Roblox Life in East Brickton: Best Stupid and Funny Moments

In the middle of playing any Roblox games, you might ever played some funny or stupid moments to get rid of your stress. Certainly, the funny and stupid moments here will be obtained when you make other players happy, weird or also sad.

To know how people play a game for stupid or funny moment, you definitely can watch some YouTube videos. In fact, there are so many videos on YouTube which show a funny or stupid moments when playing Roblox. So, do you want to watch stupid or funny moments that some creators play in Roblox? Let’s see them through our post below!

East Brickton Funny and Stupid Moments

As we’ve mentioned, funny and stupid moments can be performed when a player get bored or something uncomfortable condition. Certainly, the funny moments will throw off a player’s stress. So, you will get back your energy when playing Roblox with stupid and funny moments.

On YouTube, you can find numerous Roblox funny and stupid moments. Unfortunately, we can only get two videos which show a funny and stupid moment. We think that you will be entertained with those funny videos. So, here are two stupid and funny moments in East Brickton:

Video 1

The first video which shows a stupid moment comes from Xtra channel entitled [East Brickton] Stupid Moment. This video was uploaded on April 19, 2020 which has been 612 views with 10 favorites. That’s normal, as the video is currently uploaded to YouTube. So, only a few viewers who watch this stupid moment video.

Watch the East Brickton Stupid Moment HERE:

Video 2

The second video which shows a funny moment comes from Pro8lems channel entitled Roblox Life in East Brickton RP Funny Moments. This video was uploaded on April 11, 2021 which has been 75 views with 6 favorites. Just like the first video, the second video has only a few viewers.

Roblox Life in East Brickton RP Funny Moments HERE:

Video 3

The last video which shows a stupid moments comes from East Brickton Media channel entitled [ROBLOX: East Brickton] Stupid Moments. This video was uploaded on December 24, 2019 which has been viewed by more than 14K times with 176 favorites.

It does not wonder if the last East Brickton Stupid and Funny moments has higher viewers and favorites, as the owner of this video is the official East Brickton developer. Aside from that, this stupid and stupid moments video was also created for a longer time than the second videos above.

Watch the [ROBLOX: East Brickton] Stupid Moments HERE:

Okay, that’s a list of stupid and funny moments that you will watch. So, if you want to play stupid or funny moments in your Roblox gameplay, make sure to imitate the gameplay from one of the videos above or all of them.

Tips to Get Good In East Brickton, Here’s the Guide!

East Brickton is a roleplaying Roblox game where you can create or customize your in-game characters. Moreover, you have a right to decide your character’s destiny to become what you want and all decisions are yours.

To get good in East Brickton, there are a number of points that you should complete. It would be better for you to memorize what you have to do in the game. Here are what you should perform in East Brickton:

  • Fight another player

In East Brickton, you are allowed to fight another player. But, you should know that you cannot fight another player if there is no roleplay season behind the action. Why? That’s because there are illegal factions available in the game such as gang retaliation, disagreements and other in-game conflicts.

To fight another player in a battle, you probably will need a command /me. The battle will also indicate to you how great you are in East Brickton. In this case, if you have engaged in a battle, the other players may not need to use the command again.

  • Be Good at Robbery

In East Brickton, you may also need to face the rules of robberies. In other words, you can rob another player once per day, as too much theft in the game will cause an instant bad, including when you are robbing the gas station clerks.

If you are a player who is robbed in the game, you should comply with the robber’s request and roleplay appropriately. It’s important to note that you do not have to rob any items inside of another player’s trunks. Additionally, you cannot force other players to withdraw cash from an ATM and hold other players at gunpoint.

  • Getting a Job

Getting a job in East Brickton is an important thing for you. Unfortunately, you may have a little chance to get a job in-game. Certainly, you will find a number of job positions in this game including Working at hospital, Working on ATM, LitFits Clerk, Club Security, Club DJ, Fast Food Employee and Pawnshop Clerk.

If you have a job in East Brickton, you will gather money and use it for some purposes such as purchasing weapons, stuff, items or anything else. If you have not obtained a job, alternatively you can visit Salty Saloon to get a little money. In this place, you can apply for any job positions.

  • Make a Purchase for a Gun

If you already have enough money, you can use them for buying any guns in the game. As you know, to fight another player, you will need a gun. Sure, you have to buy a gun before with the Brickton Bux, a premium currency in East Brickton.

Gun can be purchased at the East Brickton Gun Shop. In this shop, you have to buy a gun license/ permit first. To buy it, you should talk with Tyson Birkley. You need to spend around 1,000 Brickton Bux to buy a firearm license. It’s important to note, you should use a gun in a safe environment. So, ensure to use your gun away from another player.

  • Use Your Gun in a Combat

Using a gun in East Brickton will give you cash. You have to use a /me command to use it. But, it won’t let you shoot until /me command safety is flicked off. Furthermore, you’re able to shoot with guns while running, however, your gun’s crosshair may not be visible with the bad accuracy.

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