Is DeepL a Good Translator?

DeepL is a language translation service from the founders of German-owned Linguee. It is claimed to outperform Google Translate. So, is DeepL a good translator? Let us read this entire article to find out that information.

About DeepL Translator

First, you have to know more about what DeepL Translator is. Need to know that DeepL Translator is a free neural machine translation service that launched on 28 August 2017. It was developed by DeepL GmbH (Linguee), based in Cologne, Germany. DeepL Translator has received positive press asserting that it is more accurate and nuanced than Google Translate.

Is DeepL a Good Translator?

Currently, DeepL offers translations between some languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, and 110 language pairs. An estimate of language equivalence is suggested between all those languages by using a two-step process through the English pivot. For your information, there are no advertisements on DeepL. The DeepL company obtains money by licensing a translation application programming interface. Use of DeepL translator is free of charge up to a text length of 5,000 characters. Commercial customers are able to use a paid application programming interface to embed DeepL in their software, from €5.99 per month for personal use. Additionally, DeepL is financed by on-screen advertising on its sister website

Is DeepL a Good Translator?

The DeepL system runs on one of the world’s largest computers that is located in Iceland. It will be able to translate a million words in under a second. The team of DeepL claims that the translators preferred DeepL in a blind test by a factor of 3:1 once compared with similar competing systems from Google or Microsoft. As we said before, DeepL translator is claimed to outperform Google Translate. So, we are able to say that it is a good translator that you can use to translate.

Here are some features of DeepL translator:

    • Unlimited text translation

You are able to translate as much as you like without restriction on translation volume or number of characters per translation.

    • Translation of whole files

You are able to change a document’s language while retaining the original formatting for maximum time saving.

    • Expanded customization options

You are able to take more control of the results DeepL Translator produces and then make them your own.

    • Maximum data security

You will be able to enjoy world leading data protection standards and deletion of your texts immediately after the translation.

The text above is a list of DeepL translator features. After you read those DeepL translator features, now you are able to conclude that DeepL translator is a good translator that you can use to translate. You do not hesitate to use a DeepL translator when you need something to translate. Just use this amazing DeepL translator and your task will be done well.

Aside from that, we also get information that DeepL translation is more nuanced and accurate than Google Translate. What we are able to see from the experimental results is that Google Translate went for the more literal translation, while DeepL translator tried to discover synonyms in order to not lose certain nuances. Eventually, this difference made for a more natural translation. In addition, we get information that Google Translate managed to slip in a tense error, while DeepL did not make the same mistake.

Of course, this is no means a comprehensive experiment. There are no definite claims that can be made as to the relative proficiency of both systems. But, within the scope of our experiment, DeepL outperformed Google Translate. Therefore, the newcomer clearly has an important role to play in the machine translation landscape. Those translation systems are interesting if you want an instant translation, the same as with our machine translation service. The main difference and the added value of the AT translator is that you are able to translate any text or document while preserving the original formatting. Furthermore, if you are translating a document, you are able to download the translation in the same file format as the original version.

Machine translation solutions are good for professional translators, who use them as a support tool, and also non-professional users who only need an occasional translation. However, as much as DeepL translator has improved machine translation, it can never replace the work of a professional translator.

Paid subscription of DeepL translator

The DeepL translator pro paid subscription service for professional translators, developers and companies which has been available since March 2018, it has a programming interface and a software plug-in for computer-assisted translation tools, including SDL Trados Studio. In contrast to the free version, the translated texts are not saved. The pricing model gives for a basic monthly fee which includes a set amount of text. Texts beyond this are calculated based on the number of characters.

Also, confidentiality features are available to deliver translations of submitted text and delete the text as soon as the translation is complete. In addition to text input, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents are able to be uploaded for translation. In October 2018, the pricing model was revised so that some choices are available instead of just one payment model

Statistics of DeepL translator

Based on the data from the aggregator, since January 2019, the site of DeepL Translator has about 312,000 daily users and 2.5 million views. Even though it has far fewer languages available for translation than competing products, but this DeepL Translator is ranked 2149th in the Alexa ranking of the most visited sites in the world. In Germany it ranks 276th, with 30 percent of the site’s users concentrated, followed by France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. Since 12 May 2019, 21.8 percent of traffic comes from Germany, 17.4 percent from France, 10 percent from Spain, 7.9 percent from Switzerland and 4.1 percent from Poland.

In the rankings, DeepL Translator is ranked 150th for the second consecutive year. It qualified as a software for individual productivity. Its main competitors are Google Translate, Yandex.Translate and Microsoft Translator.

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