How to Get Thunder Breathing in Demonfall

You will be able to learn some fighting abilities in Demonfall to help you in battling against the players and defeating the slayers that you encounter. A technique for you to learn is the Thunder Breathing technique. It is really effective at doing high levels of damage to most of the opponents you are battling. In this page, we are going to share some steps you need to take to get Thunder Breathing in Demonfall.

How to Get Thunder Breathing in Roblox Demonfall?

You have to be a human to learn this. If you are a demon, he will say, “Unfortunately, I have nothing I can teach you.” You need to go to Hayakawa Village. Your aim is to make it into the Coast Forest, however before you do, you have to find your way to a soup stand at the city center. You are able to purchase 20 soups from the vendor who is going to be selling them for 20 yen. So, ensure to grab that before making your way into the forest.

After buying the soups, you are able to exit Hayakawa Village with the big gate sign on the left side. The sign must have White Peak at the top and Coast Forest at the bottom of it. Please follow this road until additional signs appear to give you directions to Coast Forest. Once you reach the next sign, the bottom must be a sign direction pointing you to the right to go to the Coast Forest. Then, go to the right of this sign. When you arrive at the Coast Forest, the snow will go away.

You have to follow the path until you reach the second big gate which similar to the one you started underneath at Hayakawa Village. Please turn to the left of it to adventure into the forest. Remain left when you enter the forest until you are able to see a small hut out in the middle of the wilderness. This is going to be the mentor who will teach your Thunder Breathing. You are going to find the mentor in the back of the house, laying down on a bed. Please speak to him. He will teach you Thunder Breathing in exchange for 20 soups

How to Get Thunder Breathing in Demonfall

After you hand him the 20 soups, the next task that you have to complete is to take a message to someone called Marrone. He has a mustache. The best method to discover Marrone is to go through Okuyia Village and then look for the gate to take you to Sakura Passage. When you are following the road, there is going to be a divide in it with a sign in the middle. Once you reach that sign, just go to the right. Please follow this pathway, and also keep to the trail. You are going to know that you are going the correct way when you pass a small village on your right side, just before a small gate.

Your main goal will be to reach Corps Grove that turns the entire area around you into a green hue. Once you reach the village, please go to the right side of it. Then climb a large hill with rock faces which will force you to double jump. Finally, you are going to reach the Slayer Corps. You will be able to find Marrone standing outside of the house close to the center of the city. He is going to be bald and have a distinctly long white mustache. Then, you have to return all the way to the Thunder Breathing teacher in Coast Forest to learn the skill.

Thunder Breathing in Roblox Demonfall

At the left side of the Coast Forest, exactly beside a Wisteria Tree, there is a house. Inside the house, there is an old man, Kujima who will teach you Thunder Breathing after you finish some tasks. The moveset of Tunder Breathing revolves around teleporting and doing m1s to start deadly combos. Most of the moves do low damage, however are easy to hit. Also, Thunder breathing has 2 moves which teleport around the target: Rice Spirit and Thunder Swarm. To balance this out, most of the moves are blockable if they are able to extend combo.

Here are some quest to obtain the Thunder Breathing:

    • First Quest: You have to give the trainer 20 soups from Okuyia Village (Equivalent to 400 yen).
    • Second Quest: You have to deliver a letter to a man called Maronne, in the Slayer Corps Headquarters.
    • Third Quest: You have to give the trainer 4,000 yen.

For note: Total cost to finish all tasks and learn the Thunder Breathing is 4,400 yen.

Thunder Breathing Abilities

    • Passive

This Passive ability is going to generate electricity on your sword.

    • Bonus

This is going to attack and do more stun.

    • Thunderclap Slash

After a short cast time, the players dash forwards to hit the foe at speeds equal to lightning. This move guard breaks and will execute if the foe hit is low enough. This move will ragdoll the foe hit. This move can be cancelled, and is highly recommended to use it from a distance for the move to not be cancelled. This has a medium range,  25 second cooldown.

    • Six Folda

The Thunderclap Slash with six dashes.

    • Rice Spirit

After a short delay, the players hit the target several times. This move does not knockdown the target, however allows you to do M1 combos after. This move owns a 50 second cooldown. This ability will teleport you onto the foe. Need to know that this ability does nothing unless you are close to your target. For note: This move can be blocked.

    • Thunder Swarm

This ability can hit the target multiple times, but it does not have a cast delay, thus it can be used in an M1 combo as an extender. This ability does not guard break. It has a 35 second cooldown.

    • Heat Lightning 

Shoots a lightning bolt towards the direction of your cursor, causing 15 damage and guard breaking.