What Was the First Live Event on Wacky Wizards in Roblox Game

Wacky Wizards is a game of Roblox made in May 2021 by Whacky Wizards. By the way, what was the first live event on Wacky Wizards? Well, let us find that information from this page.

Wacky Wizards’ Events and Quests

Cyclops Invasion

Every hour, a big boss known as Mr. Rich is going to appear. For your information, Mr. Rich has a monster-like head, with an expensive suit and hat. When Mr. Rich spawns, he will attack the players with potions from the sky, rolling rocks and energy balls. In this case, the players have to attack him by loading the cannons found in the center of the brewing stations with potions. If enough damage is dealt, then Mr. Rich is going to be defeated and will drop a Cyclops Eye. Please give the Cyclops Eye to Oz, then he will give you 20 gems (formerly 5 Hat of Gears) in return. Also, there is an opportunity that Mr. MEGArich can spawn. After Mr MEGArich is defeated, you are going to get 10 gems.

Witch Quest

Three witches are going to be inside a cave located in the desert. One of the witches is Glinda. She will tell the player that they got crashed into this place, and that they need some items for the cauldron to make a potion and get out of there. Then, she will request some items with small hints to how to get them.

  1. The first is a potion created from a Chilli. Chilli can be discovered on a pedestal in an underground cave under the desert.
  2. The second is a potion created from a Giraffe Hoof.
  3. The third is a combination of special ingredients that are only usable by the witches. She is going to request three, but one at a time. These include:
    • A Lava Flower, you are able to find it inside the mountain volcano. This needs flying.
    • A rare Blue Frog, you are able to find it on a rock, near the lake. This needs flying.
    • A Jellyfish, you are able to find it at the top of the waterfall.
    • A Cactus Cat, you are able to find it in the desert.
    • A Cave Bat, you are able to find it on the roof of the spider cave.

After all these ingredients are gathered, then Glinda will attempt the potion out, just to start burning fire, saying that was not meant to occur. Next, Glinda will give you part of the potion in the form of a Witches Brew.

General Gameplay of Wacky Wizards

General Gameplay of Wacky Wizards

The primary feature of the Wacky Wizards game is utilizing and combining different ingredients in a wizard pot to brew different potions. The potions are able to be drunk. The effects of the potions will differ based on the type and ingredients.

Potion Book: The brewing book is the main feature utilized to brew potions along with the cauldron itself. This has the ability to drain the current liquid in the cauldron, to spawn a potion from the cauldron based on the input ingredients, to save the ingredients for a potion, or to spawn a throwable variant of that potion for 40 gems.

Ingredients: Ingredients are able to be combined in the brewing cauldron to make different potions. Each ingredient is associated with a particular effect. Need to know that the ingredients are mostly stored in the brewing table. Several ingredients are already by default. While some others ingredients need to be discovered around the map, and placed in the table to get supply of them. Several ingredients are premium. It means that they have to be bought via a game pass. Keep in mind that there are some ingredients that cannot be stored in the table.

Here is a list of several ingredients:

Ingredient Effects How to get
Brain Affects the head of the player or turns them into a zombie. On the starting table by default.
Rotten Sandwich Will make the player poop. On the starting table by default.
Fairy Shrinks the player. On the starting table by default.
Giant’s Ear Increases the size of player On the starting table by default.
Giraffe Hoof Affects the speed of the player or feet. On the starting table by default.
Pool Noodle Will stretch the player’s body parts. On the starting table by default.
Dynamite Will explode the player. Discovered under the train track.
Bird Will make the player fly. Discovered on the largest tree with an obstacle course on it.
Chameleon Will changes the player’s body part colors depending on the environment. Discovered on the tree with a branch.
Fish Will make the player swim. Discovered in an underwater tunnel.
Spider Will increase the player’s amount of body parts. Discovered inside a small tunnel in the spider cave. Requires shrinking down.
Chilli Will makes the player burn. Discovered on a pedestal in an underground cave under the desert.
Beans Turns things into beans. Found inside bean cave. Needs an explosion to enter, expanding the spoon, and shrinking down.
Robux Makes Robux appear from the player. Given by Oz The Wizard in the hut once defeating the Mr. Rich boss.
Witches Brew Will inverts or change the effect of the potion You will get it after collecting all the special ingredients for Glinda.
Boxing Gloves Will get boxing gloves to attack players of the other team. You will get it as a gift after selecting a team for the first time.
Pet Tags Will give the player a pet. Discovered in the building next to the spider cave.
Honey Creates all body parts and accessories into a honey outline. Given after collecting five flowers in the Queen Bee’s hive.
Sleepy Bee Will make the player look like a bee. Discovered in a beehive under the small tree. It will not be able to be saved in the brewing table.
Cleetus’s Hat Will give the player an avatar of Cleetus. Discovered near Oz, behind a rock. For note: It will not be able to be saved in the brewing table.

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