DeepL Translator German to English Guide

DeepL Translator is free online translator which you can use to translate words, phrases, sentences, and even documents to 12 languages. It works to translate text quickly, more accurately and more nuanced than other online translators.

Also, Deepl Translator offers definitions and options for automatic sentence completion. You are able to copy, share or even save the translation as a text file. If you want more details about a word, simply double-click it and a dropdown box will appear with more options and definitions, plus the examples of how the word is used in both input and output languages.

One-click Document Translation with DeepL – German to English

It will be great if you can translate a full file into another language without losing all of those carefully-placed images and font styles. DeepL Translator is are rolling out this new feature as part of their free service. Whether you are a student who need to translate your essay, a professional who is prepare a presentation in a foreign language, or a company that providing user manuals to a global audience, DeepL translator will translates your documents by only clicking a button.

DeepL translator can handle Microsoft Word (.docx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) files. All elements of the document, including body text, captions, titles, and even footnotes are going to be translated into the language of your choice, while conserving the original formatting.

The document translator is very intuitive and easy to use. Here are steps to use Deepl Translator:

  • Simply you are able to drag the file to be translated into the input field on the left.

drag the file to be translated into the input field on the left

  • After you have uploaded your file, you have to choose the language into which the file should be translated. Then, the translation will begin automatically.

the translation will begin automatically

  • Alternatively, you are able to hover your mouse cursor over the “Translate document” button at the bottom left of the input field and choose the language you want to translate the document into.

choose the language you want to translate the document into

  • Please choose your document and DeepL translator will take care of the rest. After finished, the translated document will be downloaded automatically.

As a DeepL Pro subscriber, you are able to edit the downloaded file. Also, you are able to get benefit from increased document translation speed; even large files should take only seconds to translate. In the coming months, further file formats are going to be supported. It is never been easier to produce high-quality documents for a global audience. Now, you should stop wasting time and start translating your documents on DeepL translator.

How DeepL Translator works

The keyboard shortcut offers you a fast and easy method to translate text. After you press the combination a second time will the text be sent from your clipboard to DeepL for translation. It means that you need not worry about simply copying text. DeepL translator receives what you have selected only once you press Ctrl+C twice.

The Best German to English Dictionary – Linguee

Linguee is a great online German to English dictionary for German language learners. It gives you examples of the words used in a real-life context by discovering authentic Internet sources. The editors review every source to make sure that they are excellent examples of the words in their right context. Also, Linguee German-English provides all the possible German translations of the English word you look up, as well as its German gender.

For those who want a grasp on pronunciation, just mouse over the speaker buttons to hear the word pronounced in German. Aside from that, Linguee also has an app for both Android and iPhone users.

Other Contenders for Best German to English Dictionary

Google Translate

Google translate is an online popular translation tool for many language learners. Although it should not be the first online translation dictionary which you use, it is an attractive tool if you want to help translating a large amount of text to English. Google has created massive strides in improving their translation software. Although it is far from perfect, Google Translate is a great German to English dictionary for getting the main of a text.

Also, Google Translate has an app which allows you to handwrite the word you are searching for or even speak it. One marvelous feature of the app that you are able to hardly find anywhere else is its photo-translator tool. You will be able to use your phone’s camera to scan over the text. It will show a live translation instantly on your screen. Aside from that, you are able to take a picture of the text and if there is a word which you do not know, you are able to swipe your finger over the word or sentence. Then, Google will translate it. is another good German to English dictionary which is growing rapidly in popularity. It is an invaluable tool which is both customizable and also provides you with a free widget so that you are able to use it even without Internet access. For those of you who want a reliable, and simple tool, this tool may be the good answer.

Leo is a best and famous online German to English translation which is used in Germany for the translation of English words. One aspect of Leo that makes it stick out is the fact that they have forums utilized by a community of like-minded folk who are more than willing to help you translate whole idioms or sentences. Also, the site contains tables for pronunciation and declination for both English and German words to ensure you are  saying them right.


BeoLingus is an extremely powerful dictionary which has the added benefit of having plenty of phrases and examples to go along with each word. You may discover this one to be easier to handle than Leo. It is more forgiving if you forget to spell the word incorrectly. In addition, lots of language learners select this online resource because it is not commercial, so you will not be bombarded with ads.

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