Hunniddolla Roblox ID

To make your game more interesting and more lively to play, as a creator, it would be better if you add at least an audio onto. With background music in your game, anyone who plays your game will have more fun, while listening to the song that you added.

If you want to add a song to your Roblox game, it’s better for you to add the fun and easy to listen one. In fact, there are a number of audios that you will find in the library of Roblox. But, make sure to choose the popular and most wanted.

If you’re confused, we have a recommended song that will be reliable to add into your game. The song here is ‘Hunniddolla’ sung by Madeintyo, an American rapper and singer. So, let’s find out the Hunniddolla Roblox song ID to make it easy for you to add it into your game!

Here’s the Hunniddolla Roblox ID!

Hunniddolla Roblox ID

The ID of Hunnid Dolla by Madeintyo is 602245012. With this song ID, you can then add the song as a background music for your game. You can also put the song into your inventory to ease your finding the ID code. If you feel this song is easy to listen to, make sure to add it into your inventory.

To add the Hunniddolla song to your inventory, you can search for this song in the library of Roblox. In the Library, you need to find the ‘Audio’ from the drop menu and click on it. Type the ‘Hunniddolla’ on the search bar and click on the ‘Search’ button.

After that, the results of this song will appear on the screen. Surely, you will find a number of ‘Hunniddolla’ songs. Choose one of them, depending on which creator you will choose. Now, you can add the Hunniddolla song into your inventory by clicking on the ‘Get’ button. A pop up window will appear to confirm you and click the ‘Get Now’ button. Now, the Hunniddolla song is in your inventory.

How to Add the Hunniddolla Song into Your Game?

We think after you listen to the Hunniddolla song, you will fall in love with it. If this song is great for background music of your game, don’t waste your time to start adding the Hunniddolla song into your games.

How to add this song? However, adding the Hunniddolla song into your game is quite simple, as long as you know the ID code of this song. As the ID code of the Hunniddolla song has been shown above, it’s a great time for you to add this song into your game. Take multiple steps to add the song into your game, as follow:

    • Open Roblox Studio.
    • Go to the ‘View’ tab.
    • Then, click on ‘Explorer’ and then ‘Properties’.
    • To add an object, hover an item on your Explorer and then click the (+) icon.
    • Click on the ‘Sound’ option.
    • Here, you have to click on the newly created Sound object and go to the ‘Properties’ window.
    • Paste the Asset ID/ the ID of the Hunniddolla song that we showed above on the ‘Soundid’ section and hit ‘Enter’. Make sure that you turn on the ‘Playing’ option.
    • To make the song easy to listen to on your game, you can also turn on other features in the Properties window. Make sure to adjust the volume of the song.
    • Navigate to StarterGui.
    • Then, click on the (+) icon and select ‘LocalScript’.
    • After the window appears on the screen, you need to Remove all of its contents and then type ‘game.Workspace.Sound:Play()’,
    • Exit the LocalScript window and check if the song works on your game.
    • Last, Click the ‘Play’ button to run the game on the Test section on your Toolbar.

That’s it! You successfully add the Hunniddolla song into your game in Roblox.

How to Upload Your Custom Audio?

As a creator in Roblox, you may also create your own song that can be used by everyone in Roblox. If you never upload your own music into Roblox, you may be confused about how to do it. No worries! This post will guide you on uploading your own music into Roblox by following some steps below!

    • Go to Roblox and sign in with your Roblox account.
    • Click on the ‘Create’ button in the blue bar that is located at the top of the screen.
    • Then, you should click on the ‘Audio’ option.
    • After that, click on the ‘Browse’ button and select an audio file.
    • Once you select your own audio, you can click on the ‘Estimate Price’ option to choose the Robux cost of your upload.
    • After that, you can click on the ‘Purchase for XR$’ button to complete your purchase.

Now, your own audio will be listed in the library of Roblox and everyone can use your music as their background music, sound effects, narration and many more.

Here’s for the cost of audio files:

    • 0-10 seconds for 20 Robux
    • 10-30 seconds for 35 Robux
    • 30 seconds-2 minutes for 70 Robux
    • 2-7 minutes for 350 Robux

About the Hunniddolla Song

Hunniddolla is one of the MadeinTYO songs that you can find on his official YouTube Channel named MadeinTYO. He is an American rapper who was born on April 12, 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His stage name MadeinTYO refers to ‘Made in Tokyo’.

MadeinTYP rose to fame in 2016 once the release of his single ‘Uber Everywhere’, that’s the official remix featuring Travis Scott. Since the song was released on his YouTube Channel, it has become popular and a lot of Roblox creators try to remix this song and add this song into Roblox library.

If you are wondering how the Hunniddolla song is, you can listen to this song from MadeinTYO YouTube Channel entitled MadeinTYO – HUNNIDDOLLA HERE.

Here are more MadeinTYO’s songs that are also popular in Roblox:

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MadeinTYO – I Want Ft. 2 Chainz 6280802404
Love You Down – Madeintyo 1500253913
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