When Was Piggy Created Roblox?

You may be one of the players in Roblox Piggy games. If so, what do you like from the game? Well, after some time you have played this game, you may wonder when this game was created. Well, here we will give you a lot of information about this game including when this game was created, who is the creator, the story of the game, and many more.

When Was Piggy Created?

Piggy was created on January 23rd, 2020. According to Roblox Wiki, the creators of this game are MiniToon, IK3As, and Optikk. MiniToon is a Roblox game developer from Canada and he is known for creating Piggy, Piggy but it’s 100 Players, Piggy: Intercity, Iron Assault, Site-35 Foundation Facility and Containment Breach. He became the winner of the Creator of the Year Award, Game of the year and The Builderman Award of Excellence during the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards.

IK3As is a game developer in Roblox and he is famous for developing Piggy together with MiniToon. In the chapters 3, 7, 8, 9 and 11 of Piggy game, he helped in building. Meanwhile, Optikk is a scripter in Roblox and he is famous for developing build mode for Piggy. In the Containment Breach, he is a contributor as well.

When Was Piggy Created Roblox

Getting to Know About Piggy Game in Roblox

The genre of Piggy game is horror. Until now, this game has been visited more than 8.7 billion times and has been favorited more than 9 million times. In this game, after the intermission is over, as a player, you are given the option to vote on 12 different maps. However, you are also able to go in-to Book 2 and vote for 9 maps. After the most voted map wins, then you are able to vote for one of 5 modes available.

This game is credited for giving inspiration to the creation of a number of character-themed survival horror games and usually with the same mechanics and objectives. The games which are inspired by Wiki are GUESTY, Jerry, Puppet, Gummy!, Treey, Cody, and Spider. On September 12th, 2020, Piggy: Book 2 was released.

In this game, players need to use different items to be able to help them unlock the exit to the current location. However, players must be able to avoid Piggy and any dangers which come alongside. As a player, you will not be able to die from traps, but you can be stunned for around 4 to 6 seconds where the time depends on the trap. If you have a loaded gun, you are able to shoot Piggy.

In the game, there will be Piggy where it is selected from a player. Piggy has a duty to kill all the players before the time limit.

Game Modes in Piggy Roblox

In the Piggy game, there are a number of game modes including Player, Bot, Player + Bot, Infection, Build and Traitor. What are the differences among these modes?

    • Player

In this game mode, there will be a random player who is selected to be Piggy. Of course, it will be with the proper skin applied. Meanwhile, the other players will be the survivors.

    • Bot

In this game mode, the player who controls Piggy is controlled through AI. A map-specific skin is owned by them.

    • Player + Bot

In this game mode, you are able to enjoy the experience of the mix between Player and Bot game modes respectively. So, in this game, there will be a player who is selected as Piggy and they are accompanied by a bot as well.

    • Infection

In this  game mode, there will be a player who is chosen as Piggy randomly. There is a twist when Piggy catches someone, they turn into a Piggy themselves and need to infect the remaining survivors. Let’s say that all survivors are infected or time runs out, then the piggies win.

    • Traitor

In this game mode, AI controls Piggy and there is a random player who becomes the Traitor. Same as the role of Piggy, the Traitor also has to kill all Survivors. However, Traitors need to get caught because if a survivor has a loaded gun, they can shoot the Traitor and they will die. Besides, they can die to Piggy if they are not careful. If a player is shot and is not the traitor, they will turn into a Piggy.

    • Build

This game mode is a level creator. In this mode, players can create their own level and can invite other players to play it.

Currency Used in Piggy

The currency of this game is Piggy Tokens. You are able to get it through four different methods as you are able to see from the list below.

    • You are able to escape as a runner or Traitor during a chapter so that you can get 15 Piggy Tokens.
    • If you kill a player as Piggy or Traitor, you will get 5 Piggy Tokens for each player killed.
    • If you stop the Traitor from killing the remaining survivors in Traitor Mode, it will give you 5 Piggy Tokens.
    • You can buy Piggy Tokens from Piggy Tokens Shop with Robux. The shop can be accessed on the bottom right in the main menu.

It is important for you to know that when you are using the double tokens game pass, all earnings will be doubled which means a win is 30 Piggy Tokens and a kill is 10 Piggy Tokens.

Game Passes in Piggy Roblox

There are a number of game passes in Piggy Roblox. Those are listed below.

    • X2 Piggy Chance

The price of X2 Piggu Chance is 150 Robux. With it, your opportunity to be chosen as Piggy are doubled.

    • X2 Piggy Tokens

This game pass costs 300 Robux. With it, all values of the Piggy Tokens that you get are doubled.

    • Build Map Slot 3

Build Map Slot 3 costs 100 Robux. Map Slot 3 can be used in the build mode with this gamepass.

    • Build Map Slot 4

Build Map Slot 4 costs 100 Robux. With it, you are allowed to use Map Slot 4 in the build mode.

    • Build Map Slot 5

The price of Build Map Slot 5 is 100 Robux. With this game pass, you are able to use Map Slot 5 in the build mode.

    • Build Map Slot 6

The price of Build Map Slot 6 is 100 Robux. With it, you are able to use Map Slot 6 in the build mode.

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