How to Get the Melee Fists and How to Use Them in Roblox East Brickton

In East Brickton, you can also use melee attack with a handled weapon such as sword, an axe and a warhammer. Recently, East Brickton added a Melee Fists that you can get and use to fight other players. As the weapon is a new addition, in fact, a lot of players do not know yet how to get and use them in the game.

Thankfully, this post will give you a step-by-step tutorial in order to get Melee Fists and use them in the game easily. The way of how to use the Melee Fists and use them in the game is available on a YouTube video from Thizzkid channel. So, to make it easier for you to do based on the video, we’ll show you in detail. Let’s see them below!

How to Get the Melee Fists and How to Use Them in Roblox East Brickton1

Getting Melee Fists and Using Them, Here’s How!

The Thizzkid channel owns  a video entitled ‘Roblox East Brickton: New Melee, How to use them’ (access here )  which gives you a tutorial of how to get Melee Fists and use them in East Brickton.

The video tells you if you want to get Melee Fists, you need to join an East Brickton Early Access Free Fists server. Unfortunately, the server is not currently available, as there are no running experiences in East Brickton.

To get Melee Fists in East Brickton, according to the Thizzkid’s video, you need to go to the Roblox East Brickton. Then, you need to click on the ‘Servers’ tab under the game. Here, you will find a server which lets you join and get Melee Fists. It may take a while for you to launch the game.

Once you are at East Brickton, you have to select your character. After your character comes to the game, you need to test the Melee Fists, as the video informs that the Melee Fists can be automatically obtained, as long as you know how to do it.

Certainly, there are some controls that you can use to test Melee Fists in the game. Fortunately, Thizzkid revealed a list of controls for you. Here are they:

    • Q is for left dodge
    • E is for right dodge
    • R is for block
    • C is for crouch
    • Right click is for right punch
    • Left click is for left punch

It’s important to note,  you can only do the controls above if  the fist is already equipped. So, how to use the Melee Fists in East Brickton?

If your fists are already equipped, you can then approach a player or more to test your Melee Fists. Certainly, you need to use one of the controls above or more to test your Melee Fists. You can approach a player when he/she is alone, as it will avoid you from being attacked by many people for suddenly attacking him.

After you approach a player, you can block him/her by pressing the ‘Q’. If you want to Crouch him/her, you can press the ‘C’. To left dodge, you can press ‘Q’ and use the ‘E’ key to right dodge. Furthermore, you can also right-click for right punch and left-clicking for left punch.

Then, if you already attack another player in the game and use the controls above, it means that you already have the Melee Fists. Moreover, it is said that you successfully use the Melee Fists if another player you hit died.

From our explanation of how to get the Melee Fists and use them in East Brickton, hopefully, our guide, based on the Thizzkid’s video will help you to get Melee Fists and use them in the game. Good Luck!!!

How to Get a Gun in East Brickton?

Aside from knowing a way of how to get the Melee Fists, you may also need a way to get a gun in East Brickton. As we know, guns can be categorized as the most important item in this game. With the use of the gun, you can fight another player which will grant you cash.

Unfortunately, only a few players know a way to get the gun in East Brickton. No worries! We are here to provide you some ways to get guns in East Brickton. Just keep staying on this page to get the way!

You can get a gun in East Brickton by purchasing a gun license/ permit from the East Brickton Gun Shop. Inside the Gun Shop, you need to talk with Tyson Birkley, a store clerk NPC. For example, if you want to buy a firearm license, you need to spend approximately 1,000 Brickton Bux to purchase.

For more information, the Brickton Bux is the premium currency in East Brickton. To get 1,000 Bricktox Bux, you need to spend roughly 450 Robux. By having enough Brickton Bux, you are allowed to buy a gun license to get a gun in East Brickton.

Once you have secured a firearm license, you need to talk with Tyson Birkley again and choose ‘Can I see your selection please?’ option. However, it will bring up a list of firearms to choose from. You should know that the guns in East Brickton have a variety of prices. The cost of a gun ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 Brickton Bux, depending on your purchasing decision.

Here are the handguns available at the Gun Shop:

    • Hi-Point .380 costs $3,000
    • Taurus .380 Special costs $6,000
    • Smith & Wesson 9mm costs $8,400
    • Ruger 9mm costs $9,000
    • Springfield XDS .45 ACP costs $10,000
    • Block 17 costs $15,000

From the price list of handguns above, we surely need to earn much Brickton Bux in East Brickton in order to purchase the gun from the list. Of course, getting a job in East Brickton is a must-do for you. You can get some jobs in East Brickton, but you may have only a few chances for it.

To get a job, you can head over to Key Resource Employment, aka the Job Center. In this location, you will find a bulletin board full of jobs to perform.

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