My Ordinary Life Roblox ID Code Full Song

If you are following some of Youtubers, you might have heard about Yoav Landau who is now in a group with Sam Haft called The Living Tombstone. This group is quite popular and has a decent following. On Youtube alone, it has more than 5 million subscribers.

For those the Roblox players who are not familiar with the group, you might start to get to know them by listening to their song on Roblox. They have a few songs that are known to the public. One of the most popular songs is called My Ordinary Life. In order to listen to My Ordinary Life on Roblox, Roblox ID or Roblox code is needed. Then, what is the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life?

My Ordinary Life Roblox ID Code Full Song1

Roblox IDs or Codes of My Ordinary Life

There are two Roblox IDs or codes related to the song called My Ordinary Life. The first one is 1221721617. This one is the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life. The second one is 1199443456. This one is the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone.

Method to Redeem the Roblox ID or Code of My Ordinary Life

In order to play the song named My Ordinary Life in Roblox using Roblox ID or code, the first thing that you need to do is to find the game that makes it possible for you to play music in the game. for your information, not every game in the platform are able to be inserted with Roblox ID or song, that’s why you need to find the right one. If you have no idea, the most popular game that is usually used to play and test the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life is Catalog Heaven. Aside from this game, there are actually some other ones to choose from. After finding the game that you want to enter the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life for, it is time for you to find the boombox in the game and equip it. In the end, you can enter the Roblox ID or code of My Ordinary Life, which are 1221721617 and 1199443456. When everything is done, you are able to play the music.

About My Ordinary Life

My Ordinary Life is the song by a group under Warner Music Group called The Living Tombstone. It features Sam Haft as a vocalist, who is also the lyricist of the song. Aside from that, it also features audio samples from the Japanese cartoon named Nichijou by Kyoto Animation and Nomi Yuuji.

The music video of the song called My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone was shared on Youtube on November 2017. Since the first time it was posted, it has earned a total of 59,330,846 views and has been liked more than one million times.

About The Living Tombstone


    • Profile: The Living Tombstone
    • Style: Music and Vlogs
    • Date Joined: May 21, 2011
    • Videos: 134+
    • Twitter: @LivingTombstone
    • Facebook: TheLivingTombstoneOfficial

The founder and the producer of The Living Tombstone is an Israeli-American musician and Youtuber named Yoav Landau. He is popular for his original songs on popular video games. One of the most popular playlists that you can find on his Youtube channel is Five Night’s at Freddy’s music series. He began creating music in the My Little Pony fanbase. Right now, the man makes a variety of original songs, remixes, cover songs, and parodies. Usually, the popular characters of the popular memes are included in his works. Some of them include the Globlogabgalab and Robbie Rotten from Lazytown which are included in We are Number One.

In addition, Yoav Landau also posted blogs about him doing a few things, including doing channel announcements, reading comments on his Youtube account, promoting songs, gifting his subscribers with special videos, and many more. Unfortunately, he has stopped song these precious things since the early of 2016.

Yoav Landau came with the first installment of the series called Red VS Blue on August 24, 2015. If you have no idea, it is the remixing of Dog or Wisdom meme. There are two versions of the song released by him. The first one is the casual version called Blue and the second one is the more hardcode version called Red. According to him, the Blue one is the nice and tidy mainstream version for people to enjoy. It is made for casual listening. As for the Red version, he said that it is where he goes all out. He made this version as intense, crazy, and evil as possible. It is especially made for those who want more from his music. The Blue one is described as heaven while the Red one is described as hell.

On October of the same year, Yoav Landau decided to stop all of the Red VS Blue series after releasing the blue version of the Dead Kitten Song. It was the last song released by him and it did not have the Red version. No one knows his reason stopping this thing. Some people said that he just did not feel like making them anymore and questioned his sincere of releasing it. Yoav Landau actually shared on Twitter that he was not doing the Red VS Blue stuff anymore. After halting the series, he then reinstalled it in June 2018 with his Globglobgabgalab Remix and continued until Red Now (RED) in July 2019.

2019 was the year when a new group called The Living Tombstone started. At the time, the group signed a contact with a popular label called Warner Music Group. Right now, the group consists of Yoav Landau with a songwriter and vocalist named Sam Haft, who is the co-writer and the one who sings the song. Both members explained that they had taken time off to drop an album known as zero_one. On June last year, they finally released Drunk, their first single from the album. After that, these two released the second single and formal album announcement in the form of Sunburn.

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