Review – Real or Fake?

Getting much free Robux is an everyone’s desire in Roblox. Of course, many players do various ways in order to get Robux for free. They may use Robux Generators that promise to give your Robux for free. In fact, there are numerous Robux generators that you can visit, one of them is

Unfortunately, until now, there is no at least a report that indicates a player who successfully get Robux for free through the So, is the either real or fake? To know the real answer, let’s see our post below! Review - Real or Fake Is Totally Fake, Why?

According to some sources, is a fake Robux generator. This site is similar to other Robux Generators that claims to offer the users for free Robux. In fact , is a scam and will not give you Robux for free.

You may know from in-game messages with links provided. The link is to encourage the users to visit and they promise to give you big opportunities of getting free Robux.

When the users visit, they will see a note that says ‘Click Next To Claim Your Robux’. If the users click on the ‘Next’ button, they will be directed into Here, they need to enter your Roblox username. If they type their Roblox account, it will be a note that promises to give you 10K+.

Then, if the users click the ‘Next’ button, there will be a message that confirms that they will receive 10K+ Robux by clicking the ‘Receive’ button. If they click the ‘Receive’ button, they will ask you for human verification by completing any ‘two’ of the activity to prove that they are not a bot.

Surprisingly, the users will be prompted to take one of the offers. The offers include:

    • Your Chance to get $750 to your Cash App Account
    • Get a $100 Google Play Gift Card
    • Get a $100 Walmart Gift Card
    • Make up to $370 in cash by taking surveys

If the users click on an offer, it will direct them into a survey and they need to complete it. Of the offers that provides, certainly, the site is totally a scam and will not give them at least $1 Robux.

Some Characteristics of Fake Robux Generator

In fact, almost all Robux sites are reportedly fake. However, identifying a fake Robux generator is pretty easy, as they have the same characteristics in giving the users some offers. Generally, there are some characteristics that indicate the Robux generator is fake. Here are they:

    • Robux sites or generators may ask you to fill out a little survey.
    • They probably ask you to take some quizzes.
    • The Robux generator may require you to open some certain apps.
    • You may be required to install some mobile or PC apps.
    • They will ask you to play  some games.

Additionally, many Robux generators offer you for free Robux by installing some mobile games. To get it, they will require you to provide your personal information. If you provide your personal information, there’s no doubt that you are at high risk, as they probably will steal your personal information.

It’s recommended for you to avoid providing your personal information, aside from Roblox’s official site. Ensure to protect yourself from any scams by not providing your personal information in any surveys or any tasks on the site.

Today, there are so many sites designed to make you think that they are reliable and legit to use and promise to give you free Robux. If you also find Robux generators providing the promotional codes, you should avoid it, as there’s no real code provided in Robux generators. Well, the codes will not work and they are just scams.

To note, everything legitimate that is associated with Roblox will come from the official Roblox platform.

Is There A Way to Get Robux for Free?

The answer is Yes, there is a way for you in order to get Robux for free. In this case, you will have a chance to get Robux for free through the Microsoft rewards program. This program is also well-known as Bing Rewards, which is a free program introduced in 2018. It allows Windows 10 users to earn some rewards points based on their activities on the Microsoft products.

The main activity that you can do to get points through Bing Rewards is by using Bing as the primary search engine on the internet. But there are some supporting activities that you can do including browsing the internet by using Microsoft Edge, using Windows 10 in your day to day life and purchasing some apps and games on the Microsoft Store.

Then, if you already get enough points, you’re able to redeem the points for Robux. In order to get free Robux, you need to join Microsoft Rewards first. By joining into the Microsoft Rewards, you will then get points. You can then redeem the points for free Robux, movies, gift cards and more.

You can then redeem the Bing points starting from 100, 200, 400, 800 or even 1,000 Robux Digital Codes. Certainly, to redeem the Bing points, you need to save enough points that you have obtained through Microsoft Rewards. It’s important to note that the only U.S. players can have a chance to earn Robux for free through Microsoft Rewards system.

When redeeming the points, you can select between three tiers of Robux depending on how many Microsoft Reward points you’ve earned. So, here’s a list of cost-per-points for Robux Digital codes:

    • 1,500 points = 100 Robux
    • 3,000 points = 200 Robux
    • 6,000 points = 400 Robux
    • 12,000 points = 800 Robux
    • 16,000 points = 1,000 Robux

You can redeem the Microsoft Rewards point on the ‘Redeem Page’ in order to get free Robux. Once you are at the redemption page, you need to click on the Roblox Digital Code option. Then, you can choose the amount of Robux that you want to redeem. After that, confirm your order when it’s ready. If it succeeds, a Robux eGift Card will be sent into your email.

Once you receive an email, make sure to go to Redeem Roblox cards. After that, you need to enter the PIN found in your email and complete the verification. If you successfully redeem the Microsoft Reward Points, the amount of Robux you choose will appear in the top-right corner of Roblox client. That’s a way of redeeming the Microsoft Reward Points for free Robux.