime collections which are quite complete and updated. This site also has highlights for the hottest or most popular anime at the moment. The quality of the video is also good because it has a choice of servers for HD video quality.

There is a search feature that you are able to use to find anime that you like. If you want to download the anime, you can do it.

7. Mangaku


On this site, you are not only able to watch anime, but you also can read various manga comics. The anime collection is also complete. Unfortunately, there are often pop up ads that appear when you are watching the anime.

8. Kiminime


Kliminime has a fairly wide range of anime quality and the interface is also simple and light, but sometimes there are ads. The collection of anime on this site is also quite complete where you cannot only find mainstream popular anime, but also non-mainstream anime.

This site has a selection of servers and can be downloaded in MP4 or MKV format. Do you want to interact with other anime fans? You can do it because on this site there is a chat feature.

9. Beeanime


This site has a simple look. Even though there are some ads banners, they do not disturb you. The collection of anime also varies, ranging from classic and popular anime, to the latest anime.

If you want to download anime, you can do it because this site provides a download feature. So, you are able to watch it offline.

10. Rikunime


On this site, you cannot only get anime, but you can also get the latest J-drama movies. With the search feature, you are able to find anime and J-drama easily. You can also download them and there are some format options such as 360p, 480p, and 720p.

11. Otakudesu


On this site, the collection of anime is fairly complete and updated. On this site, there is also a download feature so that you are able to download anime that you like.

12. Samehadaku


This site also has a complete anime collection ranging from One Piece, Naruto Boruto to Attack of Titans. All of the anime on this site are free for download and the collection is always updated.

13. Oploverz


This site has a complete anime collection and it is always updated every week. The appearance of the site is not crowded with ads so that you are comfortable there. However, accessing this site is not easy because you need to use a VPN to download and watch the anime.

14. Nekonime


This is a complete online anime streaming site where you are able to find old anime such as Saint Seiya to Captain Tsubasa. The appearance of the site is also dark so that your eyes will be comfortable. However, the drawback of this site is that there are too many ads and you have to use a VPN to access it.

15. AniBatch


If you do not like to access anime sites which have a lot of ads, then this site is suitable for you. It is because the appearance of this site is free from ads so that it will be easier for you to find your favorite anime.

Besides, you will not miss the latest episode because the anime which is ongoing is on the front page of the site. All episodes can be downloaded for free as well.

16. Anikyojin


This site is also free from ads and the appearance of the site is attractive. This site also has a search feature which can be found at the top right so that you can type the title of the anime to find the anime and then download it.

17. iQIYI


This site provides a complete anime collection and they are always updated. Besides, on this site, there are also a collection of  K-Dramas and movies.

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