Word Chums Cheats and Answers

Word Chums is a games app which can be played on your Android or iPhone and the game is made by PeopleFun, Inc. You may be one of the people who are playing this game, and the reason why you are here is because you are looking for Word Chums cheats. Here is the information about Word Chums cheats.

Cheats for Word Chums

There are a number of cheats in the form of tools in websites that you can find when you browse it on the internet. And here are some of them.

Word Chums Cheats and Answers


Wordchumscheat.com that you are able to access at here, is one of the Word Chums tools for cheating that you can use. But, it is important for you to note that the cheating is just for fun, right? On that site, you will see a field where it says Your Letter. In that field, you have to enter the letters and then click on the Go button.

As you can see that under the Your Letter field, there is an Optional Board Letter field. There, you can enter the letters whether it is for Contains, Begins With or Ends With. For example, you have AR as the two initial letters in your game. So, you can choose Begins With and put AR in the Optional Board Letter field. Also, do not forget to put all letters that you have in the Your Letter field. Then, hit the Go button. After that, you will be given the results with words where the initial letters are AR such as Arhat, Argot, and Art.

You can add black tiles or empty board spaces by typing question mark (?) as explained on that site. You can also choose the results that you want to get by choosing it in the Results. You can choose whether you want to be given 100, 25, 100 or All Results.

Here are the instructions to use wordchumscheat tool according to that site.

    • You have to enter the letters from your Word Chums tile rack and then you have to click on the GO.
    • You are able to add black tiles by typing a question mark (?).
    • For advanced features, you can enter any board letters, in order, you want to match your tiles to. To do that, you can choose the Contains button first. If you choose Begins With, the board letters will start each word result. And if you choose End With, the board letters will end each word result.

Word Finder

Word Finder by Your Dictionary which can be accessed at here is one of the cheats for Word Chums. The way to use this word chums cheat is the same as the tool of wordchumscheat above where there is an Enter Letters field, Starts feature, Contains feature, Ends feature and Length feature. However, in the tool above, there is no length feature.

If you use this tool, you are able to solve the Word Chums letter jumbles which may be confusing for you. So, you can get the help you need to be able to reveal any and every word that you are able to play to win.

Here is the guide to use the Word Chums Cheat in Word Finder according to the Word Finder site.

    • You can add up to 20 letters into the Word Chums search bar of the tool. If you find that you are missing some important letters or you may have a blank tile, you are able to add up to three wildcards by using a question mark (?) too.
    • After you give your letters and hit the magnifying glass search button, then the system will take those letters and solve anagrams for every possible playable word, sorted by length.
    • You are able to use some useful advanced search options for the WordFinder Word Chums helper tool. You are able to find words that start or end with a desired letter or letters, contain specific letter patterns and have certain lengths.

Word Tips

Another Word Chums cheating tool is Word Tips which can be accessed at here. On this site, there is a Your Letters field on the main screen where you can enter the letters there. Same as the tools above, you can also do some advanced search with Starts, Ends, Contains and Length buttons. After entering the letters, then you are able to hit the Search button.

Word Chums Answers

You may think that you want to get the answers for the Word Chums instantly without having to use the tools above. Well, I could not find the answer key for that game instantly where you can enter the answers directly in the game without being wrong. If you want to get help, the tools above can be used by you to find the correct word for the game.

Cheating in Word Chums

The word ‘cheat’ may sound bad. So, how about using cheats in the Word Chums game? Well, of course it is better for you to search the answer of the game by yourself which means that you can do that without the help of word cheats or any other cheating forms. However, if you feel confused, you may use it sometimes to reveal the correct word. Moreover, the tools only give you the possible answers, not the right answers. If you compete with some other players in the game and you want to use this cheat, it is better for you to suggest others use it as well so that it can be fair where you use cheat and others use it, too.

Even though you are able to use this cheat for the Word Chums games or any other word games like this, it does not mean that you can use any cheats for everything. It is important for you to note that you have to do everything honestly and wisely. Once again, using the cheat here is just for a game where gaming is for fun. So, don’t think of cheating in other aspects of your life.

About Word Chums

Word Chums is a game where there is a crossword puzzle that you have to solve. The game is developed by PeopleFUn and it was designed for anagrams and word builder games lovers. According to the Word Tips, to play this game, the players will take turns to put words on the board and it can be played by up to four players to compete in online play.

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