Microsoft Rewards 1000 Points Apology Link

Getting 1000 Points in Microsoft Rewards is not just a dream. If you’re an Xbox user, you will fall in love with the Pure Xbox Microsoft Rewards program. Over the past couple of months, a new punch card has been added, offering 1000 Microsoft Rewards Points.

To participate in this Xbox program, you have to visit the link. You will then find the punch card in the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox. Well, if you’re interested to participate in this program, let’s click the link below!

Link for Microsoft Rewards 1000 Points

Go to official Xbox at and log into your account. Then, you need to head over to the Microsoft Rewards Page at

As an alternative, you can visit the link here. Then, just clicking all links and earning 1000 points for FIFA 21 Punch Card.

If you are eligible for the 1000 points, you can find this punch card in the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox. To claim the 1000 points if you do not want to, you do not need to sign up to Ultimate, nor play FIFA 21.

MyPunchCard here is an exclusive feature which is intended for the most loyal members of Microsoft Rewards program. Additionally, Xbox Live Rewards members can get punches for big rewards by playing games and completing other fun activities. Each PunchCard is unique and the new ones will be popping up all the time.

Basically, this punch card is only available to members of the standard Xbox Game Pass service. That’s because it is focused around encouraging them to sign up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Well, if you are an ultimate sub, you simply will not see it.

Unfortunately, there are some Xbox users who are a little disappointed as they cannot get access to those 1000 points as Ultimate members. Luckily, Microsoft is very generous with its Rewards program. So, they are not going to grumble too much.

The point is, the Pure Xbox Microsoft Rewards which offers the punch card is a very worthy program to participate in. So, it’s your turn to take advantage of getting easy 1000 points of Microsoft Rewards Points.

How Do You Earn Points with Microsoft Rewards?

Let’s find out several things that you need to perform in order to earn points with the Microsoft Rewards program. See them below!

    1. Bing Searches

By using the Bing search engine with Microsoft Edge, you will have a chance to earn hundreds of points per-day (3 points per-search) either on a PC or laptop or through the Microsoft Bing app on Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, if you want to get extra points, you need to set Bing as the default search engine in Edge. To change it, you need to open Microsoft Edge and then click on the hamburger menu.

Choose Privacy and Services from the left menu tree and scroll down to Services. After that, click on the Address bar in which you’ll find the option to change the default search engine used in Edge.

    1. Xbox Microsoft Rewards App

Another great way to get points is through the Xbox Microsoft Rewards app. The Weekly Sets are very similar to Daily Sets which challenge you to complete three Xbox tasks to gather points and start up a streak.

Additionally, you can also earn free points for looking at certain games on the Store and making purchases on upcoming titles. If every day, you successfully complete an achievement on Xbox, you definitely can claim an extra 50 points.

    1. Xbox Game Pass Quests

Xbox Game Pass Quests will be refreshed every Tuesday. It will allow you to complete daily, weekly and monthly Xbox tasks in order to get extra points.

    1. Daily Sets

Every day, the Microsoft Rewards dashboard really allows you to complete numerous Daily Sets where it offers bonus points around 30-60 if you’ve once completed quizzes and polls. You will also obtain a streak bonus if you complete those consistently.

    1. Set Microsoft Edge as your default browser

If you want to earn extra Microsoft Rewards points, to set Microsoft Edge as your default browser is a must. To change the default applications, you can open Windows Search using the Win + S shortcut. After that, type default apps and click on the Settings app entry which appears. Here, you’re able to change the default browser to Microsoft Edge.

    1. Other Microsoft Rewards Bonuses

Sure, there are still a lot of ways to earn extra Microsoft Rewards points. This program will also give out points via email, punch card, eGift, weekly and monthly bonus round challenge on Xbox and much more.

If you make purchases in Microsoft Store such as Xbox Games and accessories, you will also have a chance to get Microsoft Rewards points. Even though you do not get very many points this way, however, it still all adds up over time.

How to Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points for Xbox Gift Cards?

You may also need a way of redeeming the Microsoft Rewards Points. Don’t worry! We’ll also share with you for the guide.

To redeem your Microsoft Rewards points for Xbox Gift Cards, you can use either via the Microsoft Rewards app or on the official Microsoft Rewards site. Sure, there will be multiple options available there.

The number of points which are required will vary per-region, but in the UK, a £5 Xbox Gift Card can be as cheap as 5850 points that you can easily obtain every month, by consistently following the methods above.

Here’s a list of current Xbox Gift Card and Game Pass prices for the UK:

Rewards Level 1 Cost (UK) Level 2 Cost (UK)
Xbox Gift Card (£5) 6,300 5,858
Xbox Gift Card (£10) 12,600 11,700
Xbox Live Gold (1 Month) 7,000 6,800
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 Month) 14,000 12,000

Moreover, if you desire to use it, there will also be an option on the console which allows you to ‘auto-redeem’ £5 gift cards every month for a slight discount. It means that your points get subtracted for £5 gift cards every month automatically.