DeepL Translator Pro Review and Features

DeepL Translator is a free machine translation service that was developed by DeepL GmbH and launched on 28 August 2017, in Cologne, Germany. DeepL Translator has received positive asserting that it is more accurate and nuanced than Google Translate. Well, let us talk about DeepL Translator Pro review, features and more.

What is DeepL Pro?

DeepL Pro is a subscription service which provides access to the full capacity of DeepL’s AI translation technology. DeepL Pro is designated for software developers who want to develop new apps and services with their API, professional translators who want to incorporate DeepL’s translations into their workflow, and corporations who need fast, accurate translations to conduct business.

DeepL Translator Pro Review and Features

DeepL Translator is a service of machine translation which can produce translations of unprecedented quality. A subscription to DeepL translator Pro includes improved website translation features.

DeepL Translator Pro Features

Here are several features of DeepL Translator Pro:

    • Unlimited text translation

Unlimited text translationYou are able to translate as much as you want without restriction on translation volume or number of the characters per translation.

    • Translation of whole files

Translation of whole files

You will be able to change a document’s language while retaining the original formatting for maximum time saving.

    • Expanded customization options

Expanded customization options

You will be able to take more control of the results DeepL Translator produces and then make them your own.

    • Maximum data security

Maximum data security

You will be able to enjoy world leading data protection standards and deletion of your texts immediately after the translation.

In the text below, we are going to explain more details about DeepL Translator Pro review and features.

The World’s Best Machine Translation

DeepL’s neural networks can capture the slightest nuances and reproduce them in translation unlike any other service. In blind tests pitting DeepL Translator against the competition, human translators prefer DeepL’s results by a factor of 3:1. Also, DeepL achieves record-breaking performance according to scientific benchmarks.

Your Data is Secure

Your Data is Secure

DeepL Pro guarantees the subscribers that all texts are removed immediately after the translation has been completed. Also, the connection to their servers is always encrypted. This means that your texts are not utilized for any purposes other than your translation, nor can they be accessed by other people or the third parties. As a company based in Germany, all their operations comply with European Union Data Protection laws.

Translate Whole Documents

Translate Whole Documents

With DeepL Pro, you are able to translate an entire document with one click. All images, fonts, and formatting remain in the place, so you are able to edit the translated document for free. You are able to get started today, and let DeepL Pro translate your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or text. Further formats will come soon.

API Access

API Access

If you sign up for the DeepL API plan, you are able to integrate DeepL’s JSON-based REST API into your own products and platforms. This offers you to incorporate the best machine translation technology into some new applications. For instance, a company can ask their international service enquiries instantly translated by DeepL Pro, extremely simplifying business procedures and improving customer satisfaction.

CAT Tool Integration

CAT Tool Integration

Freelance translators, language service providers, translation agencies, or corporate language departments are able to get benefit from using DeepL Pro, the world’s best machine translation technology, in their CAT Tool.


What benefits does DeepL Pro provide?

They have some DeepL Pro plans which offer flexible access to their services. An overview of what DeepL Pro plans include is as below:

    • The guarantee which your texts are not stored for any purpose
    • Unlimited use of the Web Translator
    • Fully-editable document translations
    • Integration of DeepL’s translation engine into CAT tools
    • Access to the DeepL API (For DeepL API plan only)

Which language pairs does DeepL Pro support?

DeepL translator Pro supports translations in the same language combinations as available on DeepL Translator. Currently, there are 110 possible combinations between the following languages:

    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • Chinese.

Other languages will become available in the near future.

How much does a DeepL Pro subscription cost?

DeepL Pro offers options for both individuals, developers and teams. It is available through some different plans. The prices depend on how much you want to translate, how many team members you have, and how you want to integrate DeepL’s translation technology into various platforms.

What is the contract duration of a DeepL Pro subscription?

Need to know that DeepL Pro plans are available on both monthly and annual payment schedules. Minimum duration of any plan is 1 month. For annual plans, the billing period is equal to one year. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the current billing period. Then, the contract runs until the end of that billing period and will not be renewed.

Can you change the number of document translations included in your DeepL Pro plan?

After signing up for a DeepL Pro plan, you have the option to add more document translations to your plan. As with other changes to your plan, you are able to do this from your Account page. Can you add people to your DeepL Pro plan? You are able to change your subscription from an individual plan to a team plan at any time. Also, you have the option to set the number of users on your team plan as you like. You will be able to make these changes on your Account page. For note: The minimum number of users on a team plan is two.

DeepL Pro is available in these countries


    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom

North America

    • Canada
    • United States


    • Japan

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